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LG G2 Sprint Troubleshooting

The LG G2 android smart phone was released September 2013.

Rapid Battery Drain ¶ 

Your battery is losing charge faster than normal

Outdated Applications ¶ 

You can locate in your settings menu the location menu. From here you can select the battery saving options for your GPS. You can also change your sync setting so your phone is not downloading data as often. These are two common problems, but other more complex applications could be draining your battery as well.

If you are unsure which application is draining your battery, your phone can tell you. Go to your settings and select your device, then choose battery. You can view the apps your phone is using and how they are affecting your battery. The apps that contribute the most to overheating are often the same applications that are draining your battery.

You can also download applications that help regulate your battery usage. Limiting battery usage can limit overheating, as they are often related.

Outdated Software ¶ 

Updating your software to most recent available can also help fix the issue.

If you cannot fix the issue using the software related steps above, you may need to replace the battery.

Severe Overheating ¶ 

Your phone is uncomfortably hot

Planned Obsolescence ¶ 

Where does your device feel hot? The location emitting the heat can help identify what is wrong with your phone. If the back of the phone is hot, it could be the battery. If the bottom of the phone is hot, it could be your charger connection or charger itself. If the phone is hot on the screen or by the speakers, you could have an issue with the device itself.

Phone Case ¶ 

Check that your phone case is rated for your phone. Using the wrong case can sometimes block the ventilation of the phone. You can also clean your phone case. Lint and other debris can block the phone from proper ventilation.

Heavy Usage ¶ 

Certain application use much more of the phones resources than others. Using a video application or GPS application can overwork the phone if used for too long. You can restart the device when it starts to feel hotter than normal. Make sure that extra applications are closed to keep the phone from overworking.

=== Battery Issue===

You can access very detailed information about your battery by calling the number ##4636##. Once your screen changes, you should be able to select the Battery Information option. This option will display information from battery health to battery temperature.

If your phone does not have this feature, you can download an application to help display the battery information you need. These applications should be used with caution. A common application used is Battery Stats Plus.

Battery Charges Very Slowly or Not at All ¶ 

Your battery does not charge while plugged in or charges very slowly

Hardware ¶ 

Incorrect Charger/Adapter ¶ 

Check that your hardware is working correctly. Try to charge a similar phone to see if the cable or adapter is the problem.

Check that the specifications for the charger are compatible with your phone. If the charger is not made for your phone, it could charge slowly or not at all.

Check that your power source can lend enough power to charge your device. Sometimes a laptop or tablet cannot supply enough power to charge a mobile device.

Corroded Charger Port ¶ 

Does the charger connection of your phone feel hot? You could have a bad connection that is limiting the amount of charge going into your phone. If the port is damaged or corroded it will affect the usability of the phone. You may need to replace the charger port.

Outdated Software ¶ 

Turn on your battery saver while charging your phone. This can be found in your phone’s settings.

Slow battery charging is often related to rapid battery drain issues. Review the section above on battery drain for more helpful options.

Crackling or Intelligible Sound ¶ 

The volume on your phone is too low

Obstructed Speaker ¶ 

Use a can of compressed air to spray the earpiece for dust or lint. This will help clear any blockage.

Improper Settings ¶ 

Try to plug a headset into your phone to see is the volume is low on the headset as well. The settings for your phone’ volume may be set too low, causing your overall volume to be low. Check your phone’s settings and make sure that the volume is set to your desired settings.

Outdated Software ¶ 

You can download a sound booster application. These can help increase the sound output of your phone. Be careful of any software you download to your phone.

No Sound is Coming from your Speaker ¶ 

You cannot hear anything from your speaker

The speaker to your phone may have been damaged in some way. There are many ways that your speakers may have been damaged such as water damage and high volume usage. In this case, you will be required to replace your phone’s faulty speaker.

Broken or Damaged Headphones ¶ 

If the volume through your phone speakers is fine but your headphone volume is still too low, there may be a problem with your headphones and not your phone. Try a different set of headphones to test out the sound.

Faulty Audio Jack ¶ 

If the speaker on your phone works fine and trying different headphones does not fix the problem, then you may have a faulty audio jack. This will require you to replace your audio jack with a new one.

Bluetooth has Weak or Intermittent Connection ¶ 

The phone’s Bluetooth does not connect or keeps disconnecting from my other devices

Out of Range ¶ 

You may be too far from your device to keep a constant connection. Check to make sure you are within the recommended range for your device. Once in range you may need to reconnect.

Software Conflict ¶ 

You may need to disable your battery saver. In your settings, you can find the battery option. Select the battery saver and make sure your Bluetooth is unchecked. This will stop your phone from disconnecting when your battery is low.

Bad Connection ¶ 

Make sure that the Bluetooth is set to on. If your device does not connect, try toggling your Bluetooth on and off. If it still does not connect make sure that it is your phone that is having the issue connecting and not the partner. Try connecting your phone to different devices that can be connected via Bluetooth. If problems persist go to your phone’s network settings and perform a network reset. Warning: this will cause your device to forget all Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network meaning that you will need to reconnect to everything again.

Too long since last reboot ¶ 

Power off your phone for 30-60 seconds and attempt to reconnect.

Faulty Bluetooth ¶ 

The Bluetooth in your phone may be faulty and will require you to replace it.

Phone Screen Working Intermittently ¶ 

Your screen is unresponsive or black

Phone has an Unresponsive Screen, or Freezes ¶ 

Screen protective case may not be appropriate for your phone, and it is causing the screen to be less sensitive than intended. One suggestion would be to try using your phone without the screen protector and the case, and see if there is any improvement. If it turns out the screen protector doesn’t have any effect on the issue, another easy solution would be to try and restart the phone by holding down the power button.

Phone is Infected with a Virus ¶ 

If the screen is black and doesn’t respond, there is a possibility that the phone is infected with viruses. A way to get rid of them is to install an anti-virus, or do a factory reset, which deletes everything on your phone. If none of the troubleshooting techniques are successful, you may want to replace your screen.


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