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Lenovo G70-80 Troubleshooting

The Lenovo G70-80 is a 17.3" laptop released in 2016. It is no longer produced as of April 4, 2017.

Blue Screen of Death ¶ 

The laptop displays a blue screen error.

The RAM is Malfunctioning ¶ 

If your laptop is displaying the Blue Screen of Death, it could be caused by the RAM. Try replacing the RAM or reinstalling the operating system. If this fails, then do a full reset of the laptop.

The Hard Drive is Not Working ¶ 

Another cause of the Blue Screen of Death could be the hard drive. If this is the case, then try replacing it.

Laptop Only Displays Black Screen ¶ 

The screen displays nothing.

Failed Display ¶ 

First, make sure the laptop is turned on. If that doesn’t solve the problem then it could be a hardware issue, or you may need to replace the screen.

Laptop Will Not Turn On ¶ 

Power Button Not Working ¶ 

If the power button is stuck , or is failing to power on the laptop, then you may need to replace the power button. If replacing the button does not solve the issue, then there may be an internal problem.

Laptop Won't Charge/Hold a Charge ¶ 

Power Adapter Isn't Working ¶ 

Ensure the power adapter is plugged in and the charge light is on. If the light is not on, and the adapter is plugged in, the adapter is faulty. Consider purchasing a replacement adapter.

Battery Won't Charge/Hold a Charge ¶ 

If this is the case, then it may be caused by the battery. Replacing the battery could solve this issue.

Device is Hot to Touch ¶ 

Areas on the device are abnormally warm and the laptop may be slow in performance.

Laptop is Overheating ¶ 

Monitor the temperatures of your laptop and be conscious of the surfaces you are using your laptop on. Make sure the vents aren’t being covered during use.

Faulty Disk Drive ¶ 

If the disk drive is jammed or not working correctly, you may need to replace it.

The Audio is Distorted or Not Working ¶ 

The sound is not working correctly through either the headphones, speakers, or both.

Loose Headphone Jack ¶ 

Test the audio through the computer speakers and then test it using headphones. If the audio is only distorted while listening via headphones, the audio jack or the headphones themselves may be faulty. Audio that cuts in and out is often a sign of a loose audio jack, so make sure the audio jack is fully inserted in the computer. Otherwise, new headphones may be required.

If Your Driver Begins to Malfunction ¶ 

If the audio sound is malfunctioning when on through the speakers, the audio driver may be corrupt. Find and search for the Lenovo G70-80. Click on Notebook and then select Drivers and Software. Select “Audio” and then download the driver. Then, go to Control Panel, Device Manager, and, Sound Control. Select sound card and then click to update your driver. Find your driver, now updated, and proceed to restart the computer.


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