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HP iPAQ HW6515 Troubleshooting

iPAQ will not turn on

You feel like you've tried everything, but your iPAQ will not turn on.

Stuck power button

If your iPAQ will not turn on, the power button may simply be stuck. Try holding down the power button in the upper-right corner for at least four seconds.

Uncharged battery

If the iPAQ does not turn on even after holding down the power button, your battery may not be charged. Check that the AC adapter is completely plugged into the wall outlet and connected correctly to the phone. If it is, either a light will indicate that it is charging or it will say so on the screen.

Dead battery

If there is no response when plugged in the AC adapter, your battery may be broken. To install a new battery, follow this repair guide.

Bad motherboard

After replacing the battery, the iPAQ should turn on. If it is still not responding, you may have a faulty motherboard. To install a new motherboard, follow this repair guide.

Keyboard is unresponsive

You’ve pressed the keys numerous times, but the keys do not register or are sticky.

Dirty keyboard

If your keys stick when you press them, try cleaning around the keys using a cloth or Q-tip dampened with multipurpose cleaner, such as Windex, or rubbing alcohol.

If this doesn’t work, you could try using aerosol dusters to spray between the keys.

Broken keyboard

If cleaning your keyboard does not work, it may be broken beyond repair and will need to be replaced. Please follow this guide to install a new keyboard.

iPAQ does not recognize SIM card

Your phone displays a message saying it does not detect a SIM card.

SIM card missing

If your phone does not detect a SIM card, one may not be currently installed in your phone.

To fix this problem, install your SIM card by following this guide.

SIM card installed incorrectly

If you have a SIM card installed and the iPAQ still does not recognize it, it is possible that your SIM card is installed backwards or upside down, analogous to a vending machine rejecting your incorrectly-placed dollar bills.

To correctly orient the SIM card, follow this guide.

Flash will not activate

You tried taking a picture in a dark room, but the flash did not work.

Flash option is disabled

If the flash does not go off when taking a picture, check to make sure that the flash option is enabled in the phone’s “settings”.

Flash LED is broken

If the flash is enabled in settings and it still does not work, the light bulb that generates the flash may be broken. To install a new LED bulb, follow this guide.

Operating system will not load

Every time you turn on your phone, the screen freezes.

Manual software update

If the operating system on your phone will not load, the software on your phone may have important files that are corrupt. To fix this problem, reset the firmware on your phone by first connecting your phone to your computer via your USB cable. Download the latest firmware from This software will guide you through how to delete the existing firmware from your phone and install the new firmware.


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