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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

The speaker is turned on, and the power light is on, but there isn’t any sound coming out of the speaker.

If the speaker’s volume is not turned up to an audible volume, no sound will be produced. Press the “volume up” plus button on the side of the speaker to turn it up.

Similarly, if your phone or tablet’s volume is not audible, then no sound will result. Make sure to turn the volume up on your device, and sound will result.

In order to stream music to your speaker, there must be a device paired through bluetooth. Make sure your device is connected to the speaker (see below for “bluetooth pairing” troubleshooting).

It is important to note that the UE BOOM was designed to be used with a 3-pole (non-microphone or inline remote cable) auxiliary connector. Do not use a 4-pole (with inline microphone) cable, or you may experience problems with sound. Plug the 3-pole 3.5mm auxiliary cable into the speaker and check to see that the sound is turned up on both the device and the speaker.

I’m having issues with the bluetooth connection between my pairing device and the speaker. This may be another reason there is no sound coming out of the speaker.

Make sure that your Bluetooth pairing is enabled on whatever device you are trying to pair to the speaker. Select the UE Boom from the list of devices, and make sure the UE boom is ready to be paired with.

If your UE Boom is not connecting via Bluetooth, make sure your speaker is in pairing mode. To do this, press and hold the Bluetooth pairing button on your speaker, located above the power button, until you hear a sound. The Bluetooth LED light on the speaker should now be blinking.

Sometimes distance can cause difficulties when pairing with a device. Try moving the device you are trying to pair closer to the UE Boom speaker.

The speaker has a maximum of two devices paired to it at once. If you try to connect a third device to it, you will not succeed in doing so. In order to connect a device, make sure to disconnect any devices

Your speaker might need to be reset to factory default settings. If you don't know how to reset UE Boom settings to their original factory default, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your UE Boom.
  2. Hold down the volume down button and the power button at the same time until you hear a sound. Your UE Boom will then turn off.
  3. Turn it back on and try to pair it with your device again.

Note that doing this many times in a row may harm your speaker, so refrain from doing this more than once or twice.

After trying to press the power button to turn the speaker on, it does not turn on.

If you were seeing a red light on your speaker prior to it not working, your speaker is most likely not charged. Plug the charger cable into the mini USB port located on the side of the speaker. Plug it into a device like a laptop or the included power outlet adapter, and allow the device to charge for 4-5 hours.

The battery for your speaker may have reached the end of its lifespan. In this case, a complete replacement of the battery may be required. Refer to our battery replacement guide for instructions.

The application is not reading my device or it keeps crashing.

Make sure you have the most recent version of the application, as well as the speaker before trying to use the features available on the application. Many times, it can also depend the device you use the application on. For example, if you have an iPhone 5, make sure you have the most recent iOS as well.

If you have two devices paired to the speaker and attempt to launch the application on your Android phone, it may crash. To fix this, disconnect both devices from the speaker and reconnect the one you wish to play music from.

I am not able to play sound from two UE Boom devices simultaneously.

The most common problem when attempting to use the UE Boom “Double-Up” feature has to do with bluetooth connections between the device and the speaker. If you are using the application to activate the feature, make sure the device is connected and in range for use for both speakers.

Connect the speakers to a computer and download the latest firmware update for each speaker at the Ultimate Ears website.

You can also use the double up feature without using the companion application. With your device paired to the speaker,press the volume up and bluetooth pairing button simultaneously. The bluetooth LED on the speaker should begin to blink white. Next, press the bluetooth pairing button twice on the second speaker. Both speakers should make a confirmation sound once they are done pairing.



I have trouble connecting my phone to the UE boom 2. It could connect to the UE boom but not to the newer version. I have a Android phone (elephone p8000) pleas help me fix this problem.

I already tried everything from this wiki

storm - Reply

I get the following message when attempting to pair my iPhone and my iPad: "Connection Unsuccessful. Make sure the UE BOOM is turned on and in range."

Everything is turned on and sitting adjacent on counter. The speaker is in pairing mode. What should I do next?

Laree Bobo - Reply

I have the same problem. The speaker is on BUT the pairing light is flashing and doesnt stop flashing. I have NOT pushed the pairing button on the speaker. I have tried hard reboot twice but alas the problem persists.

mark -

I have the exact same problem i even tried resetting my phone setting and UE boom but it is not working. I need help ASAP

Chloe Kent -

I had the same problem pairing my iPhone to the UE Boom speaker despite several factory resets. I then got my iPhone to 'forget' the UE Boom and it then found the speaker and paired perfectly well after that. I think there may have been a problem with the speaker thinking that it was already paired to a different device.

Mark Bayley -

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