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IQ America VD-8810L Troubleshooting

Common issues to help you diagnose problems with your IQ America VD-8810L Wireless Video Door Intercom

LCD Display Unit Does Not Display Images ¶ 

The display on the Indoor Portable LCD Display unit does not show anything.

Door Intercom is out of power ¶ 

The camera from the Door Intercom captures video and sends it to the LCD Display Unit. If the light on the Intercom does not flash when its button is pressed, make sure that batteries are new and charged when installing them into the intercom. Please use this guide to replace the battery if needed.

LCD Display Unit is out of power ¶ 

If the display is off on the Indoor Portable LCD Display unit, then the batteries may have run out of power. To replace them use this guide.

LCD Display Unit is not paired with the Intercom ¶ 

If you have verified that the LCD Display Unit and the Intercom are properly powered, and there is still no image displayed, the remote may not be paired correctly to the intercom, use this guide to open the Intercom. Then press the pair buttons on both devices.

Subject cannot be seen in camera view ¶ 

The subjects on your display are not in view or not clearly visible

The camera is pointed at a poor angle ¶ 

Position the camera in a spot where the subject will be in view. You can also change the camera angle by manually pointing the camera to its desired position. Refer to this guide to reveal the camera angle adjuster.

Objects in view are reflecting too much light ¶ 

The video may be impaired when the Intercom camera faces directly into a bright area. Be sure to keep the camera out of direct sunlight and to point the camera away from objects that may reflect sunlight, such as a white wall.

Keypad on Remote is Unresponsive ¶ 

Button appears to not be functioning or responding

Faulty Button Pad ¶ 

Buttons on the remote will not complete desired function when pressed. Replace buttons that are not responding.

Buttons Are Stuck in Place ¶ 

When buttons cannot be pressed, the button is stuck in the pad. Make sure that keypad is cleaned and nothing is stuck on or under the buttons using this guide.

OFF and Answer Button not Blinking ¶ 

Power remote off and on to restart remote

No Sound from Speakers ¶ 

Voices cannot be heard clearly or cannot be heard at all

Audio may be disabled ¶ 

Make sure the volume is on high in order to have clarity in conversation. There are arrows on the remote that can change the level of volume.

Audio is not being picked up when speaking into the intercom ¶ 

Make sure that the intercom has been properly paired before speaking into the intercom for sound to be picked up.

Voice being cut off ¶ 

If the LCD monitor is near a microwave oven or wireless LAN device in operation, re-locate the LCD Monitor away from such equipment.


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