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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Tablet won't stay on as long as it's suppose to.

If your tablet doesn't sustain a long battery life when fully charged, then you should consider buying a replacement battery. You can use our guide here as an example to properly explain how to replace the battery yourself.

There is a possibility that the adapter is not fully charging the device properly. In that case make sure there is power to the outlet that it is plugged into. If there is, make sure the power adapter is functional, by making sure your battery charges up to its max capacity. If it doesn't, your power adapter is faulty and you should consider getting a replacement.

Screen fails to respond or function properly

When the screen gets stuck on a specific page, this could simply be an internal glitch with the device and may need to reboot, or be completely reset.

If an air bubble forms, and doesn't disappear over time, causing the screen to malfunction, you may need to use our screen replacement guide here to fix this issue.

When the screen becomes completely unresponsive to user commands, there is likely an issue with the screen board. With such issue, a screen replacement is necessary. Click here

User becomes unable to utilize the tablet, due to the power button becoming unresponsive

When the power button is jammed in the device, use this guide in order to learn how to properly put it back into its original place. If his issue persists, replacement of the power button may be necessary. The same guide, can teach you how to add the new replacement button.

"User is unable to download applications from the Play Store"

If the device is unable to download applications from the Play Store, then click here to see a list of troubleshooting steps from Google Play's website that may be needed to restore Play Store function:




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