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Logitech G502 Proteus Core Troubleshooting

Released March 2014, Model number: M-U0042 - Use our Logitech G502 Proteus Core Troubleshooting page to diagnose your mouse's issues.

Cursor sensitivity ¶ 

Cursor moves too slow or too fast.

DPI (dots per inch) too low or high ¶ 

Adjust the DPI button on the mouse until a desired sensitivity is found. You may also adjust it in the driver software window.

Noisy movement ¶ 

When moving mouse side to side, there is clacking sound.

Loose scroll wheel ¶ 

Consider replacing with a slightly wider rubber wheel, using this guide if necessary.

Rough movement ¶ 

It is difficult to slide the mouse side to side, often feels as if it catches on something.

Mouse feet need replacing ¶ 

Sticker-like feet on the bottom of the mouse may be dirty or need replacing.

Connectivity issues ¶ 

Cursor does not move when you move the mouse or scroll wheel.

Blockage of sensor ¶ 

Clean the sensor area with a microfiber cloth or pick out debris with tweezers. Also, if for the hard to reach areas you can use a dust sprayer to get into the corners.

Out of date firmware ¶ 

Check the Logitech website for updates to the firmware, consider enabling automatic updates. Without these updates you are unable to access any of Logitech's great new features that they offer.

Surface under mouse ¶ 

The sensor may not be able to track properly on some surfaces, such as glass. Consider using a mouse pad. Having a mouse pad protects your mouse from any bumpy or transparent surfaces.


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