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Erratic Speaker Performance ¶ 

In most cases, inconsistent performance is because the Kilburn speaker in Bluetooth mode is experiencing interference from other devices. The manual states that potentially gas stoves, microwaves, and WiFi routers put out a similar frequency to the Bluetooth device that can interfere with performance. Always check for other devices or for environmental factors that might be interfering.

The next two sections will help you troubleshoot various erratic performance of the Kilburn speaker that you may encounter.

Speaker is Popping or has Distorted Sound ¶ 

When this issue occurs it is most likely the battery is dying. Plug the Kilburn speaker in to continue listening while the battery charges, or charge the battery before continuing to use your Kilburn.

If the battery charge isn't the issue check for other devices that might be interfering.

The treble and bass boost combined with overall volume is the last element to check if the problem continues. Adjust one or both treble and bass up or down slightly.

There is No Sound or the Sound is Weak ¶ 

This most often occurs when using the 3.5mm input cord. Check that you have your speaker on the right setting and that the cord is fully/properly attached to the speaker and your device.

Check for other Bluetooth or interfering signals if using Bluetooth.

Check the battery charge.

Bluetooth Will Not Pair or Disconnects ¶ 

If the Kilburn cannot find or connect with the Bluetooth device or disconnects while in use, check for other Bluetooth signals or devices that are in the area.

Check that your Bluetooth device is working properly.

Some signals other than Bluetooth can sometimes interfere such as WiFi network adapters or microwaves operating too close to the speaker.

Bluetooth Light Flashing and Failing to Connect ¶ 

If the red light indicating Bluetooth is flashing while you are pairing or trying to connect after pairing there is likely something interfering with the signal. Make sure other Bluetooth signals are turned off or at least in a different room.

This speaker's signal range is also somewhat limited so if you were trying to connect from a different room that might not be possible.

Finally, if you've already successfully paired your Bluetooth with the speaker and it's blinking and failing connect, trying turning it off and on again. In many instances this corrects the issue provided the issue isn't distance or interference.

Speaker Will Not Turn On ¶ 

If the speaker will not turn on check the battery. Make sure it is charged. If the speaker won't turn in even when plugged in to a reliable power outlet you might need a new power cable or battery.

Internal Battery Not Charging ¶ 

Batteries eventually wear out. If your battery won't charge then you need to replace the battery.

Battery Life Declined or Not Functioning ¶ 

If the battery doesn't last as long in between charging it then you will need to replace it with a new battery.


battery dropped from 20 hours of charge to nothing within a week. I do not accept that the battery has died so quickly. The unit is just 6 months old.

jason white - Reply

I have encountered this problem too for the boy, such a short life span for the bty. Really disappointed

lyeheng97 - Reply

I only opened my new unit last night and after 6 hours red light still flashing. Tried turning on unit without power, unit would not turn on. Most annoýing.

Rhonda Walsh - Reply

Battery liight flashes after 6 hour charge. Unit wont go without power. Only got it yesterday. Most annoying..

Rhonda Walsh - Reply

Mine is 10 months old. Stops working on battery mode. Only AC mode works, battery led on and not blinking. I stripped battery pack cover and all cells are at full charge. Maybe battery PCB or device problem.

krguy - Reply

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