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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

The camera won’t turn on when you press start.

If the battery is misplaced or inserted backward, the camera won’t turn on. Make sure that each ends of the battery is properly connected with the corresponding metal plate inside the camera.

If the battery compartment cover is not fully closed, the camera won’t turn on. Make sure you use the right type of batteries for the camera. Make sure the battery compartment cover locks when it is closed.

If the battery is low, it may prevent the camera from starting up. Recharge the battery or replace it with a new battery. Try to start the camera again. Replace the battery Replace the battery using this guide.

If the battery terminals are dirty, the batteries cannot connect properly to the metal plate inside the camera. Clean the terminals and re-insert the battery. Try to start the camera again.

Different batteries can handle different temperatures. If your battery is too hot or too cold, leave the battery until it returns to room temperature and try again.

The pictures you take are blurry, low quality both on the LCD screen and when you transfer it to your computer.

Dirt may be the problem. Try to clean the lens with a soft cloth. You can also clean the lens with hair dryer.

Tilted or cracked lens may be the problem to the low quality photos. Check the lens visually if the lens are tilted or have cracks on it. You may have to disassemble the lens to rearrange or replace the lens.

The camera is running but your screen is frozen and unresponsive.

Some problems with the camera software may cause the camera to run in an infinite loop. If your camera is plugged to a laptop or computer, unplug it and try to restart the camera.

The LCD screen may have been broken due to impact, overheating or water. You may have to replace your screen. Use this link to replace the LCD screen.

When you plug your camera to a computer, the computer cannot detect your camera.

Check if the camera is turned on. If not, turn the camera on and try again.

The computer may not have the appropriate software or does not support such kind of cameras. Unplug your camera and try with another computer.

Check the AV port of the camera and the USB port of the computer to make sure they are connected. Different computers have different USB port so check if your wire head is the correct type.

If your av port is broken, you will have to replace the av port. Use the guide in this link

The photos that you have are not saved in your memory card.

Make sure that you have selected the photography mode with your camera. Then try again.

If your battery is too low, the camera won’t record any more photos. Make sure your battery is fully charged and then try again.

If your memory card is full, it cannot record any photos. Save the photos from your memory card into another device. Delete the data on your memory card and try taking photos again.

If your memory card is broken, you need to replace it with a new memory card. Use the guide in this link to replace the SD card

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The camera will not focus on the subject matter. The red square comes up instead of a green one . Any solutions out there ?

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