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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Device Not Turning On ¶ 

"The indicator light is not turning green, when the battery is properly connected and the device is turned on."

Battery Might Be Dead ¶ 

If the green light on the device is not turning green when turning on the device, the battery might be dead. If the battery no longer has a charge, it may need to be replaced.

The Indicator Light Might Be Broken ¶ 

Overheating or misuse of the device might cause the indicator light to break. This may need to be replaced.

Unable to Hear the Fetal Heartbeat ¶ 

"The device turns on and appears to work, but when headphones are plugged in, the audio does not play clearly, or there is no audio."

Volume May Be Turned Down ¶ 

If you don't hear any audio when the headphones are plugged in, you might need to increase the volume by turning the volume wheel to the right. Listen for the heartbeat in a quiet area/room.

Bad/Broken Headphones ¶ 

It is unlikely the headphones are bad, but it is worthwhile to eliminate these as the source of the problem at the beginning. Try connecting the device with another set of headphones just to ensure that the problem is with either the headphones or the device itself.

Bad/Broken Audio Jacks ¶ 

If there is no audio, even after changing the headphones, one of the most likely causes of audio output problems could be a bad audio-out jack. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the audio jacks, in order to eliminate them as the origin of the problem.

Presence Of Gel In The Battery Compartment ¶ 

Gel collecting in the battery compartment after use

May Be Using Too Much Gel ¶ 

If there is some appearance of gel in the battery compartment, you might need to use less gel when using the device. When applying gel to skin or device, start with a small amount. Slowly increase the amount of gel applied until you are able to hear the fetal heart beat.

Did Not Clean Device After Use ¶ 

If there is still gel in the battery compartment after using less gel, then you might need to clean the battery compartment after every use. Wipe the gel residue off of the device and in the battery compartment with a damp cloth and dry the device with a dry cloth.

Disinfect The Device

Wipe off the device with alcohol wipes or a mild disinfectant. Disinfecting the device will help make sure that gel residue doesn't stay stuck to the device.

Sounds Recorded Onto An External Device Are Unclear ¶ 

"The sound of the fetal heartbeat is not as clear on the external recording device as it is when the headphones are plugged into the device."

Did Not Insert The Audio Cable Into The Device Correctly ¶ 

If there is audio, but the heartbeat is not clear, then there might be a problem with the connection of the headphones. Insert the included audio cable into the headphone jack. While applying some force, push the audio cable into the headphone jack until it is secure. Visually inspect the connection.

Did Not Insert The Audio Cable Into The External Recording Device Correctly  ¶ 

Improper connection to the external recording device might be the cause of poor audio quality. While applying some force, insert the audio cable into the 'audio in' jack on the external device until it is secured. Visually inspect the connection.

Audio Cable May Need To Be Replaced ¶ 

Crackling sounds during the recording could potentially indicate that the audio cable is faulty. Try connecting a different cable to the device.

Headphone Jacks May Need To Be Replaced ¶ 

Poor audio quality for both the headphones and the recordings could be an indication that the headphone jack(s) are faulty and need to be replaced.


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