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Hasbro Furby 2012 Troubleshooting

Use our Furby 2012 troubleshooting page to identify which problems you are facing and diagnose a solution.

Distorted audio or no audio ¶ 

Audio sounds fuzzy/distorted, or doesn't play at all.

Loose Speaker Membrane ¶ 

Furby's speaker membrane can loosen over time, lowering the quality of audio or even disabling audio all together. If there is still some audio, the membrane is likely loose and needs pressure applied to it.

Broken Speaker ¶ 

Furby's speaker may also be broken entirely, in which case all audio will be gone and replacing the speaker will be necessary.

Furby’s “feet” immobile ¶ 

Furby won't move correctly or at all.

Feet are dirty ¶ 

Furby's feet may accumulate grime over time, which prevents proper movement. If this occurs it is necessary to clean your Furby. Simply open up the base of the furby as if you were changing the batteries. Once the battery hatch is removed, you just need to clean the hatch where the feet are and Furby should move normally again.

Device not powering on ¶ 

Furby is unresponsive when batteries are in.

Reset Button ¶ 

Before removing any components, try the reset button located near the battery carriage. Remove the base of the Furby and near the batteries will be a small button with a sticker next to it stating "Refresh ->".

Battery Acid ¶ 

If pressing the reset button didn't return power to the device, then check to make sure battery acid hasn't destroyed the battery coils.


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