Keurig Mini B-31 Troubleshooting

The handle of the Keurig is broken ¶ 

The handle of the machine is broken, cracked or will not push down properly.

The handle needs to be replaced ¶ 

If the handle of the machine is broken or cracked, replacements are available for sale online. Use this guide to help you replace the handle.

There is water or coffee leaking from the Keurig Mini ¶ 

Water or coffee leaks out of the machine from either the top or bottom.

The water is leaking from the bottom of the Keurig ¶ 

If the K-cup holder is cracked, it may allow water to leak through it. You may replace it using this guide.

The water is leaking from the top of the Keurig ¶ 

If the K-cup holder is not damaged, the hose may be clogged. You will have to open up the top of the Keurig to check for this by following this hose cleaning guide.

The water or coffee is not dispensing ¶ 

Water is not flowing through the K-cup and out of the bottom.

The water overflows instead of passing through the machine and dispensing coffee ¶ 

If the water or coffee overflows around the K-cup holder instead of dispensing, then your needles may not be penetrating the K-cup or the K-cup holder may be clogged. If the K-cup holder is not clogged, check this guide for replacing the top needle.

The water never makes its path to the K-cup ¶ 

If the water poured into the reservoir does not drain, it will not reach the K-cup. The drain on the Keurig may be clogged. If your drain is clogged, use this guide to help you unclog your drain.

The water or coffee is dispensing slowly ¶ 

The coffee is dispensing, but at a slower rate than when the machine was new.

The top needle may not be sufficiently penetrating the K-cup ¶ 

If water is dispensing abnormally slow, clean/sharpen the needles using this needle replacement guide.

The hose is partially clogged ¶ 

If coffee is dispensing slowly and the top needle is not too dull, your water hose may be partially clogged. Unclog it using the hose cleaning repair guide.


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Creed Borden - Reply

My "Mini Kurig" is not dispensing the water into the cup. I cleaned the hose and the machine is heating the water, it just will not flow from the Kurig into the cup.

Lorral Weaver - Reply

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