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Buttons are unresponsive ¶ 

JBL Flip 3 buttons are not working

Possible underlying causes ¶ 

Check that device is powered on ¶ 

Check to make sure that your device has been turned on.

Check battery to see if it is dead ¶ 

Check the device’s battery to see if it may be dead, and charge or replace the battery as needed.

Consider Any Exposure Device Has Had to Water ¶ 

Although the JBL Flip 3 speaker is splash-proof, buttons may become unresponsive if they have experienced extended exposure to water - e.g. the device has been submerged in water rather than simply splashed.

Sound cuts out ¶ 

Audio plays intermittently or drops out suddenly

Possible underlying causes ¶ 

Bluetooth connection at edge of, or beyond range ¶ 

If your device is outside of the working range of the bluetooth transmitter, the sound may cut in and out, or drop out suddenly.

Objects interfering with bluetooth signal ¶ 

Large and/or dense objects between the JBL Flip 3 and the source of audio may interfere with signal transmission, resulting in cuts and drops in audio. Ensure a clear, unobstructed path from the source to the JBL Flip 3.

Device won’t charge ¶ 

Device battery wont retain, or begin to charge

Possible underlying causes ¶ 

Check outlet ¶ 

Ensure the charging cord is properly plugged into a functional outlet.

Check charging cord ¶ 

If there are exposed wires on the charging cord, or if the charging cord has experienced some trauma, then the problem may stem from the charger rather than the device itself.

Plug in properly ¶ 

Make sure the cord is plugged in the device all the way.

Unresponsive Bluetooth ¶ 

JBL Flip3 won’t connect to Bluetooth properly

Possible underlying causes ¶ 

Turn on device ¶ 

Ensure that the device is turned on properly

Unplug any conflicting speakers ¶ 

Check to see if you have headphones or an overriding AV cord into whatever you are attempting to connect to the JBL Flip

Reconnect music player to speaker ¶ 

Delete the Flip Speaker from your device’s Bluetooth’s memory and reconnect

Distance from Speaker ¶ 

Ensure that you are not too far away from the speaker to properly connect

Device won’t turn on ¶ 

The device will not respond to the power button being pressed.

Possible underlying causes ¶ 

Battery is Broken ¶ 

The battery may be broken and need to be replaced. (Link to battery replacement page)

Short Circuit ¶ 

A circuit may have broken due to potential water damage, resulting in the need to replace the circuit board. (Link to circuit board replacement page)

Device isn’t charged ¶ 

Plug the device into the charger. Allow the device to charge before attempting to turn on the device again.

Charging cord is faulty ¶ 

Plug in the device with a new charger to check if the fault is in the device or the charging cord.

Reset the Device ¶ 

Hold the power button for approximately 30 seconds to reset the device. The device may begin functioning after resetting.


its been only one week i bought the jbl flip 3. i bought it from japan and brought it in Bangladesh through my cousin. After using it from the 1st day, i have been facing the problem, its taking "auto restart" even though having enough charge left on the speaker. But if i play the speaker connecting through charger, it isn't making any trouble then.

I am looking for urgent solution for the problem.

(P.S. i have updated the firmware version of the speaker too)

Mehedi Hossain Onik - Reply

Please tell me how find JBL flip 3 battery and how to replace it ???

Gaurav Kushwaha - Reply

My speaker isn't charging. It's new and on its second charge and the first light goes on when it's connected to power and it flashes but after leaving it charge for an hour or two the same light is still flashing and when try to turn it on the red light comes on and then goes off again.. what do I do?

Taylor - Reply

ehh, i have this problem too. but i guess the battery are already dead, you have to take it to the warranty or just change the battery by yourself.

Darkks GT -

I have the same problem, I tested the battery and this good

o.hasse -

I have same problem Mehedi has......... unfortunately nobody answers his question....

Ed Eagler - Reply

I have same problem Mehedi has,........ can somebody answer us?.....

Ed Eagler - Reply

Reseting the speaker by pressing the power button for 30 secs and forgetting the speaker on the phone did the trick for me

bfly75 -

iFixit is bullshit! To reset the device 1. Turn on the device 2. Press Plus and play/pause till the device turns off!

Julian Str - Reply

Indeed today my previous trick did not help anymore. Indeed reseting is done like you say. Although the icons look like Plus and Phone on my Flip 3. Red light will appear then speaker will power off and reset.

bfly75 -

Having problems with my bluetooth. Tried forgetting it on my device then did the plus and play/pause reset but it's not discoverable

Rohan -

after i reset it how do i turn it back on because just pushing the power button won’t work

emma -

I just bought the JBL flip 3 it was working since 2 days and now it connects but no audio is heard or any sound is played , any solution for this guys ?

Dhyey M Savani - Reply

I'm having the same problem. Any answers?

mikiecentral -

Two friends connected their smartphones to my flip 3. How can i remove those bluetooth connections from my flip 3? Each time they connect theire phones they connect to my flip

edcan - Reply

Just reset the device…To reset the device 1. Turn on the device 2. Press Plus and play/pause till the device turns off!

Sava Andjelic -

I have a flip 3 and flip 4. When i turn them on and the press the connect button on both they don't connect. How do i get a 3 and 4 to connect?

Phil Hanna - Reply

You can’t they run on different software I had to exchange 4 for a 3

Paul mack -

I use my JBL Flip 3 with a AUX cable, and am running into issues. The speaker evidently has some kind of programming that detects when there is input from the AUX and allows audio through, and it often won’t detect the music at all (resulting in no audio output). More troublingly, whenever the music is played too quiet, the speaker simply switches off the audio (deciding that because the input level is so low, it probably doesn’t exist). What I want to know is if their is way to manually switch off the audio detection and just force the device to assume that there is ALWAYS input from the AUX.

The Finkie - Reply

Strange… I’ve got it connected via Bluetooth to my laptop (which I would assume is more stubborn with sound detection) and I can get my volume down to 1% and it still plays - it will turn off the speakers (but not the Flip 3) after 10 seconds of absolute silence though, and turn them back on when I start playing. If you have a smartphone (Android or iOS) could try downloading the “JBL Connect” app - it gives a few extra controls over the device including renaming it, disabling the sound effects, and updating; which may fix the problem. Sadly, a lot of modern portable speakers force this sort of sound detection power saving now, even while plugged into a power source. But you could give that a try too

Adam “AJ” Walsch -

I have been through all the steps outlined in the manual but I can not get the speakers to play stereo, will only play out of one speaker. What do I need to do

Paul mack - Reply

U need to get the jbl connect app

Phoenix Martinez -

I f u have two jbl flip 3's that is

Phoenix Martinez -

I just got the jbs flip 3 and took it out of the box and charged it. It connects to my phone and everything but no sound comes out. There's not even any sound when I turn it on and when I connect Bluetooth like I've seen in videos

Amber Poindexter - Reply

I just got the flip 3 and no sound comes out what so ever. When I turn it on, no sound. Connect Bluetooth, no sound. Try to play music off my phone, no sound

Amber Poindexter - Reply

My jbl flip 3 is working perfectly but when I charge it for a while, it'll say fully charged but it doesn't last very long. Any suggestions on what to do?

Chandler Cadmus - Reply

My jbl flip 3 sounds perfect but when I charge it all the way it doesn't last at least 1 hour. Any suggestions?

Chandler Cadmus - Reply

My jbl flip 3 wont charge or turn on even after i held the power button down for 30 seconds and it hasnt gott wet with water i dont know wat to dom

Jose chavez - Reply

Sir my jbl flip 3 is producing unusual sound and it gets battery empty afterwards. help please

rex.jasme - Reply

My speaker is dead but as soon as I plug it in it shows 4 bars and the 5th one is blinking but as soon as I unplug it, it goes back to 1 or 2 bars. PLS HELP it’s getting annoying

james charland - Reply

hi there !

after falling (badly according to rumors) the classical 1R5 inductor was moving freely in the box…

opened, soldered… it all sounded good for 15 minutes.

BUT… all of the sudden cracks and noises were voiced by speakers without explanation nor source (blutooth).

I noticed the jack-in connector on the board is damaged : could it be the reason ?

analog disturbances caused by internal heat ? or whatever ?

or could it be my job on 1R5 not giving full satisfaction?

VIPH - Reply

I just got a new(er) iPhone and the JBL Flip 3 wouldn’t pair or show up in the list of Bluetooth devices on the phone. I put the speaker in pairing mode, held the Bluetooth button down on the speaker and it finally showed up on the phone and paired. I also had the aux cord hooked up between the phone and speaker, but I doubt it had anything to do with it.

mojou812 - Reply

I ❤️ you. Lol! Finally got it to work! Thank you!

thecallahanz -

My speakers pause play phone and Bluetooth buttons are not working please help!

marcusjbright36 - Reply

Mine one has bad contact with the 3.5mm AUX input hole. Is it possible to fix? and how? Thanks for helping.

armeezy4416 - Reply

My flip 3 won’t take a charge. I played it till it quit then tried to charge it. a red light comes on but doesn’t charge.

georgehuye - Reply

Same thing happend to me took it out used till the charge went completely dead when I charged it the red light stayed on and won't charge nor come on

elenafelix1101 -

My JBL Flip 3 works fine except I cannot get it to turn off once it is turned on, and  the volume (+) and (-) buttons don’t work.  If I hold the minus sign (on the casing) for a few seconds, the volume does not respond, but I get an audible code “71” from the speaker.  I looked in the manual for code 71, but didn’t find anything addressing this problem. How do I fix this problem?

matforced3 - Reply

Nu flip 3 wont get the update in the JBL connect app and really wish that it got the update can anybody help me ?

Dylano Brink - Reply

I left my JBL Clip 3 charging and now the red light wont turn off, it’s just a red light, it’s not blinking. It doesn’t turn on either, what should I do?

Cristhian - Reply

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