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Insignia 6-Quart Pressure Cooker Troubleshooting

Released 2016, identified by model number NS-PC6SS7

C5 Appears on the Display ¶ 

The temperature of the pot is excessively hot, causing display to show C5.

Pot is empty, or has a small amount of water ¶ 

Add more water to the pot, this will cause the pot and the contents of the pot to cool down.

The pot is not positioned correctly, causing it to overheat ¶ 

Fix positioning of the pot, so that it fits correctly. Click here for instructions.

Cannot Change Cooking Time ¶ 

You can’t adjust the length of time the food is cooked.

You are not using the preset button ¶ 

Use the control panel to adjust cooking time by pressing preset then the up and down arrows until you have the desired time.

Food Sticks to Pot ¶ 

After cooking, you have trouble getting the food out.

Not following recipe ¶ 

Ensure you are following the desired recipe accurately, otherwise your food may stick to the pot. Certain foods, like rice, may stick to the pot if too little or too much water is added to the pressure cooker.

Pot not properly cleaned ¶ 

Clean the inner pot after each use and replace. Click here for the replacement guide.

Difficultly Opening Lid ¶ 

Lid will not open easily or at all.

Lid not aligned correctly ¶ 

The lid may not be in the proper position for opening. Ensure the triangle marking on the lid lines up with the triangle marking on the housing by twisting the lid into the correct position.

Too much pressure inside the cooker ¶ 

Release pressure by opening the float valve and/or wait until the internal pressure is lower.

Float valve did not fall after all pressure and steam has released ¶ 

Gently press the float valve with the rice paddle.

Difficulty Closing Lid ¶ 

Lid will not close completely.

Rubber gasket out of place or deformed ¶ 

Try re-positioning the gasket. If replacement is needed click here for the guide.

Red push rod on top of lid is jammed by the float valve ¶ 

Gently push the push rod by hand.

Pressure Cooker Seems to be Leaking Water ¶ 

Water is leaking out of the pressure cooker during cooking.

Rubber gasket is not in the correct position ¶ 

Check the placement of the gasket. Replace if the gasket is worn or warped. Click here for the replacement guide

There is excess food debris ¶ 

There may be food debris on the rubber gasket. Clean the gasket.

Cover is not closed ¶ 

Remove the lid completely and try closing it again, making sure the cover is aligned correctly before locked into place.

Vapor Escapes from Pressure Cooker ¶ 

While cooking, steam leaks from the pressure cooker around the lid.

Pressure valve not closed ¶ 

The pressure valve may not be properly closed, allowing steam to escape through the vent. If the pressure valve is not in the closed position, switch it from the venting position (knob pointing at “venting”) to the closed position (knob pointing at “sealing”). Ensure the valve properly locks in place.

Float valve obstructed ¶ 

There may be debris on or around the float valve, preventing it from sealing properly. Consider removing the float valve and cleaning with water. Click here for the replacement guide.

Faulty pressure valve ¶ 

If steam is escaping through the pressure valve, even when in the closed position, the float valve may be faulty. Consider replacing the float valve. Click here for the replacement guide.

Faulty rubber gasket ¶ 

If steam is escaping from the perimeter of the lid, the rubber gasket within the lid may have failed. Without a functioning rubber gasket, the pressure cooker will be unable to seal properly. Consider replacing the rubber gasket. Click here for the replacement guide.


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