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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

There doesn’t seem to be any sound coming out of the speaker ¶ 

The speaker is turned on, and the power light is on, but there isn’t any sound coming out of the speaker.

Speaker Volume ¶ 

If the speaker’s volume is not turned up to an audible volume, no sound will be produced. Press the “volume up” plus button on the side of the speaker to turn it up.

Phone, Tablet or Other Device Volume ¶ 

Similarly, if your phone or tablet’s volume is not audible, then no sound will result. Make sure to turn the volume up on your device, and sound will result.

Device Pairing ¶ 

In order to stream music to your speaker, there must be a device paired through bluetooth. Make sure your device is connected to the speaker (see below for “bluetooth pairing” troubleshooting).

Auxiliary Cable Not Connected Properly ¶ 

It is important to note that the UE BOOM was designed to be used with a 3-pole (non-microphone or inline remote cable) auxiliary connector. Do not use a 4-pole (with inline microphone) cable, or you may experience problems with sound. Plug the 3-pole 3.5mm auxiliary cable into the speaker and check to see that the sound is turned up on both the device and the speaker.

Bluetooth pairing is not working with my device ¶ 

I’m having issues with the bluetooth connection between my pairing device and the speaker. This may be another reason there is no sound coming out of the speaker.

Check Device Bluetooth Pairing ¶ 

Make sure that your Bluetooth pairing is enabled on whatever device you are trying to pair to the speaker. Select the UE Boom from the list of devices, and make sure the UE boom is ready to be paired with.

Check UE Boom Bluetooth pairing ¶ 

If your UE Boom is not connecting via Bluetooth, make sure your speaker is in pairing mode. To do this, press and hold the Bluetooth pairing button on your speaker, located above the power button, until you hear a sound. The Bluetooth LED light on the speaker should now be blinking.

Distance to Speaker ¶ 

Sometimes distance can cause difficulties when pairing with a device. Try moving the device you are trying to pair closer to the UE Boom speaker.

Too many Devices Connected ¶ 

The speaker has a maximum of two devices paired to it at once. If you try to connect a third device to it, you will not succeed in doing so. In order to connect a device, make sure to disconnect any devices

Factory Reset ¶ 

Your speaker might need to be reset to factory default settings. If you don't know how to reset UE Boom settings to their original factory default, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your UE Boom.
  2. Hold down the volume down button and the power button at the same time until you hear a sound. Your UE Boom will then turn off.
  3. Turn it back on and try to pair it with your device again.

Note that doing this many times in a row may harm your speaker, so refrain from doing this more than once or twice.

Speaker will not turn on ¶ 

After trying to press the power button to turn the speaker on, it does not turn on.

Speaker Not Charged ¶ 

If you were seeing a red light on your speaker prior to it not working, your speaker is most likely not charged. Plug the charger cable into the mini USB port located on the side of the speaker. Plug it into a device like a laptop or the included power outlet adapter, and allow the device to charge for 4-5 hours.

Battery Requires Replacement ¶ 

The battery for your speaker may have reached the end of its lifespan. In this case, a complete replacement of the battery may be required. Refer to our battery replacement guide for instructions.

Trouble with "UE Boom" companion phone application ¶ 

The application is not reading my device or it keeps crashing.

Device Not Up to Date ¶ 

Make sure you have the most recent version of the application, as well as the speaker before trying to use the features available on the application. Many times, it can also depend the device you use the application on. For example, if you have an iPhone 5, make sure you have the most recent iOS as well.

Crashing for Android Users ¶ 

If you have two devices paired to the speaker and attempt to launch the application on your Android phone, it may crash. To fix this, disconnect both devices from the speaker and reconnect the one you wish to play music from.

“Double-Up” feature not working properly ¶ 

I am not able to play sound from two UE Boom devices simultaneously.

Bluetooth is Turned Off ¶ 

The most common problem when attempting to use the UE Boom “Double-Up” feature has to do with bluetooth connections between the device and the speaker. If you are using the application to activate the feature, make sure the device is connected and in range for use for both speakers.

One or Both Speakers Are Not Up to Date ¶ 

Connect the speakers to a computer and download the latest firmware update for each speaker at the Ultimate Ears website.

Alternative Method to use “Double-Up” Feature ¶ 

You can also use the double up feature without using the companion application. With your device paired to the speaker,press the volume up and bluetooth pairing button simultaneously. The bluetooth LED on the speaker should begin to blink white. Next, press the bluetooth pairing button twice on the second speaker. Both speakers should make a confirmation sound once they are done pairing.



I have trouble connecting my phone to the UE boom 2. It could connect to the UE boom but not to the newer version. I have a Android phone (elephone p8000) pleas help me fix this problem.

I already tried everything from this wiki

storm - Reply

I get the following message when attempting to pair my iPhone and my iPad: "Connection Unsuccessful. Make sure the UE BOOM is turned on and in range."

Everything is turned on and sitting adjacent on counter. The speaker is in pairing mode. What should I do next?

Laree Bobo - Reply

I have the same problem. The speaker is on BUT the pairing light is flashing and doesnt stop flashing. I have NOT pushed the pairing button on the speaker. I have tried hard reboot twice but alas the problem persists.

mark -

I have the exact same problem i even tried resetting my phone setting and UE boom but it is not working. I need help ASAP

Chloe Kent -

I had the same problem pairing my iPhone to the UE Boom speaker despite several factory resets. I then got my iPhone to 'forget' the UE Boom and it then found the speaker and paired perfectly well after that. I think there may have been a problem with the speaker thinking that it was already paired to a different device.

Mark Bayley -

I had same issue and contacted customer center. Press volume up, Down, power and Bluetooth button. All four button should be pressed at same time. It looks it is just a hang. Mine is working fine

Badrinarayanan Sukumaran -

After you rest it make sure you forget the device with your on the Bluetooth then pair it again and it should work

beccafarrell -

I have the same problem

rjhoffstar -

I have two UE Booms (1 & 2) used in conjunction w/ my MacBook (Mac OS X, 10.10) Laptop. I cannot get them to work in "stereo" mode. How do I get them to work in "stereo" mode? Logitech has been zero (0) help on this matter, as seen by the various blogs on this subject. It works ok in iOS (my iPhone), but not under Mac OS X. Would appreciate any help on this. I am close to giving up on them & selling the UE Booms. Thx ...

ZCC in San Jose

ZCC - Reply

I am not totally sure, but I think that it won't allow stereo mode for a first and second gen connection for some unknown (probably dumb) reasoning.

Frederick Schmidt -

Hi, did you find a solution? I'm having the same issue.

yaucben -

Did you find a fix for this issue? I have the same pb .. .

Guillaume Rabourdin -

Hi, I also only managed to double up two mega boom speakers to my MacBook Air, but there doesn’t seem to be controls to let them go from ‘double’ to ‘stereo’, which would be awesome…. anyone able to fix this?

peter.a.dejong -

haw do I update my ue boom

brockbowes - Reply

Once i disconnect my device and now i can´t back. Can someone help me? Thanks for everythinkg

Fandislav -

I have purchased a UEBoom2 (28th march 2016) opened the packaging and paired to a IPad Pro. UEBoom2 made the quick drum roll sound at power up then a snap crackle and a rather unusual pop and then nothing happened other than a static radio noise. Completely unresponsive except for the un-tuned AM radio static noise. Tried to charge it on USB and mains power - makes the static noise when on charge. Completely disappointed. Cant stand researching a product and deciding on it over other comparable products - then buying it (UEBoom2) and its does not work. Absolutely makes me wild. Have tried all the resets and exhausted the search words online. Any advice welcomed...thanks

info - Reply

I am having the same issue! Did you ever get this fixed?

kthoma09 -

Hi, you should consider returning the product. It is possible that you received a faulty device. I've experienced similar issues on other bluetooth speakers. It ultimately boils down to; there's nothing one can do unless you know how to physically dissassemble and repair the faulty components.

Stuart Wen -

Hi sound is not coming from my UE BOOM. It was playing earlier and not now. Charged was low so I chagred it with Samsung phone charger but musick volume is not playing. It's turns on gets connected with my android but sound doesn't come out. Please tell me what to do now. is my email. Please

Anil Gazmer - Reply

Yes I have the same issues, I did a factory Reset as described here but nothing appear to change, there is no volume from the devise.

matt.logan1 -

I have the same problem have you all found any answers?

Hope Buenrostro -

i have the same issue i need help, if someone can help tell me please.

Lyess -

Same issue, anyone find the cause. Wont allow to rest either.

Rachel Getchius -

Hi, I own an UE Mini Boom speaker and am quite happy with it. For close to a year, I have been pairing it with a Moto X (First gen) and I have had no issues. Recently, I upgraded to an LG G4. And the speaker pairs well with my new phone as well. However, the connection sporadically drops out. Moreover, even when connected to my phone, the speaker app says my device is not connected. What could possibly be the issue? I would like to check my speaker's battery status. Moreover, I believe the sporadic disconnection is probably because the UE Mini Boom app on my LG G4 isn't working as it should be. Kindly advise. Thanks

Dominic Francis Baalraaj - Reply

I recently got a Droid Maxx2 and am having trouble with my ue rolls sound. They pair up fine, but the sound is so low and crackly. I have checked the volume, reset, and repaired the device but it is still the same. There is also no startup or shutdown noise. Any suhhestions? I have only used it about five times with my old phone and have had it only about a month.

Kasey ward - Reply

my boom has always been fine but today it sounds like a stuck record? very annoying. Fine when played on apple mac air but speakers audio is terrible?

Toast - Reply

My new UE system worked 3 days ago when I bought it. But that's the only time it's worked. My iPhone won't pair and I've tried 30+ times. I've tried all the tec support from Apple and UE. Still not pairing!

Linda Bauman - Reply

Hey somehow i changed my power on and off settings. Now to turn it off i have to hold both volume buttons simultaneously, and to turn it on i have to hold both volume buttons and power button at the same time. Please help

Ethan Ahrens - Reply

When i use my UE boom once it reaches 70% the sound of the speaker is very muffled. it doesn't work anymore, and I barely use this speaker.

Renato Manjarres - Reply

same did you fix this?

Rob Williams -

Try the equalizer on the UE app for your speaker

Gab W -

I tried several times from 3 different devices, to update my UE Roll via BlueTooth using the Android App (Nexus 6p, Nexus 5x and Nexus 9) and every single time it would stop at a different percentage (25%, then 80%, then 60% and then 45%). What is the issue? My Internet connection is 100/10 Mbps, and my devices are getting a steady 4 out of 5 bars where I tried the updates.

Jose Juan Valenzuela Oliver - Reply

Tried to use the Windows App to update, but Windows 10 won't even find the driver.

This is getting tedious. Would you guys suggest another brand of "smart" speaker?

Jose Juan Valenzuela Oliver - Reply

Hi, I just managed to connect the device to a Windows 10 laptop (Toshiba) and also to a Windows phone. But it was not that easy. As explained in this wiki, I had to update the software of the device first. And also I had to push the pairing button until I was hearing the noice (boom) . (december 2016)

Jean Claude Delcroix -

If UE Megaboom connects to other devices but not your Mac OS X computer - try this suggestion to reset the Bluetooth module in your Mac - worked wonders for me.

Marc Heusser - Reply

Took megaboom to the ocean beach last week, after the 3rd day of beach going the megaboom will not power on, nor does the charging light come on- seems like i managed to kill the unit. We did not submerge it in the ocean but it was right next to it on the beach, only noted one instance where ocean splash touched it, but again was not fully submerged. My issue here is that im thinking that the salty ocean humidity got into it and fried it, no where do i see that it says "take it to the beach, but not near the ocean" They are sending me a box being its under warranty so i commend logitech on that but, BE WARNED ocean salt will destory this thing in a matter of days. Anyone else expierence this?

rlovejoy22 - Reply

My UE Boom 2 fell over into a muddy puddle in a gravel parking lot and won't pair or make any sounds, such as the max volume or power on. But it make an ambient frequency type sound like an unturned radio

Cthulhu_The_God_ -

hey help please when I turned my ue megaboom on it makes a strange sound I press it and it makes powing down but I charged it all night then it turns off again I'm not experience with the ue brand sorry if this is a easy fix problem

lanikhale - Reply

POSSIBLE FIX: I ran into this issue and may have fixed it. when you turn it on and it makes the strange sound, quickly press the power, bluetooth, vol up and vol down buttons simultaneously. DO NOT hold them down as this will perform a factory reset and may damage the unit if performed multiple times. If you try this and it works please reply so others can see that it works. Cheers

Chris V -

Yusssssss! This worked on mine just now; I was having rather same problem with it instantly making the power down noise when turned on and then turning off after a few seconds. Looks good now, thanks!

Joe Appleton -

Having same issue! That trick solve the problem!! Thanks.

Carlos Martan -

I have a problem with the speaker I have it plugged in to charge but the charging light is not on and the speaker will not turn on. I have tried various chargers what is wrong with the speaker?

valhdiaz - Reply

I'm having the same problem!!! Did you get it fixed?

Russell Evangelista -

NO SOUND FIXED: My UE Boom 2 stopped making any sound. It turned on OK, Bluetooth paired fine and showed up in the iPhone App. The volume buttons appeared to work and were in sync with my iPhone. It wound not even play sound when plugged in with the AUX jack. I did a factory reset, ([-] Volume button, plus Power button) and even a firmware update but still no joy. Finally, turned it off, plugged into PC with USB, then turned it on and viola the drum sounds came out. Yah!

damianjolly - Reply

This fix also worked for me when nothing else did.

Steven Spears -

i've tried that but it was useless... It;s a shame. Now the mine doesn't charge or do anything, it still goes on and pair with my mac or my cell, but no sound at all...

laccosta -

This worked for mine! When I pressed the power button of my Boom 2 it would light up but not make the start up sound at all. I could connect to it with my phone but it would not play any sound. With the Boom 2 turned off I plugged it in to the USB of my PC, my PC loaded the driver (which doesn't do anything special, it just said it installed successfully). After leaving it plugged in for about 30 seconds I turned it on while still plugged into the PC and I heard the beautiful sound of the UE start up drums. I had tried the factory reset several times and couldn't get anything else to work. Thanks for sharing this because it worked for me!

Cody King -

oh my god! thank you sooooo much! you guys solved my problem perfectly!

shans123 -

The white light next to the charging port flashes 3 time with a white light when plugged in and then nothing. Have tried to reset and connecting to comp. Nothing works.

Jack Mosier - Reply

how do i know if my ue boom 2 is charging?

noni littlefoot - Reply

Hey do you guys have any idea why my volume buttons aren't working?

Jordi Singh Caixal - Reply

I made the mistake of upgrading the speaker ( ver 2.0.97) and app (ver 5.0.169). I lost the connectivity on one speaker completely, just a flashing bluetooth indicator. After resetting the two speakers and reloading the app, losing and re-connecting the bluetooth, it seems to work now. No equalizer adjustable settings? Not sure if the system will remember the double-up mode? Very poor presentation on the screens. Swipe for finiding other speakers?? Really? Had to Google that one.... One step forward, three steps back. C'mon Logitech - make it easy for once.

Scottyo - Reply

my UE ROLL won't charge with any cord I use but when I plug it into a computer it chargers for about 2 seconds

Russell Evangelista - Reply

Hi im having problem with regards to my UE Boom 2 aux-in port.. Everytime i use the aux port the sounds it produce are having some glitches.. I use 3.5mm cable. Im pretty sure its not the cable that has problem but the aux-input port itself.. How to fix this problem..

Che Mercado - Reply

did you solve it? i have the same issue

Alex Portnoy -

Hi I can pair my ue boom 2 with my iPhone 5 but it will not pair with my iPad. When I try it says the connection failed and might be too far away, although it's only a metre away. After resetting speaker, iPad and iPhone it still does it regardless of which device it gets paired to first the other can't connect . Any help would be great!!!!

Will Vickers - Reply

In your iPhone go to settings-Bluetooth-tap on UE boom in device list-tap Forget This Device- then re-add under "Discoverable Devices". Should work - make sure you do a factory reset on the boom as well. Good luck!

Mike Burns -

These speakers are a pieces of $@$*! Sorry I ever wasted my money on them!!!

pnarciso - Reply

Agreed, a total waste of money

George Stratos -

I think I bough the demo ue mega boom and it is stuck in like a demo mode??? Will only turn on when plugged in and will turn off when unplugged/ won't let me connect with Bluetooth unless I hard reset it? Help???

Devin - Reply

Did u fix that yet ?

jairo jimenez -

My ueboom2 is stuck in sum type of demo mode.. Onlyvturns on wen power is connected and will not work if disconnected. Bluetooth will only WOR k if I hold down the power button and Bluetooth. How do I fix this?

jairo jimenez -

Download the updater tool from the website to your computer and update the speaker by connecting it via USB to the computer and follow the instructions on the updater program.

millionevan -

My UE Boom 2 battery life is not very good only get like 1 hour at full volumen is this normal?? Sometimes it shows very low battery life and sometimes even without charging it shows a percentage way above before evwn without charging it.

LuIs ReStRePo - Reply

My ue boom 2 fell on the water and it's not working, it doesn't turn on..

Marina duarte pugliese - Reply

Just bought a boom2.Connects fine wth my ipad and iphone but cannot connect to my firewire d Panasonic stereo system. Isnt it possible ? If it is how do i do it? ( I am not too IT literate. Thanks in anticipation

Graham Wright - Reply

My book connects to my iPhone and I can see the Bluetooth emblem activates, however neither the light on the boom comes on, nor does sound come this the battery life? It is fully charged (left it charged no while I went out, came back to it not working) hasn't been anywhere near water, however I have been traveling in high humidity that the cause?

Noah - Reply

My UE Boom 2 has a stupidly low battery life; 100% to 0% within an hour. Any known reason why this is happening? I'll play music for 15 minutes and it will say that it's at 90%, then 30 - 45 minutes later it dies.

Ryan - Reply

I have a similar problem. Over 50%used in 50 minutes at high volume. Unacceptable

damicomakela -

Why are there so many freaking problems with these speakers, you would think heads would be rolling, still NO FIXES from the company only send you another one? What tha

randyjsmith1 -

I have the exact same issue, brand new UE Boom 2 goes from 100% charge to zero in one hour of playing music

Did you get a fix?

Danny Gill -

My 2 weeks old ue boom 2 used twice stopped reproducing ANY sound (no sound after turning on or off) after I restarted my laptop due to windows update. After that, it does not pair with any bluethoot device I have. I can only turn it on and the bluethoot white led starts blinking continuously, but without any result. And btw, it does not charge neither. WTF Logitech, WT ACTUAL F

gigi4everpw4 - Reply

I have the same problem. Bluetooth light blinks continuously after turning on! No possible connection to any device!

Sonja Bielecki -

same here, can not find solution anywhere! this sux drive me nuts…. can anyone tell me how to make the speaker sound back?

shans123 -

My UE sound is going from ok to pretty bad recently. The bass vibrates too much.

Anita Goldberg - Reply

How can I fix the bass to stop vibrating?

Anita Goldberg - Reply

My ue boomer hasn't been charging, I started to charge it again and when I press the power button it's like a reddish white color but only lasts for less than a second when pressed also when I plug in my cord to charge it it doesn't turn on the led ive tried doing the factory reset but it does not make any sound

David Lopez - Reply

Nothing really worked on the speaker ...pair_ it _up the first time and everything came out great it was a gift so I unpaired it so I can give it as a gift I tried to pair it again with a new application and the speaker's won't recognize the new application I have no idea how to reset the Seeker butt there should be an answer somewhere answered it

Ricardo Navamuel - Reply

My ue boom2 has being blinking red for two days now and it won't charge...tried Turing it on/off but it keeps blinking..nothing seems to be do I get it fixed??

maya - Reply

Plus it's not connecting with my Bluetooth

maya - Reply

I phone 5c not pairing but I phone 6plus is

Jim topping - Reply

I had just bought the UE MEGABOOM yesterday and at first it was working beautifully. However, later that day the speaker stopped making noises when you turn it on and now won't play anything even though it is connected to the device via Bluetooth.

Dubem - Reply

My phone won't connect and the Bluetooth button won't stop flashing any ideas??

Artie stower - Reply

It's a ur roll

Artie stower -

I had the classic Ue Boom, had no problem at all. Now i just received the megaboom and i'm so disappointed. Them saying its waterproof is the biggest lie ever. Took it 1 min underwater, and since then it got so $@$*. It won't charge anymore, been stuck at 40% for days. When it turns on, directly the like low battery sound and then turns off after 5seconds. So !#^&@@ off at this bad product, hope they will repair it for free.

arnaudcramers - Reply

My UE Mini Boom will not connect via Bluetooth to my Iphone 6 which has the latest IOS update or my laptop ( which i need to be able to update the software on my Boom) but it will connect to my old ipad mini is there any solution to be able to connect to my laptop so I am able to update my Boom

jessicaforrest - Reply

I don't know if it's just my speaker but when I first got it one side of the speaker is staticky and not as loud as the other side. It stopped doing that a bout 3 days ago and now today and yesterday it's happening again

Angel Hernandez - Reply

I just brought the ue roll 2 at duty free in Brisbane before I went to bali 1 day ago,plugged in to charge an left overnight,turned it on in morning an says battery low an turns off,have tried thru my laptop an still no go,pretty gutted as I am in bali for 4 weeks,where can I go or what can I do to sort this out?the same adapter I use charges my phone fine

Josh parson - Reply

Lots of questions without answers, ue boom you are lying dogs

Anicol - Reply

Simple question, can you connect 2 ue boom speakers to an android phone and have them play simultaneously? It doesn't appear so. I have spent hours trying, downloaded all ue boom apps but still no success. &&^&^$^ $@$*!

Anicol -

Haha, been trying to contact Logitech support but 4x now incorrect code enter, they are thieves, do not buy more than 1 ue boom if you have android.

Anicol -

I have 1 Mega Boom and 2 Boom 2's and i can only play two at a time. I was able to play all three at the same time when I first got them but now as soon as I turn on a third one, one of the other ones turns off. My son set it up for me the first time so I may be doing something wrong.

nicol barton - Reply

I bought a UE boom speaker seven months ago and I've had no trouble with it other than today, when I went to turn it on and it made this horrible glitch like sound and wouldn't turn off, then a few seconds later it shut off. When I went to turn it on again it worked just fine, and hasn't made the noise since.

Angie - Reply

2 (Identical) Megaboom Speakers Will Not Double Up

- Before the update both speakers worked perfect, including doubling up, for months

- Both connect to iPhone bluetooth fine

- UE Megaboom App will only recognizes 1 of the speakers even though both are connected to bluetooth

- Both speakers have 2.0.83 firmware according to iPhone App and direct connect to updater on Mac laptop

- Tried reseting both speakers (hold down pairing button and "-" button), successful reset but no effect on problem

- Tried removing and re-downloading iPhone App, no change

- Tried different mobile devices, no change

I suspect that when attempting to update, one of the speakers did not update properly leaving a different firmware on one of the speakers although both display the most current version. As far as I can tell there is no method of rolling back the firmware or re-installing the current version.


Adam Miller - Reply

I have the same issue w/ two booms

Peter Everett Brown -

Dear pls inform how to run boom 2 speaker throw windows 7 computer

Dgdgdgdg - Reply

I've had the UE Mini Boom for three years and today the sound stopped playing as loud and sounds like it's playing underwater. Has anyone else experienced this and fixed it?

morganabean - Reply

My UE turns itself off, no matter what the charged level is, after an hour. I love this for portability n sound but I want to hurl it.

mary - Reply

My ue boom 2 was connect to my old iPhone so I disconnect it to connect to my new one. But when I turn it on the led light doesn't shine saying the device is ready and my Bluetooth cant find any devices when searching. I already tried the tip to hold the power and low volume button for abt 10 seconds but still doesn't work

Alex - Reply

My app does not have the Double up option. I have downloaded twice and get the same app with no double up. Help please. I want to run my 2 boom 2 in stereo mode

William H Grant - Reply

I just purchased two Boom2's for the same purpose. There is no simple "Double Up" option on this app.

Kay Althoff -


I'm having trouble turning my UE Boom off. Any ideas on how to fix it please?

thunderwonda - Reply


I am having trouble with my ue boom it keeps turning on and off and won't let me hard rest and will not connect to a computer or phone please help

Ryan weedon - Reply

hello! i have a ue boom 2 and it seems that only the top part is producing sound. is it supposed to be like that or?

audrey icalina - Reply


Since two days there wont come any Sound out of my ue boom speaker. It is connected to my phone and the lights are on as well. It is also completely charged and I already did the reset.. helpppo anyone?



Britt frerichs - Reply

Hey I have a problem with my UE boom. Its all good in working condition when its full charged. once it goes below 50% charge a distortion sound start to come out. it wont stop if you connect the charger. but when you switch it off and fully charge again it work fine again. is it becoz the something wrong with the battery?? please help!!!

malith - Reply

same this just started happening to me. Did you fix?

Rob Williams -

I made mine not as bad by making bass +5 on eq and everything else on 0. Not ideal bur stops a little distortion.

Rob Williams -

i can’t figure this out either. mine does it at like 80%. tried a factory reset and tried adjusting the equalizer but the only thing that works is turning the volume down.. which is ok in my house but it sucks when i’m at the beach or something and want to play it louder.

Warren -

Can I double up with a UE Boom and a UE megaboom

Ken Dahl - Reply

I bought a UE boom used from someone and it already had a faulty volume up button, problems with the power button, and a major difficulty to connect via Bluetooth. I got it working somehow, cleaned it with bleach so that it would look nice, and yesterday I tried to see if the speaker was waterproof. I poured a glass of somewhat cold water on it, and it still worked. But later, after I shut it off, it became a brick. Nothing triggers any response from it other than holding volume down and pressing the Bluetooth button, the light blinks once and goes away. I charged it overnight, but still nothing. The worst part is that I dont think I'll be able to get a new one under warranty because I bought it used. I don't know if it was the water that did this, or something else, but any help is greatly appreciated.

Gab W - Reply

My UE MEGABOOM would not display any lights on the top of the speaker. Such as the power on light or the Bluetooth pairing light. The speaker was working fine connected to my phone on 60% percent charge then I noticed. I then reset the speaker using power and volume down and in doing so the lights still don't work and now when I press the pairing button (press not hold) it beeps loudly twice then does nothing. And it will not pair with my iPhone when held down.

simonhaley32 - Reply

Same problem, did you find a solution?

Marco Zoccolan -

Brand new UE Roll won't bluetooth pair with my iPhone7

Dazzie - Reply

After a song plays the speaker turns down? If I press volume up it returns to the orginal volume.

jessica moe - Reply

Help I cannot get my UE roll or mega boom to pair I tried the instructions to press volume up and Bluetooth on the megaboom then the blue tooth button twice on the UE roll and nothing happens and I tried the process in reverse with the UE roll. My Iphone says both are connected but sounds does not come out of both :(

Michael - Reply

My UE Boom suddenly stopped making any sound. It doesnt beep or make any sound when turned on or off and any audio too.....please help me resolve this issue

adduri vikas - Reply

I had the same problem. Even the reset button combination didn't work. I teared that thing down to see uf maybe the speaker connections were broken, but it seemed good. The solution was to unplug the battery and replug it again. After that everything wirked fine. For dismemberment you will need a soldering iron.

Prokrastinator -

Won't connect to app, plays fine, but I would like to use the app for the alarm. The screeen doesn't go past "Let's Hook Up"

Symphany Grier - Reply

As I turn on my UE Boom 2, the Bluetooth light begins to flash really fast and won't stop. I can't pair it with my iPhone 7 and it won't come up on my Bluetooth device list. How do I solve this problem?

jacobyward - Reply


I bought UE megaboom last year. Problem

1 . Now, UE megaboom switch on while i am cahrging UE megaboom however when i un plu chargeing and power switch off. One more thing is that I did not use to open UE Megaboom during charging .

2. At least i have charge to open it now, but still not chargeing battery but speaker turn on . Battery life is the same after i charge 10 hours battery life.

3. i did hold the top of key and hold down key at the same time. I heard a song however it does not work. No battery life increase, could not turn on without chargeing

Can u help me

kyin025 - Reply

Hello I am writing this because I'm having trouble keeping my Ue boom paired with my android and it keeps crashing when I try to play any type of audio. my speaker has been updated as well as my phone and the ue boom app; what do I do

bekkah - Reply

Hi! I have the UE Megaboom, and after dropped it in the water (just a few seconds and not even go down a meter) it stopped working, and now it doesn't turn on or charge anymore.

what can I do???

Diego De Battista - Reply


I dropped my UE Megaboom into the water, for just a few seconds and not even one meter deep when it was on, and after that it stopped working at all... now it doesn't charge or turn on... what could happen?? because it supposed to be waterproof (everything was hours and it was properly closed the usb)


Diego De Battista - Reply

Thank you , it was reallly heplful!

vasarasfeja - Reply

Hi, I have disassembled my UE due to battery saving matter. Right before the disassembling , I did reset the UE twice. But now sounds like it's not functioning at all with the sane battery, which it need to be replaced.its doesn't turn on or charge. However it just blinking the bright Light for 5 second then goes off. My confusion is it might be from its board as I did reset it two times or it might be from the battery. Could anybody tell me what part is infunctioned so I can repair it. Thanks for your great and useful web.

Ali Fard Mavini - Reply

Me and the missus both have Iphone 7 plus. We can connect to any bluetooth device, however for some reason we cannot conect to UE megaboom, even after doing all settings as advised.

phillip.vaneeden - Reply

Hi... maybe try resetting the speaker

Kane Anderson -

Question: does the ue boom alarm work when the ue boom is off

Kane Anderson -

Hi I don'the have any problems with my ue boom 2 but whenever the speaker automatically connects withe my phone it always beeps, like when you turn the volume up to the max. This is not a problem I am just curious of why this is happening

Kane Anderson - Reply

Hey something is wrong with my ue. It won't connect to the Bluetooth. When I push the button it doesn't even work. It doesn't even flash anymore. Does anyone know the problem or know how to fix it

Leon Matehuirua - Reply

Hey, my mega boom doesn't seem to be charged. I have tried two different (original) cables, and also connecting to computer. Any tip what to do? Do the battery has to be replaced or something?

Linn Julie Sandstrand - Reply

my UE megaboom speaker is being charged and all it says it battery critically low I don't understand and it is really frustrating any solutions out there other than the usual volume down and power button trick? (does not work)

Alejandro Ibarguen - Reply

My UE Boom 2 volume is very low. It was working fine just yesterday. When I connect it via Bluetooth the volume is significantly low. When I connect via AUX cord or in other words when I plug it into the headphone jack it plays normal. Can someone help me please.

markusnembhard - Reply

Hi, I go into the app to try to pair the device on Android, and I cannot get past the first step. It sends me to the Bluetooth settings, which show that the speaker is connected, yet I cannot work out how to process from here?

Ben Boxall - Reply

I get the following message when attempting to pair my iPhone and my iPad: "Connection Unsuccessful. Make sure the UE BOOM is turned on and in range."

Everything is turned on and sitting adjacent on counter. The speaker is in pairing mode. What should I do next?

rjhoffstar - Reply

My speaker turns on, but then turns off right away. It makes a noise when I turn it off, pairs to my phone. And then shut off. What should I do ?

mizz_bonita12 - Reply

When I needed the speaker most, speaker won't turn on, tried rebooting, speaker won't turn on...but it is charging the phone

mossmushi - Reply

When playing music from my phone the song will pause everytime a new song comes on, this is extremely annoying since the only reason I bought this was to listen to music, please help or I will be returning this, also no other speaker has ever done this

Autumn ludeman - Reply

Anyone ever had their UE Boom 2 refuse to turn off? I keep holding down the power button and nothing happens, but it's still on.

markwsnyder - Reply

My UE mini boom is flashing green but won't hold a charge? And AppStore says no app for iPhone5 found for UE mini Boom when I had it back in March??

Ashley - Reply

hey my UE boom 2 battery only lasts about 3-5 hours. even after I have charged it for the recommended 4-5 hours? The device was purchased on the 13th of june.


matt hammond - Reply

my pause/play and skip functions aren't working I've tried resetting my speaker to default settings but that didn't do anything. help????

Tilly G - Reply

I brought my UE Boom 2 at T-Mobile . And every since I been having battery issues. Like it don't even last 15 hours . I don't usually hear music as often with the Ue but only practice. For example, it be 100 charge I use it two hours. The next day comes it be on 30 percent. I don't know why or understand. I charge it for long period of time thinking it's the issue, however the problem still consist. I hope you guys can help me

Kristal - Reply

I have a problem of listening music online from youtube using UE Boom 2 speaker. It used to work sometimes back and stopped in the middle. Besides, it works from IPhone 7 music offline but not directly from YouTube online. Please advise thanks

Tesfa - Reply

My Mega Boom will only work when it's plugged in ? What can I do ?

Karin Weeg - Reply

Hey guys . My UE BOOM is still normal till i turned the volume on , it crash , i don't know what's going on with it . Pls help me , thanks :)

Hoàng Huy Vũ Phạm - Reply

So i have a ue mega boom speaker but it seems to not turn on completely i charged it but nothing shows or charged and charged it for a day and still nothing

Joey Songz - Reply

When I put my ue roll on any of the top 2 volumes it freezes at times

Jose Mendoza - Reply

When I try to turn the volume down pushing the - button on the UE 2 (it is at maximum and way too loud) it does not lower in volume but keeps repeating how charged the battery is.

Cliff Knitter - Reply

My ue boom 2 has weak blue tooth strength. I thought it was my Iphone but it seemes like it does it with all phones. Any ideas on what can it be.

Edgar Granados - Reply


My Bluetooth light is just staying on It won’t charge it won’t reset so how can I fix it pls, ask for any advice to Fix problem

Roman - Reply

I have the same problem. wtf. why isn’t there a fix for this!

Caitlin yawger -

My speaker turns on makes a power on noise then turns off. I charged it and still doesn’t work. It turns off before I can’t reset it and I can’t connect anything to it.

Julian - Reply

Same problem here. Bluetooth is on , volume is up on both Megaboom speaker and iPhone and still no volume from speaker.  music plays from my phone but not from speaker…very annoying! And battery is fully charged.

Judith - Reply

Unfortunately Speaker fell into the washing machine . Since it is a waterproof so thought would be alright. Stopped working in few minutes and went dead. Tried opening it and put it in the sun for hours and it start working again.

As soon i realize i need to charge it, found out the light doesn’t flash at all so it wasn’t charging anymore…… So disappointed :(

vishal sandhu - Reply

I’m having trouble with my UE boom its connected and all just fine it’s just the music doesn’t go through the speaker it still comes out of my phone I tried turning it of and on it disconnect and connect on Bluetooth its fully charge but it seems like nothing does the thing so I connect it to my computer and its working perfectly fine??? it did work fine with my phone but I don’t know whats wrong with it? Do I need to buy another phone or UE boom??

K&K Nation - Reply

My UE boom speaker is connecting fine to my computer and makes the connection noise and turning on noise, however no sound comes out when I play music from my computer. The music on the computer plays fine without the speaker but nothing through it. Please help!

Kate Garrett - Reply

++millionevan++- i took ur advice about the demo ue but now the ue updater wont reconize any demo or non demo ue did they do a update is there a new way i thought it was mu pc so idownloaded it to my mac and still nothing

butlerandsons - Reply

To everybody out there having issues with there booms. Contact Logitech and tell them your speakers sound is distorted and they will send you a brand new one. I did it last week because my speakers sound is a little distorted at high volume. I have the ue boom 1 and they replaced it with a ue boom 2 phantom edition free of charge. Got it 2 days ago delivered. BTW, they didn't even want the old speaker back or pictures or anything.

ThorBoy - Reply

All was fine until I charged my UE BOOM 2 a couple of days ago now it will only play one track at a time, it won't follow the link. The speaker stays on. It's not my Android phone, it's definitely the speaker. I've tried the factory reset but still irritatingly doing it. Have I accidentally reset something by accident? Jools

Julie McNamara - Reply

Sons UE boom 2 has issue! He has charged it overnight and when he went to use it the next day although power light on and volume up and connected to phone it wouldn’t make any noise !! Any suggestions

Sonya - Reply

Hi any suggestion please !!’ son has a UE Boom 2 this week he went to charge it overnight like usual and next morning he went to use it but no sounds came out of it! He had it connected to his phone, volumn up and it wouldnt make sound, lights where on, it wouldn’t make the turning off and on sound any fix’s

Sonya - Reply

Hey I’m having problems with my UE MEGABOOM only one side of the speaker is playing music can anyone help me and let me know what to do thank you

Adam Mushtaq - Reply

My ue boom 2 reproduces music but it doesn’t connect to the app. When I open the ue boom app it says that there isn’t any ue boom connected. How can I fix this problem?

BIGtrey EIGHTDK - Reply

My UE Boom 2 wont connect to my Huawei Phone anymore. I have reset the speaker to factory settings and now it connects to my laptop but not the phone it reads “ Couldn’t connect with UE Boom 2 because of an incorrect PIN or passkey”. Not really too sure what this is about as it has worked perfectly well in the past! Anyone know about this?? Thanks

Sean Hussey - Reply

My ue is not charging. Hoe can i resolve this issue?

Jamie - Reply

Havin trouble turning my speaker up

Reeve Grech - Reply

Havin trouble turning my speaker

Reeve Grech - Reply

My WONDERBOOM won’t tell me the battery life? I pressed both the + and - button at the same time.

Reagan Mullins - Reply

My WONDERBOOM will not tell me the battery life. I have pressed + and - together.

Reagan Mullins - Reply

Thank You! I forgot about the pairing button on my boom and true everything else to pair my new ph!

Lourdes - Reply

Thank You! I forgot about the pairing button on my boom and tried everything else to pair it with my new oh!

Lourdes - Reply

My UE Boom 2 stops playing music every time i get a notification on my phone. Why does it do this.

moMorgan Bratland - Reply

My UEBoom 2 stops playing music every time i get a notification. I then have to keep pressing play every time it shuts off.

moMorgan Bratland - Reply

I cannot get my android to connect to my ue speaker.

Helen Rynkewicz - Reply

I cannot connect my Android to my EU speaker

Helen Rynkewicz - Reply

When i phone & boom box will not connect tap information next to boom box on i phone -then tap disregard this device. Then reattempt -the devices will then pair. Gary Oz

dr gary champion - Reply

megaboom delay after firmware update, computer wont recognise usb connection for downgrading the device to older firmware. Now stuck with a half working device. Thanks logitech. Never again!

Marc Apella - Reply

My UE boom wont connect, my phone says pairing rejected by”UE BOOM”

Dio Divine Obijiaku - Reply

My UE Boom Bluetooth speaker won't stop skipping and it's driving me CRAZY!!! Is there a fix for this? It's really annoying, to the point I'm thinking of trashing it.

Angela Howard - Reply

i have a 2 x ue megaboom one in blue and one in red , had them a couple of years and the red thing is a pain in the arse, luckily i took out insurance on it as i am up to speaker number 4, connection issus afetr i connected it to a friends phone to listen to his play list, wouldnt connect to any other phobes after that so tried to reset it as per instructions and it then wouldnt turn on, next speaker which was used twice decided to not charge up, and constantly said when holding + and - buttons “power at 40%” , but still wouldnt charge . looking on the ue web page it states that you might have to umplug and re plug the micro usb power lead up to 30 times ??? really it does…….. if its in a state of wont charge. Still didnt work. Speaker 3 after a few months …………….same issue with charging (common problem according to forums), then i am with my current speaker which doesnt like to party up with the blue one………………. shocking quality

stephen worthy - Reply

The Boom Mini speaker is blinking, charged and on, but both my phone and my macbook can’t detect it. It doesn’t have a bluetooth button, only a button with a phone icon, which turns it on and two volume buttons. All the articles and trouble shooting pages i have read all say to turn on the bluetooth button, but my speaker doesn’t have that.

Please help!

Josh Canham - Reply

For me it helped to deactivate WLAN on my mobile phone to pair it with my mobile phone without reset my UE Megaboom to factory defaults!!

Mobile phone is a Motorola G5 plus.

Oliver Denter - Reply

My UE Boom has stopped turning on nor is the charging indicator light turning on while having it plugged in. The one thing that is working is the pairing light is on and has been for a couple of days now. Might this be an indication that my battery has seen better days?

Del Hargis - Reply

I downloaded the latest UE Boom 2 Ap onto my iPhone 4S and now the speaker won’t pair- I tried resetting and none of the tips worked. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Jane Hobson - Reply


I am having problem charging my 6 month old, hardly used Boom 2. At first there is a tiny blinking light when charging, after 20 mins no more light. However the speaker now cant even be switch on. Anyone having this issue?

Rozana - Reply

My UE Boom died after years of reliable service. First started playing horrible noise after playing fine for an hour. Now light comes on, showed paired with phone but no sound. Forgot bluetooth device, reset Boom and now it won’t discover. D.E.D. dead? What’s the warranty?

Albert Einstein - Reply

I’m trying to connect to my ue boom and every time I try i get a incorrect pin or passkey error and i have already done a factory reset and it didn’t work what do I do.

Milvin A DeRosa - Reply

Hi I have the same problem did you fix yours?

Julian Retein -

Hey I cant power up my ue roll 2 speaker. How do I open to change battery out

james jordan - Reply

I cant power up my ue2 roll. How do I open and change out

james jordan - Reply

my speaker isn’t turning on at all and i’ve tried everything to fix it, i had it in the bath with bubbles and i say it up on the sink while it was playing music and then i accidentally hit it and it fell onto the tiles and cut out

chloe foraer - Reply


chloe foraer - Reply


Im having problem connecting with my UE Megaboom everytime I try to connect it says incorrect pin or passkey error . I have already tried factory reset but its still not working. Please assist Asap.

Julian Retein - Reply

Thank you :-) it worked :-)

Ngametua-Tiare Brider - Reply

My phone is a LG G4 and when I connect it to the ue boom 2 it doesn't make any noise out of the speaker. My speaker on the phone plays the music. What do I do?

Alyssa - Reply

I just tried resetting the phone to factory according to the troubleshooting instructions by pressing the power button and -volume and it turned off after making a sound. Then when I turned on the UE megaboom the bluetooth light never stops blinking! Even when I turn it off and turn it back on the light blinks non stop. Did I just break my speaker? I didn’t do this more than once!

Ana Muniz - Reply

I meant I tried setting my UE Megaboom to factory settings, not my phone!

Ana Muniz - Reply


When using my 2 UE Megabooms with the Ultimate Ears app, the music from Spotify starts to stutter like nothing else. Several second gaps occur making the listening impossible. It works perfectly okey with just one Megaboom, so Im thinking this could be an issue with the app?

After spending a signifant amount in the second Megaboom, I wish I could listen to Spotify in stereo. Any tricks for this problem?

Using a Nokia 8 with Android 8.1 Oreo to play the music.

Firmware has been updated on both speakers.

Viuvou - Reply

Hey i have the ue megaboom all blacks edition and theres an update yesterday and after the update everytime i turn my speaker on it doesnt do the haka anymore pls help

Mi Key - Reply

Is static a sign that the battery needs to be replaced?

noland mcfarland - Reply

Is static a sign that a new battery is needed ?

noland mcfarland - Reply

My ue speaker will not shut off or pair with devices? Can anyone tell me whats going on with speaker

Tina preston - Reply

My Bluetooth signal light is on without going off and if you want to switch on the speaker it dosnt come.only the Bluetooth signal is on all these while

Kwabena Danso - Reply

My battery is full but I get no lights on the top of the speaker and it won't work?

Rafal Kurzac - Reply

I cannot get my two ue boom 2 speakers to pair. I have up to date firmware and have followed the instructions to the letter. Either will work alone but not together. Is one of them faulty?

They are both showing in the Bluetooth setting and have plenty of charge left.


Alan Forrester - Reply

Don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but my boom just turns itself on .

Tom Lawlor - Reply

I am seeing constant issues with my UE Boom 1 and iPhone X. It pairs, then drops, in an endless cycle, to the point its now unusable. Is this a driver issue with the iPhone X? Was there a change in the Bluetooth spec? UE Boom doesn’t even appear on its website to offer driver updates or support for this device. What is happening here? It only began happening with the iPhone X. So frustrated with this.

geoff.piper - Reply

my booms will not connect i have a ue boom and a mega boom ive done every blog i can find there isnt anything that works threw the app or without using its + and bt button pressing method only reason i got these speakers is to connect major waste of $

unkboybc21 - Reply

My UE Megaboom s-00147 was doing a firmware update via bluetooth, it reached 99% then the battery turned off. Now the device wont turn on.

I need to updates the firmwire with a windows computer if possible.

S S - Reply

Have volume up fully in tablet settings but volume is not very loud. Why?

sherril.donaghy1 - Reply

My speaker wont play loud what to do i turn it up and it make a sound like it busted speakers how do i fix it

Kareem Conheffner - Reply

User rorytate1 says:

This is a subtle one but it will bite you in the butt (hours of searching for the right answer) unless you know this:

1. Boom paired and ran on my Samsung S9

2. Boom paired and connected on the HP laptop but NO sound.

3. Hours of searching to no avail!

4. HP laptop has Conextant speaker system.

5. After 5 hrs of searching, I left clicked on on the Sys Tray speaker icon.

6. Up came a selection for the Boom 2 speakers!!!! Selected it and the sound from the laptop is being played on the Boom speakers.

Bloody !&&*! Never want to go thru that again.Hope this helps someone.

Arthur Shi - Reply

I have a problem that my UE Boom 2 will not play any sound after a windows update. My PC says it’s connected but no sound comes out, and it just comes out of my laptop speakers. I also have an iphone 7 and I cannot get the device to appear on my bluetooth devices list to pair. My UE Boom is totally unusable as it stands! help please!

motagirl999 - Reply

My UE is fully charged but it keeps shutting off and won’t play.

Tulsa Kirk - Reply

My UE boom won’t let me pair. When I turn on my UE boom, it works. When I trying pairing the button does not light up. What do I do?

Lynn Nguyen - Reply

When I want to connect my speaker to the phone ir appears like it wasn't an audio device and doesn't even tryes to connect ir just disables The button

David Ramirez - Reply

My speaker keeps disconnecting when volume me is high. This is bullshit. I called and complained but you keep giving the same answers that don’t help. Fix this dam thing seriously.

Cullen - Reply

This speaker is absolutely JUNK… Worst 350.00 Iv ever spent. Would not recommend to anyone. Looks like the Company made money from all of US…

anthony mccubbins - Reply

I have a megablast that stopped playing mid song. However, it stayed powered up but with all buttons unresponsive. It would not respond to the factory reset protocol. A friend played with it a and pressed all four buttons simultaneously which made it power down. When turned back on it was fully functional. Voila!

Brett Loader - Reply

You are the only site that told me enough to actually get my EU Boom paired with my MacBook Air. Thank you!!!

terrystuller2 - Reply

Hola tengo el ue boom 2 y no me lo encuentra en el blutofh que puedo hacer

Kiki - Reply

I plugged my speaker into charge not realising it was 24v instead of 12v. It switched off straight away and won't power up now. Is there a fuse or could i have burnt it out?

Ray Arnott - Reply

How low can the bass go on the UE Megaboom

The Awsome Joker - Reply

I purchased a Megaboom from Amazon last year 11/2017 and today (9/22/2018) the speaker has completely gone haywire on me. It’s not turning on, it’s not responding to anything at all. It won’t let me turn it off, can’t factory reset it either. I’ve tried everything in my power. It’s literally not responding to anything. It’s not even discoverable via Bluetooth. What can I do to fix this problem. I own 2 megaboom speakers and I used them at work in the hospital I work at. It’s very disappointing to see such a good piece of tech. Crap out so badly! It’s very frustrating!

victorepolanco - Reply

Hello, I am trying to sync a new BOOM with a 2-3 year old MINI BOOM. The FAQ on the website says this is only possible if you’re running the BOOM off version 5x or 6x, not 7x or 8x, but doesn’t give any indication how to do that. Does anybody know?

Chris Astrella - Reply

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