This guide goes over how to remove the battery from the JBL Charge 2+.


No parts required.

Image 1/2: Follow the previous  instruction to remove the back grille. Image 2/2: Follow the previous  instruction to remove the back grille.
  • Starting from the front side bottom left corner, use the nylon or metal spudger to lift the grille up from each of the four corners.

  • Follow the previous instruction to remove the back grille.

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Image 1/3: Repeat the last step for the two screws on the back side. Image 2/3: Repeat the last step for the two screws on the back side. Image 3/3: Repeat the last step for the two screws on the back side.
  • Unscrew the two .5 mm screws that hold the sub woofer in place.

  • Repeat the last step for the two screws on the back side.

no 5mm screws going into the radiator on my device

Norman Ingham - Reply

Image 1/2: Image 2/2:
  • Remove the four screws that hold the passive radiator in place

also there are no screws that hold the passive radiator in place.

Norman Ingham - Reply

Image 1/1:
  • Pop the Passive Radiator off.

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Image 1/3: Image 2/3: Image 3/3:
  • Repeat Step 2, 3 and 4 for the other passive radiator.

No, you only have to disconnect the right passive radiator to get to the battery and plug it.

Gabriel Dug - Reply

Image 1/2: Image 2/2:
  • Remove the battery wire from the circuit board by pulling it out gently on the side closest to the LCD light.

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Image 1/1:
  • Remove the 6 screws that hold the white cover in place.

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Image 1/2: Image 2/2:
  • Use the plastic opening tool to remove the battery.

Do you have any idea where to get this battery replacement from?

jamsomaniac - Reply

You can purchase the JBL charge 2 "plus" battery on eBay. See my post below for details on modifications that are required.

Craig D -

Does the "Charge 2" use the same battery?

Megaman420 - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Great guide but where to source a battery for a JBL charge 2.

Mine failed, complained to Harman and they sent a new one and didn't want the old one so have a spare I'd like to get working.

Thanks in advance

Rob grist - Reply

Had my speaker for a month. It won't charge. Why did it only last a month and I have to get a new one? I'm not satisfied with the speaker for the price that I paid.

Jeanette dagastine - Reply

When I charge my jbl the light in tge power button turns on but when I press it the device does not respond. Please help me...

Tibetan Stoner - Reply

Try disconnecting the battery and plugging it in again.

MarelyOscar -

Hi Dave, the link to the battery you posted does not connect to the Charge 2 Plus. If you notice in the pictures, there are 5 different cords connecting the battery to the device (they are red white and black in the pictures). However the battery in your link only has 3 different cords, and does not connect correctly with Charge 2 Plus (I ordered this battery and tried to install it and it does not connect as it requires a 5 cord connection). I searched everywhere and was unable to find a replacement battery with a 5 cord connection for under $99, and a new Charge 2 plus costs less than that. This article has great instructions on how to replace the battery, but its currently cheaper to buy a new one rather than replace the battery unfortunately. Here is a link to the correct 5 cord replacement battery, hopefully the price on these will eventually go down:

Steve A - Reply


My guess is that you can chopp of the 5 wire connection and simply resolder it to the new battery.

Since in the picture there are two red wires and two black, my guess is that it is for spreading out the current that is drawn over multiple wires.

It could also be that it is used for charging the battery but it shouldn't matter if you solder both the red ones to the only red on the new battery and also for the black wires.

I have not disassembled the charge 2 myself but I have some experience with the batterys. but does what I say make sense?

Kim A -

Sry, had to make an additional comment. I realized that I actually is a bit confused over the 3 wires from the 3.7V battery. Usually they are at 7.4 V when they have 3 wires going from the battery. So I might have missed something here.

Kim A -

It appears that the white wire probably is for some kind of monitoring of the battery. So my first thoughts should still be valid according to me. But it is always a good thing to measure everything so you dont end up frying everything.

Kim A -

I searched everywhere for a solution to this and finally found a company who offer a replacement battery for the JBL Charge 2. Ordered one last week am just waiting to receive the product and will follow up once installed. The image shown for the battery has the exact amount of wires of my original, here is the link

Dan Clark - Reply


Please see my post below. The battery you ordered will work, but the positive and negative wires must be flipped.


Craig D -


For everyone looking for a JBL charge 2 plus battery replacement (5 wire) you can buy the Carmen Sino battery on eBay.

Search for MLP12995-2P

However, these batteries (including battery link in Dan Clark's posting) have the positive and negative wires backwards and require you flip them. The male plastic clip on the end of the battery only installs one way into the JBL circuit board female connector and the way the battery arrives is incorrect.

Good luck!

PS - I do not sell these on eBay. I just had to find out the hard way and wanted to share my fix.

Craig D - Reply

is it hard to flip the wires? special tools needed? Do I need to buy a new male connector to make the flip?

Crimson Castillo -

i had the same problem, so i used the easiest way, i used bare power ;-) just press the male connector in different direction to the female connector. the plastic isn't really strong and it's directly working. problem is when you build the battery back to it's plastic case and back to the charge body, the cable slips out bcs it's too short and less space. so i used another easy way: the hot-glue-pistole to attach the connector. everything working very well now!

arnehm -

JBL Charge 2 plus battery replacement only requires the rear grill to be removed. Once removed there is 5 little screws that hold the battery pack in place and 1 additional screw that holds the battery in the case.

You do not need to remove the front grill or subs to access the bettery.

Craig D - Reply

Thank you. Your steps worked perfectly. I just wanted to remove my battery connection to reset my jbl charge 2 as buttons were not working for reset. Followed your steps and it worked. By the way the battery connection is on the subwoofer which is close to power button. You need to just open that woofer if you want to reset like me.

Gochi - Reply

How to know the remaining battery cycles in JBL CHARGE 2

Anand Sunku - Reply

Could you tell us the battery dimension? Pls. Thanks

Sinon Klaus - Reply

I didn't change the wires but kept in charge later on I released its making this awkward noise and then I check the connections and connected it. Now it works fine I'm just concerned wether it might have damaged my battery

Seneeth Yasaswin - Reply

my speaker got dropped from my bed and it stopped making sound so i did the easy steps to open it up to see what was wrong with it and when i opened it up this little thing fell out, its square and it has 100 on the top of it, i have no clue what it is or any thing but now i know why my speakers dont work, because this little piece broke off from some where inside but i dont know where from?!? will some one help me out with this problem because i dont want to break my speaker more then it already is, thank you for your time and patience in this matter.

lance moore - Reply

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