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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Device Will Not Power On ¶ 

The device will not respond or show any sign of powering up.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

The battery will not hold its charge or does not fulfill the advertised battery life. The Flip 2 battery will need to be replaced. Visit the guide to replace battery here.

Battery is not charged ¶ 

Plugging in the charging cable will charge the battery so the device will power on.

Audio Distortion ¶ 

Device’s speakers crackle and/or have distorted sound.

Faulty Speakers ¶ 

The speakers may cause distortion at high volumes or cause sound that may be so muffled as to be inaudible. In these cases, the speakers will have to be replaced. For speaker replacement, click the guidehere.

Corrupted Sound Data ¶ 

It is possible that the sound data streaming to the device is corrupted. We recommend trying to use another sound file.

Faulty AUX Cable ¶ 

Compromised AUX cables can cause data to become distorted when trying to play music through these cables. We recommend trying to use another AUX cable.

Bluetooth Connection Drops ¶ 

Device will not keep a bluetooth connection and/or not connect at all.

Bluetooth Interference ¶ 

Sometimes interference from other devices can cause bluetooth connections to drop. Examples of things things are Wifi sources, microwaves, and other power sources.

Faulty Bluetooth Antenna ¶ 

If phone or devices does not connect to speaker via bluetooth, the bluetooth antenna may need to be replaced. To replace the antenna, visit the guidehere.

Resetting the Speaker ¶ 

Resetting the JBL Flip 2 can be accomplished by holding the “power” and “lower volume” buttons until the light turns red.

Device Will Not Charge ¶ 

The device will connect but not charge the battery.

Faulty MicroUSB port ¶ 

If the MicroUSB port becomes loose and will not charge the battery, a replacement MicroUSB port will need to be installed. To visit the replacement guide, click here.

Faulty Charging Cable ¶ 

It is possible, however unlikely, that the charging cable has failed. We recommend trying to use another cable to charge the JBL Flip 2.

No Audio From AUX Port ¶ 

The device will not play music from the AUX port.

Faulty AUX port ¶ 

The auxiliary input allows for connectivity to devices that do not have bluetooth connectivity, however, sometimes this input fails connect to the device. To replace the auxiliary port, click our guide here.

Bad AUX Cable ¶ 

If the AUX cable has failed, we recommend either trying to use bluetooth for the JBL Flip 2, or trying to use another cable to play music.


My speaker dropped the Bluetooth connection from my iPad. No matter what I did, (reboot iPad, reset speaker, remove the device from the list, etc), it could not find the device or connect. I got an audio in/out cable and directly connected the speaker to my iPad. The next time I used the speaker, it connected to Bluetooth just fine.

jmyee - Reply

Thank you so much for your input. It is the only way I can pair my JBL with devices. You are a life saver!

alisonzhou -

Ive been charging my phone for a day and a whole night straight, and its still low battery, i tried using another charger but its the same thing happening, i tried clicking the power button long (just like in phones cause that what i thought would work cause im just so paranoid to lose my speaker) then suddenly all the lights in the battery portion lit up even the red light is almost merging with the white light for a second or 2, and i was alarmed. What is happening? Im not sure but it still wont open though. What do i do?

kattrinnep - Reply

My jbl 2 was charging and now it shows red n blue light ! Back n forth n wont come on! What could it be?only had it couple of weeks n never gotten wet or dropped

Emilio Castañeda - Reply

I am not able to reset the speaker by the given method

When speaker if OFF then performing this method turns it ON and vice versa when it is already ON

I am trying to reset speaker because my 2 day old speaker is connecting to Bluetooth just fine but I cannot hear any sound which I am trying to play it from my phone.

Shubh garg - Reply

I'm getting feedback on my new JLB2 - high pitched continuous noise. How can I prevent this? If there is no solution it's being packed up and sent back-

biokat biokat - Reply

I have a problem with the inner coil, the 6R8 one. It came lose and I ordered a new one, however I get a white single blinking led when the coil is in place. When I remove it everything works, bluetooth, pairing, on and off, etc. but of course no sound. Anyone knows what this is?

Mathijs Groothuis - Reply

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