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Nabi Big Tab HD24 Troubleshooting

Released October 2014

The tablet shows no signs of turning on.

Connect the power adapter to the power outlet and make sure the light on the adapter is turned on. Once it is connected, plug the power adapter into the tablet and make sure that the tablet indicates the battery is charging.

Make sure the power adapter is plugged in. If it is plugged in and the adapter light does not turn on, then the adapter is faulty. You may need to purchase a replacement power adapter.

Make sure the adapter is plugged in and the adapter light is on. Then plug it into the tablet and make sure the battery indicator shows it is charging. If the tablet only powers on when the charger is plugged in, regardless of charging time, then you may have a faulty battery. You may need to purchase a new battery and use this guide to replace it.

Your power button may have been damaged if you have dropped your tablet on it. It will not respond no matter how many times you press it. Purchase a new power button and replace it with this guide.

The tablet is on but you cannot get access to apps that require internet connection.

If you do not have internet connection then you might have accidentally turned on your airplane mode. Go into settings, find the airplane mode and verify that it is turned off. If airplane mode is on, turn it off and reconnect your to your wi-fi.

If you still cannot connect to your internet then you may have problems with your router/modem. Turn your router/modem off and then back on and then attempt to reconnect to your tablet.

The screen is stuck on one image and does not seem to respond to touches on the screen.

A wet or dirty screen may cause the touch screen to be unresponsive. If screen is wet, use a clean rag to wipe screen off. If screen is dirty, use a clean damped cloth to remove any dirt or dust from the screen.

Try to close any open applications that you are not using. If the problem persists try closing the app you are currently using. It may take a moment to respond. If nothing happens, try to press the home button and close any other apps running in the background. If you are unable to do this, turn off the tablet and restart it.

You may have a faulty screen. Cracks on your screen may also cause the touchscreen to work improperly. You would have to purchase a new screen and replace it following this guide.

The tablet screen does not show anything even though it is turned on.

If you try to restart your tablet and turn it back on and it still shows an unresponsive screen, then your display may have stopped functioning. You would have to replace it by following the same guide for replacing the screen.

The Nabi ports do not respond when you plug in a USB adapter.

Your ports may be dusty inside, so use a small, dry rag to clean in and around the Nabi port. Retry plugging in your adapter to the port to see if it works.

If your software is not up to date then you may not be able to use your the devices plugged into your ports. To update, check under “Settings” to see if there is a new software update. This should give your tablet the capability to run programs used by the plugged in device.

If you plugged in a cable, make sure the cable is plugged in properly at both ends. If it is plugged in at both ends and you still get no responses from your tablet, then the cable may not be working properly. Try using a different cable or try using the plugging the other Nabi ports to see if the connection works.

If you have tried all the suggestions above and your Nabi port still does not function, then the port is faulty. You will have to purchase a new port and use this guide to replace it.

" There is no sound coming from the speakers when you know there is music playing. "

Your speakers may be broken and has stopped producing sound. You could have gotten it wet and it stopped functioning. Purchase new speakers and follow this guide to replace it.


all apps crash I have done many factory resets but the same problem persists it means that I can only use it for a minute or so till it crashes any help would be great it seems to want an os upgrade but there appears to not be one avaliable.

john smith - Reply

I am having the same issue. Started a few weeks ago and can not find a solve. Please help

Prochaska Family -

Was you able to get your tab fix, I habe having the same kinda issues

Wesley -

I had the same problem...The problem is with the Google Play Store app that was updated sometime in February 2017. Your tablet will freeze at times, and apps will not work/open correctly, and go to a black screen when you try to open them (Netflix etc) TO FIX THIS SIMPLY: Try resetting the tablet to factory setting, and do not log/sign into the Google Play Store when you are first setting it up. If you log into it, & update, it will mess your tablet up again, & you will have to start over - DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY APPS FROM THE UPDATED PLAY STORE AT THIS TIME - Any apps that you want or need, can be downloaded from the internet or from an alternative app store that you can also download. Just search the internet for any specific app or Android APK by typing the name in Like "Netflix APK downdoad" or "Avast Mobile Security APK", games etc. You can down load pretty much anything that you can get from Google Play Store if you find an alternative store HOPE THIS HELPS - THIS SHOULD FIX YOUR PROBLEM :)


hunter636363 -

I am having the same issue none of my apps will load when I try to load it just goes to a black screen and freezes up and won't let me on it kicks me off the internet or the app if I do finally get it open I've done several Factory resets and it doesn't help can someone please let me know what's going on or tell me how to fix it

Wesley - Reply

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