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Student-Contributed Wiki

Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Speakers Are Not Providing Sound

The speakers won't play sound.

Device is off

Make sure the device is actually turned on. If it is off, then it cannot establish a connection with a device.

No battery life left

Sometimes, no battery can be mistaken for audio problems. If the batteries are drained, then the device wouldn't work. Remove the drained batteries and try new ones.

Volume is turned off on speaker or device

Make sure that the volume on the speakers is turned up sufficiently enough by adjusting the volume wheel on the speaker. Then make sure that the device connected to the speaker has its volume setting at an adequate level.

Bluetooth connection is not established

Make sure that Bluetooth on the speaker is on. This is the button close to the power button. There should be a light to indicate it is working.


If the speaker is within close proximity to devices that are known to cause interference, (radios, microwaves, phones), then the speaker can give out feed back. Make sure it is a good distance away from devices that are known to cause interference.

Bluetooth Is Not Working

Cannot establish a connection between the speaker and your other devices.

Bluetooth is off

If the light on the Bluetooth button is off, press the button to turn on Bluetooth. The Bluetooth button is right beside the power button. Make sure to turn on Bluetooth on the connecting devices as well.

Devices are too far from each other

Place the speaker and the connecting device closer to each other. Bluetooth connection range can vary between different devices.

Low battery level

Make sure to charge both the speaker and the connecting device. Some of the devices may automatically turn off Bluetooth if the battery level is too low.

Unstable connection

Restart the Bluetooth on the speaker and the connecting device by turning Bluetooth off and on again. Sometime the Bluetooth connection can be very unstable for many reasons. The quickest way to solve this kind of problem is to restart Bluetooth and reestablish connections.


Move the speaker and the connecting devices away from Wi-Fi router. The Wi-Fi signal can sometimes interfere with Bluetooth.

Speaker Won’t Turn On

The device won't turn on.

Battery is dead

If the speaker doesn’t have power, it will not turn on. Try plugging the device into a charger. See our Battery Replacement Guide

Power button will not turn on the device

The button itself has broke and will not make the connection to power on the device. Follow one of the button replacement guide.

Buttons Don’t Respond

The device is not responding to your input.

The battery could be dead

The battery could be low and that is why it will not turn on. Try plugging the device into a charger and charge it.See ourBattery Replacement Guide on how to replace the battery.

The button module could be broken

The button module could be broken. To remedy this try replacing the button module. Look at the repair guides for more information on replacing parts. See our on replacement guide how to replace the buttons

Device Unexpectedly Turns Off

The device will turn off without pressing the power button.

The battery could be low on battery

The battery could be low or be dead. Plugging it into the the charger will charge the battery.

The battery could be defective

The battery could be defective and no longer wants to hold a charge. Replacing the battery will fix the defective battery. Simple remove the battery panel, take out the old batteries, and put in fresh ones. See our Battery Replacement Guide


All Buttons Are Turn On But TheY Are Not Responding....Device Switch Off Bhi Nahi Ho Raha

Bhavesh Tagad - Reply

same is here......plz help

Pravakar kafle -

Same problem! What to do... Bruh.

Jaygawande -

all lights are on

but not working and not turning off

nikeshshah43 -

Same here please help

dinithoshan -

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