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You may be having trouble turning the stereo on.

If the radio will not turn on, first check the fuse located on the back of the radio. If the fuse is burnt, replace with a fuse of the same amperage rating. The guide to replacing the fuse can be found here.

Check the wiring on the back of the radio. Make sure wires are connected properly and are in the right location. Also look for wiring shorts. This can happen when two or more wires and their bare metal surfaces are touching one another.

Check the faceplate to see if it is attached securely to the head unit. A loose connection can be the cause of the problem. This guide shows you how to reattach the faceplate.

The audio coming from the KDC-BT565U cannot be heard.

Adjust the volume to the optimum level using the volume knob. The unit’s volume may be turned down to 0 in its factory setting.

Check the cords for loose connections. Check connection to the device, the connection to the KDC-BT565U, and the cord itself. Sometimes faulty wires may not appear bad. To rule out the root cause, test each connection independently: try connecting different devices to the KDC-BT565U, try connecting the input device to different outputs/speakers, and lastly, try a different cord.

The disc in the KDC-BT565U will not eject.

Sometimes a disc will be situated in the CD drive in such a way which prevents a normal, gentle eject. In these cases, you can press and hold the eject button to forcibly remove the disc. If this does not solve the problem, reset the unit.

”TOC ERROR” message appears on KDC-BT565U screen.

Make sure the disc is clean and properly inserted. If the CD was inserted upside down, first try and eject the disc. If having ejecting problems, press and hold the eject button to forcibly remove the disc. Once removed, flip the disc, and reinsert it into the unit.

”NA FILE” message appears on KDC-BT565U screen.

The KDC-BT565U only supports MP3 (.mp3), WMA (.wma), and AAC (.aac) files on discs and only supports CD-R, CD-RW, and CD-ROM media discs.

USB device not working with KDC-BT-565U.

Connect a supported USB device, and change the source to USB again.

The KDC-BT565U only supports USB storage devices with the FAT12, FAT16, or FAT32 file systems. To use these, you can reformat your storage device to these file systems on your computer, re-copy the media files, and try again.

Reset the power on the device, reconnect, and change the source to USB.

Copy the files and folders onto the USB device again. If this does not solve the problem, reset the USB device or use another USB device. If the problem persists, the files may be corrupted and unusable. This can be the case if “READ ERROR” is seen on the screen.

Connect a USB device that contains playable audio files. Playable audio files on USB include: MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, and FLAC. This can be the case if “NO MUSIC” is seen on the screen.

”READING” flashing on the screen of the KDC-BT565U.

Do not copy too many hierarchical levels or folders to disc. Try reducing the amount of folders On media. If the music files are under the folder structure of `music/artist/album/`, consider just `album/`.

Bluetooth in KDC-BT565U not working.

Search for the Bluetooth device again to make sure you have secured a proper connection with your device. You can refresh the search for Bluetooth devices under the Bluetooth settings page on your device.

Make sure you have entered the same PIN code to both the unit and Bluetooth device when prompted. If this does not work, try deleting the pairing information from both the unit and the Bluetooth device, then perform pairing again.

Your song/album/artist names are not being displayed on the KDC-BT565U screen correctly.

The KDC-BT565U can only display uppercase letters, numbers, and a limited number of symbols. If the song playing has uncommon characters in the song, album, or artist name, the KDC-BT565U might not be able to display them accurately.

Depending on the display language you have selected, some characters may not be displayed correctly. The KDC-BT565U comes only with a set amount of characters and based on the language, some might not show up correctly since the unit was only loaded with so many usable characters.


When I put the stereo on Bluetooth it just reads ‘please wait what can cause that and how do I did

Keith Jordan - Reply

I can't get my stereo to come out of Pandora mode it says check Pandora don't even know what that means

Marvin Iiams - Reply

My Kenwood stereo will not come out of Pandora mode it says check Pandora I don't even know what that means

Marvin Iiams - Reply

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