Logitech Harmony Ultimate Troubleshooting

Personal entertainment system capable of connecting up to 15 devices. Released summer 2013 Identified by model number: 915-000000

Won’t Hold a Charge ¶ 

No matter how long you charge the device, the remote dies fairly quickly.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

A faulty battery can interfere with the device’s ability to maintain a charge. First, check to make sure that the battery is properly receiving power from the charging dock. If you can confirm that power is being sent to the remote, but the remote still does not work, then a faulty battery is the cause of the issue. Refer to the guide on replacing the battery.

Battery Replacement Guide

Faulty Dock Charger ¶ 

The dock charger is the device’s main power source, so the faulty dock charger can be responsible for the device not maintaining an adequate charge. To check if the dock charger is responsible, swap the battery and use the dock charger. If the issue persists, then the dock charger is likely responsible for the issue. Ensure the cable connecting the dock charger to the outlet doesn’t have any glaring issues such as broken prongs or ripped cables. If no glaring issues are found then refer to the guide on repairing the dock charger.

Charging Station Motherboard Replacement

Device Won’t Power On ¶ 

You try to turn on the device but the controller will not activate.

Dead Battery ¶ 

Chances are, the battery may have become obsolete and is in need of a replacement. To check this, you can confirm that the charging dock is working and not the reason behind the device not powering on.

Loose wiring in device ¶ 

Loose wiring as a result of dropping the device or accumulation of dust can interfere with the device’s ability to turn on. To check if wiring is the issue, refer to the guide on how to replace the battery. With a new battery, point the remote towards an active led lens of any device to check for a transmission of a bright light. This will indicate if the device is active and is suffering from a possible wiring issue. If confirmed, refer to the guide on exposing the motherboard.

Remote Motherboard Replacement Guide

Buttons are sticking ¶ 

You try to press certain buttons but they fail to go down and as a result, fail to register an action for the device.

Dirt/Dust accumulated under buttons ¶ 

If the controller is fully operational but certain buttons are not responding, then it is highly possible that a simple button replacement is in order. Refer to the guide on how to remove buttons from the controller.

Button Replacement Guide

Screen is Frozen ¶ 

You try to use your remote but the screen is completely frozen, not allowing you to do anything with the device.

Wiring complications under screen ¶ 

First check to make sure that the battery is fully operational and that the screen is the only non functional part of the remote. Once confirmed, follow the guide on how to remove the screen. Once the screen is removed safely, check for dirt accumulation or any peculiar wiring (with the device turned off).

Overheating ¶ 

If the screen freezes while under heavy use, then the controller is likely to have experienced overheating. Likely issues leading to overheating include dust particles in the system, or not enough thermal paste on the actual processor of the remote. In these cases, refer to the guide on how to remove and expose the motherboard. Once safely exposed, either use an air duster to get rid of dust particles or reapply thermal paste on the processor of remote.

Not Connecting With Other Devices ¶ 

You try to pair with devices but the controller refuses to connect.

WiFi Not Set up ¶ 

The Harmony Hub requires a wireless connection. Make sure to configure the WiFi connections on the app before attempting to connect to a device. For more WiFi related assistance refer to Harmony Hub Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

Device Interference ¶ 

Another wireless signal may be interfering with the connection to the Harmony Hub or other device. Shutting off nearby devices could solve the pairing issue. Although uncommon, another cause could be the lighting in a home. Fluorescent, incandescent, and sun light emit some infrared light which could interfere with the infrared connection. Consider closing the blinds or turning off a few lights to resolve the issue.

Faulty Harmony Hub ¶ 

First make sure that there are no issues with the batteries and that the controller has clear access to the desired device. Once confirmed, observe the Harmony Hub for any strange activities. If the Harmony Hub appears to be faulty, then refer to the guide on how to repair the Harmony Hub.

Harmony Hub Motherboard Replacement

In addition, a great guide to refer to when having difficulties pairing the remote with other devices can be found at this link: Harmony Detection Troubleshooting

Weak Battery ¶ 

The battery does not have enough power to secure the connection. Put the remote on the charging station. If the remote refuses to charge, refer to the “Faulty Dock Charger” section.


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