1. Turn the device over. The D-ring will be on the left face of the speaker when viewing the device from this orientation.
    • Turn the device over. The D-ring will be on the left face of the speaker when viewing the device from this orientation.

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  2. Lift the handle on the D-ring and unscrew it.
    • Lift the handle on the D-ring and unscrew it.

    • Remove the D-ring.

    Hi i m looking for the d-ring and the silicone on the top of the charging holes do you know were i CAN buy it ?? Thanks

    Anatole cuny - Reply

    • Any repairs made from this point forward will void your device's warranty.

    • Holding the speaker upright, wedge the metal spudger in between the casing and the speaker. Gently pry open the tabs as they are easily broken.

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    • Find the part of the casing that covers the volume controls. Wedge the metal spudger under this and pry open all of the tabs as in the previous step.

    • Repeat for the bottom of the speaker and pry the casing open with your fingers.

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    • Using the Phillips J0 head screwdriver, unscrew the four silver 9 mm screws.

    • Do the same for the two black 7 mm screws.

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    • This next step involves the use of a hot soldering iron. Remember to be careful during this step since it can be easy to burn yourself.

    • Using a soldering iron, solder the two ends of the green Bluetooth adapter.

    • You might need another person's help to lift the adapter while you solder it.

    I think this might be the NFC board.

    It probably doesn’t have anything to do with bluetooth since removing it has no effect whatsoever on bluetooth performance.

    MrUNIMOG - Reply

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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    • With the Bluetooth adapter soldered off, remove it and your device should now look like this.

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    • With a metal spudger, pry open the tabs on the speaker sleeve along the length of the speaker.

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    • Use a plastic opening tool to pry the sleeve off from the bottom of the speaker.

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    • Peel off the sleeve.

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    • Use a Phillips 1 screwdriver to unscrew the eight black 14 mm screws along the length of the casing.

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    • With the screws removed, pry open the casing to be able to get to the components inside.

    • Try prying the case open from one of the ends if that is easier.

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    • With a Phillips #00 screwdriver, unscrew two 5.6 mm screws from the rectangular shaped circuit board.

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    • With the Phillips #2 screwdriver, unscrew the 9.9 mm screw from the larger circuit board surrounding the speaker.

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    • Once all of the screws are gone, you should be able to remove the circuit boards and find the battery.

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    • Remove the battery by pulling it from the terminal as marked in the picture.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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What battery is required?

Harrison Leavey - Reply

You've got to be joking - so you spend £100 on a speaker and then need a degree in electrical engineering to replace the battery - what a load of s***e

Kevin Reitze - Reply

Don't pry open the entire thing. Open the side with the d-ring, there should be 4 screws like in the pic above and access to battery directly under that. There's instructions for changing battery in the box.

Brian Blackford - Reply

Where are those instructions because mine didn't come with any set of instructions other than a quick guide for using it for the first time.

missalandria -

Yeah, what battery is required.

eric bafford - Reply

YouTube has a great video & then i ordered the battery from e-bay


on e-bay

Brand New Panasonic 18650 NCR18650B 3400mah Rechargeable Battery, with Tabs,

Arthur Zobel - Reply

Thats great and all. (Actually really simps to follow instructions!)

Now - where to find the battery??

And hints on where to source a battery?

Jay - Reply

Thanks for those instructions, if using the Panasonic 18650 3400mah battery to replace original, I assume you just cut the three wires, red, black and white attached to connector and resolver to 18650 terminals...

My question is to,which terminal do you attach which wires?

Ross Kentwell - Reply

Does anyone know where I can take the UE Boom to have the battery replaced?

David Brown - Reply

Hi there, my comment is as above. Does anyone know where you can take the UE Boom in, to get the battery replaced as it seems like a complicated procedure doing it yourself. I’ve contacted Logitech and thy are unable to offer any assistance on who to take it to but just to buy a replacement battery and DIY. Does anyone know what the battery model is to replace if you do decide to DIY? Thanks.

Vicki Price - Reply

As above, Does anyone one know where you can take it to get repaired? If not, what battery model is it - any idea?


Vicki Price - Reply

The battery in mine is a standard Panasonic NCR16850B 3.6V 3200mAh. Got a new one for $7. Unfortunately, the guide stops short of the end of the procedure. After you complete step 16, you have to then cut open the black shrink wrap with something like a razor blade. Then you will find a circuit board with metals tabs connecting to each battery terminal. You’ve have to desolder the terminals from the old battery then solder them to the new battery. If you know how to solder, it’s not difficult, but be sure you have the tools before you even begin taking the UE Boom apart or else you won’t be able to finish the job.

Christopher Sokolowski - Reply

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