Ninja Professional Blender BL660 Troubleshooting

The Ninja Professional Blender BL660 is a top of the line, counter top blender with a 1100 watt motor. It is equipped for blending ingredients, pulverizing ice and creating nutritional drinks.

Blender will not power on ¶ 

Blender shows no signs of responding/ powering up

Defective electrical connection ¶ 

Ensure the blender is securely plugged into the electrical outlet. Also ensure that the electrical outlet has power

Check the fuse or circuit breaker to ensure it is not blown.

The power cord may be defective. Refer to our power cord replacement guide on how to replace it

Power button will not stop blinking ¶ 

The blender is on but the power button is blinking

Blender is overheating ¶ 

Unplug the blender and wait 15 minutes to let it cool down. Turn on the blender and it should work

Bender is not properly assembled ¶ 

The blade column may not be properly secured into the base. Remove and reattach the blade column. Also, check to ensure the lid is secure.

Blender blades will not rotate ¶ 

The blender is powered on but the blades do not rotate

Blade assembly is incorrectly lined ¶ 

Detach the blade assembly and reassemble correctly. Make sure the assembly lines up completely

Overfilled container ¶ 

Remove some of the fluid or food from the container and try again.

Gear shaft does not connect ¶ 

The motor drive gear that drives the blades may be stripped, thus the blades on the container don't turn. The motor may have to be replaced. Refer to our hardware guide on how to replace it.

Stuck blades ¶ 

Food or large particles that are tightly packed may block the blades from rotating. Check the blade assembly and ensure there is no food or large particles stuck in the blades.

Blender is too loud ¶ 

The noise level seems abnormal

Muffle sound using noise absorbent material ¶ 

Place a folded dish towel, mat or trivet under the base of the blender to help muffle the sound.

Blender is assembled incorrectly ¶ 

Make sure the blender is assembled properly. Blade column should align to the base of the blender.

Change blender settings ¶ 

Use the lowest setting required to blend your food.

Blender is not blending food properly ¶ 

Food is not properly blended or consistent

Blender is over capacity ¶ 

If the capacity of the blender is reached, the food will not blend properly. Remove some of the food and try again.

Change the choice of ingredients ¶ 

You may have added too much liquid. Try removing some of the excess liquid and try blending again.

Food may have been cut too finely which can cause a liquid consistency. Try using bigger chunks of food and blend again.

Single server Ninja cup is stuck in the base ¶ 

Single server cup does not come off

Wrong removal procedure ¶ 

Try pulling the cup up and then turning the cup. Pushing the cup down and then turning it might make it tighter.

Use of the side eject button ¶ 

Press the little button on the side of the single server cup. This button will be next to the four grooves on the side of the single server cup. Use an object, such as a butter knife, to press down on the button as you turn the single server cup counter-clockwise to remove.


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