The power button is located next to the volume buttons on the top side of the tablet when looking at it in front view. Make sure power button is not stuck within the frame of the tablet or broken. If so, carefully follow the fixing guide to replace or push out button if stuck. Once open, make sure that power button is making contact with inner power button through black ribbon sitting between both buttons.

  1. Ensure that the tablet is facing you with the screen on the table.
    • Ensure that the tablet is facing you with the screen on the table.

    • Locate the four red rubber stops at the corners.

  2. Use your fingers to carefully peel them off the device to reveal the screws underneath.
    • Use your fingers to carefully peel them off the device to reveal the screws underneath.

    • Use a Phillips #1 screwdriver to remove the 9.5 mm screw in each of the four corners.

    • Flip the tablet over such that the screen is facing upwards.

    • Locate the the 4 small openings on the sides of the tablet.

    • There should be 2 on the bottom of the tablet, 1 on each side of the tablet viewing it from the front as if you were using it.

    • Do not confuse the openings with the charging port or the USB ports. The openings will be labelled with an icon of a small fan, the Nabi logo.

    • Insert a metal spudger into one of the openings and carefully pop the device open by applying a steady downward force.

    • Repeat for the other three openings.

    • Flip the device over so that the back assembly is facing you.

    • Use a plastic opening tool to carefully pry open the device from its hinges.

    • Take care when opening the device as there are cables running internally that are connected to both the front and the back assemblies.

    • Locate the white port that connects the back panel to the circuit board on the back of the display.

    • Carefully pull the plastic connector straight out.

    • Be careful of the aluminum foil tape, as it can easily rip.

    • Carefully lift up the aluminum foil tape with your fingers so that the ribbon connector reveals itself.

    • Do not try to pull the ribbon cables off the screen as there is a plastic piece surrounding the ribbon cables glued onto the metal display.

    • Firmly press the two switches located on the sides of the connector and disconnect the connector from its connections.

    • Leave the connector disconnected but still intact with the metal display.

    • Use a plastic opening tool and carefully push it underneath the grey plastic case surrounding the ribbon cable.

    • Apply a downward force to carefully peel the grey plastic off of the metal display.

    • Locate the two cables running on both sides of the device found at the bottom side of the screen.

    • Carefully grab both sides of the white plastic piece with your fingers and gently pull directly upward.

    • Do not pull from the red and black cable as it is not very sturdy and may come undone from the connector.

    • Locate the power button assembly on the side with all the circuit boards.

    • The power button will be on the side closest to the screen when the device is opened up.

    • Lift up the black plastic tab holding the white fiber cable with the blue tip.

    • Remove the fiber cable with a blue tip by gently sliding it out.

    • Remove the 2 silver 4.5 mm screws holding the power button assembly in place using the Phillips #1 screwdriver.

    • Take out the circuit board and replace it with your new one.

    • Be sure not to remove the black padding along the edge of the tablet.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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