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Minolta Maxxum STsi Troubleshooting

The following information will help solve many common problems associated with this camera.

The display is dependent on the camera's power source, which is the battery. The battery is located in the battery chamber, on the bottom of the device. Take out the battery and make sure it is re-installed correctly. See the battery replacement guide for further assistance on how to take out the battery: Main Battery Replacement.

The camera display will not work if there is no power left in the battery. After the battery runs out, it is necessary to replace the battery with a new one. See the battery replacement guide for further assistance: Main Battery Replacement.

Sometimes the best pictures require auto-focus, where the camera automatically focuses on the intended subject when you press the shutter-release button part-way down. To use auto-focus, make sure the manual-focus in not selected. Press the focus-mode button on the right side of the front of the camera labeled "AF/M" to switch from manual focus to auto-focus mode.

The auto-focus is a camera function that allows the camera to automatically focus on the intended subject by pressing the shutter button part-way down. However, sometimes the situation you are in is unsuitable for auto-focus, including if you're trying to take action shots, take a portrait, take photos through a window or glass, or if you're in a low-light environment. In these types of situations it may be necessary to use the "manual focus" to focus on the intended subject. This mode can be turned on by pressing the focus-mode button labeled "AF/M" button on the left side on the front of the camera. To use manual-focus, turn the focus-ring on the lens until you're intended subject comes into focus.

Make sure your lens can take pictures at the intended distance. Check the lens capabilities of your specific lens. If your lens is unable to take pictures at your desired range, a different lens may be more suitable.

Sometimes the situation you are taking pictures in is unsuitable for auto-focus. It may be necessary to use manual focus to make the camera focus on your intended subject. Press the focus-mode button labeled "AF/M" to switch from focus-mode to manual focus. To use manual focus, turn the focus-ring on the lens until your intended subject comes into focus.

Lighting can be key for photography. In many cases, the environment you are taking pictures in may be too dark. Consider moving to a spot with brighter lighting or using the flash when taking pictures.

If you are using the flash and your pictures are still too dark, your intended subject may be out of range for the flash to reach it. Move closer to the subject so the flash can reach the subject. This will make your photos brighter.

The lens hood is useful when trying to eliminate glare from the sun or other sources. However, the lens hood can also cause pictures to be too dark in certain areas. Consider removing the lens hood from the lens to account for this problem. This removal procedure will vary depending on what type of lens you are using.

The tripod-socket on the bottom of the camera enables the photographer to mount the camera on a tripod. If this part is damaged, the camera will be unable to mount properly and safely. Refer to the replacement guide to properly replace the tripod-socket: Tripod Socket Replacement

Dirt and other substances can build up on the outside of the viewfinder. Use a clean cloth to wipe the viewfinder clean. If the dirt still doesn't come off, the dirt could be on the inside side of the viewfinder. The clean the inside of the viewfinder, it is necessary to remove the viewfinder. Refer to the viewfinder replacement guide located here: Viewfinder Replacement

If the cracks are severe enough on the viewfinder, replacement may be necessary. Refer to the viewfinder replacement guide located here: Viewfinder Replacement.

First, remove and re-install the batteries using this guide: Main Battery Replacement. If this does not work, the batteries may be dead. Replace the batteries using the same guide.

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I am looking for information about what it means when the film won't load. Thanks to anyone who can help.

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