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Having a hard time getting buttons to complete the action desired.

Make sure to check that the battery has charge. Sometimes the battery has enough power to turn on the camera, but not enough to take a picture/record a video. If so, you need to recharge the battery. Remove the battery from the camera, insert it into the charger, connect the charger in an outlet, then wait until the indicator is completely lit to assure the battery is fully loaded.

Refer to this repair guide if your buttons are not working (Button Repair Guide)

The pictures taken are not clear.

If your lens has moisture on it from the camera being submerged underwater, the pictures taken can be fuzzy. In order to solve this, the first step would be to simply wipe the lens with a lint-free cloth in a circular motion.

If this does not solve the blurriness issue, the next step would be to use a blow dryer on its lowest setting, and carefully wave the dryer about 6 inches over the lens to slowly evaporate any moisture. Make sure to have the blow dryer on the lowest heat setting, and do not heat up the lens too much since you can cause permanent damage to it.

Finally, if this does not solve the fuzziness, the lens must be taken apart and cleaned thoroughly. Nikon does this under warranty so you may send in your camera to have the lens professionally cleaned.

To prevent further links, try replacing the O-ring as displayed in this guide, (O-ring replacement guide)

Check the camera mode settings (P, S, A and M) and choose the one that is more appropriate for the kind of photos you want to take. See the Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual to have an idea on how to use each of these modes. See page 40 of the Reference Manual.

The camera shut off randomly while in use.

Replace the battery for a fully charged one.

If you are using the camera at the beach or some other high temperature environment, after a reasonable amount of time the camera can get overheated. To avoid further damage to its internal parts, the camera will automatically shut off. You will have to wait for the camera to reduce it's temperature before you can use it again.

The camera does not record videos.

If your camera is running out of battery you won’t be able to record any videos. Turn off the camera, and replace the battery for a fully charged one.

Check the SD card inserted into your Nikon to see if it has enough space to record a video. The camera will not record videos if the remaining available space on the card is too small. If the SD card is full, you must replace it with a new one (don’t lose your old one, it has all of your memories!).

Check the camera Mode on the Nikon 1 AW1. If the camera is set to Best Moment Capture, or Snapshots Mode, you won’t be able to record any videos. See Reference Manual to learn how to record a movie on page 66.

Movies recorded are inaudible.

Be sure you have your audio setting on when recording movies on your camera. Go to movie sound options and turn that function on in your camera.

If you made a video in the Snapshots or Slow motion movie modes, audio won’t be recorded within these settings. You will have to shoot the video in another mode if you want to record the audio as well.  


Thanks for the add. I just want to ask for some tips one how to fix the flash button of nikon 1 aw. I tried to use the flash and it was stucked then later on it came loose. Do we have a DIY repair for this or is it advisable to open and check if there is a loose parts. Thanks

Noel Marantan - Reply

I have the same problem with the flash button. It somehow does not stay closed anymore. So the flash stays up all the time. Can anyone help?

Lotus - Reply

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