This guide will help you replace your Keurig Mini's handle. For this guide you will need a #1 Philips screw driver and some plastic opening tools.

  1. Lift up the handle of the Keurig Mini.
    • Lift up the handle of the Keurig Mini.

  2. Make sure to avoid the needles above and inside the K-cup because may puncture your hand
    • Make sure to avoid the needles above and inside the K-cup because may puncture your hand

    • Firmly place a finger on each one of the three tabs that hold the K-cup holder into place, pushing in lightly. The tabs are difficult to see, but they are there and will make the removal easier. The top tab is located in the same location as the white triangle and the bottom two are located under the plastic bumps highlighted in the picture.

    • Firmly rock the K-cup holder from side to side, loosening the K-cup holder from its seat.

    • Pull the K-cup holder straight out.

    • Open the top lid of the Keurig.

    • Pull directly outwards on one of the arms that holds the top lid in place. It will take some force to get the arm off the peg. Once one side is off, repeat the process on the second arm.

    • Lay the Keurig on its back with the water reservoir pointing away from you.

    • Avoid the top needle as it may puncture your hand.

    • Unscrew the two 9mm #1 Philips screws that hold the top plastic cover in place.

    • Set the Keurig in an upright position with the front side facing you.

    • Pull the cover off the top of the Keurig. It should come off easily with little force.

    • Firmly grasp the hose and pull it off of the plastic nozzle.

    • Unscrew the two 9 mm #1 Philips screws at the top of the device.

    • Push down lightly on the nozzle that the hose was attached to. The plastic housing along with the needle should pop off without much force.

    • With the needle removed, open the device by pulling up on the handle.

    • Push in on one of the arms attached to the K-cup holder plastic housing to remove it from its rails. The arms are identical for both sides so once one side is free repeat the process for the second side.

      • The plastic is flexible and will not snap with the force applied.

    • Once the arms are removed, the configuration should look like the picture. The K-cup holder housing should be separated from the arms.

    • Use a Phillips #1 screw driver to remove the four 12 mm screws that hold the arm assembly in place.

    • Lift up the arm and pull up the handle assembly. It should easily come off.

    • This white tab falls off easily, remove it and set it aside to ensure it is not lost.

    • Unscrew the two 9mm #1 Philips screws from the handle assembly.

    • Lay the handle assembly on its side. Use one plastic prying tool to hold the snap ring in place so that it does not rotate and another to pop it off.

    • Flip the assembly over and repeat the process on the other side.

    • Once the both snap rings are removed, pull on the plastic side plates to remove them. It shouldn't take much force to remove them.

    • With the side plates off, lay the handle assembly upside down with the handle facing you.

    • Now push in the two bars that hold the handle in place.

    • Firmly pull on the handles to get them off of the bars. It should not take much force once the bars are pushed in.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

Note: A pair of pliers will assist in getting the snap rings back onto the bars.

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