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LG BP220 Troubleshooting

Blu-ray player will not turn on ¶ 

The Blu-ray player will not turn on after pressing the appropriate button

Power cord is unplugged ¶ 

Ensure the power cord is securely plugged into a functioning outlet.

Power cord is damaged ¶ 

If the power cord is plugged in and the outlet is properly supplying power, the power cord may need to be replaced as shown here.

Blu-ray player does not start playback ¶ 

There is a disc in the Blu-ray player, but the Blu-ray player is not recognizing it

Playable disc is not inserted ¶ 

Ensure a playable disc is inserted. Check the disc type, color system, and regional code. If this information is unknown, try inserting another disc to determine whether the problem was the disc or the player.

Disc is not oriented correctly, or is dirty ¶ 

Place the disc on the disc tray correctly inside the guide, with playback side down. Also ensure the disc is clean.

Laser lens is dirty or damaged ¶ 

If a playable disc is inserted correctly and the Blu-ray player is still unable to read it, then the laser lens that reads the disc is possibly covered by dust or damaged. To access the device's disc drive, follow the steps shown here.

Disc tray will not open ¶ 

The Blu-ray player will power on, but the tray will not open while on

Disc tray is being blocked from opening ¶ 

Make sure that there is nothing obscuring the tray from fully opening. If there is a mechanical sound even when the tray does not open, then there may be internal blockage. To access the device's disc drive, follow the steps shown here.

Disc tray motor not working ¶ 

If there is no blockage and the tray will not open, you may need to replace the motor responsible for opening and closing the tray. To access the device's disc drive, follow the steps shown here.

No video or audio output ¶ 

The Blu-ray player is on and able to read the disc, but there is no image or sound

Files are not recorded in a format that the unit can play ¶ 

It is possible that the player will recognize a disc and attempt to play it, but the content on the disc is in an unreadable format.

HDMI cable or Audio/Video cables not properly connected ¶ 

Check to make sure that the Blu-ray player is properly connected to the TV. If your TV has an HDMI port, then ensure the HDMI cable properly connects the Blu-ray player to the TV. If not, make sure that all of the Audio/Visual jacks are plugged into the correct ports.

Damaged HDMI or Audio/Visual cables ¶ 

It is possible that the cables are properly connected, but are damaged. In this case, new cables are needed to connect the Blu-ray player to the TV. To access the device's motherboard, follow the steps shown here.

Damaged output jacks ¶ 

If new cables have been used and there is still no video or audio output, the jacks may be damaged and in need of replacement. To access the device's motherboard, follow the steps shown here.

Unit unresponsive ¶ 

The player freezes up, or is unresponsive to any user input

Unit froze up ¶ 

If the Blu-ray player has frozen up and has become unresponsive during use, unplug the power cord, wait a few seconds, and plug it back in to reset the system.

Buttons not working ¶ 

If a button is stuck and will not depress, or if the unit is unresponsive to a specific button, the button may need replacement. To access the device's motherboard, follow the steps shown here.


None of this is helping my new Sony Blu-ray player to unfreeze....

Won't turn off, open drawer or have any remote response.

It's a Sony 3500. Any ideas? Please.

proudpaisley - Reply

I am a BP220 owner and have had the "unit suddenly becomes unresponsive" problem referred to above, ever since I have owned it. The "solution" offered above is not a fix, but a half-assed workaround. -- What if almost every time you wanted to use your computer to get on the internet, it suddenly froze up and all the manufacturer offered as a solution was to unplug it, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in. -- Or if your car always suddenly died after driving 50 miles, all the manufacturer offered as a solution was to disconnect the battery, wait a few seconds, then reconnect it???

Since LG has admitted it is a "known issue", then there should have been a recall to either repair or replace the devices for which the problem exists.

Michael Donehoo - Reply

i agree with Mr Donehoo its a BS response to give a band-aid fix for something thats gonna happen again 5-10 mins later a recall or software update could fix it

Michael Cleary - Reply

what about unresponsive to connecting to wifi

Julie Dam - Reply

I have 2 of these doing exactly the same thing. This has been an issue for more than a year. Yes unplugging and restarting works temporarily but when are we going to get an actual fix for this? Do I have to replace both players for something that actually works as it’s supposed to?

coffeeaddictsmith - Reply

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