The Laptop will not turn on and the screen is blank.

Make sure that the power adapter (charger) the laptop came with is connected to not only the laptop but into a working outlet as well.

There is a light located on the side of the laptop that lights up when the adapter is correctly plugged in. If adapter is plugged in and light does not turn on, consider getting new adapter.

If your laptop wont stay on when unplugged then you may need to replace your battery. See our replacement guide here.

The entire keyboard or specific keys are not responding or are sticky.

If your entire keyboard is non-responsive then you may need to first restart your laptop. If unsuccessful you will then need to replace it. See our replacement guide here.

If specific keys are sticky you can try to wipe around the key using a Que-tip dabbed in isopropyl alcohol. If unsuccessful you may have to replace these keys. See our replacement guide here.

The laptop is on but the screen is black or not displaying properly.

Your laptop most likely died, see our above solution for the laptop being unplugged.

If the power button on the laptop located towards the top left of the keyboard is lit, then that means the screen could possibly be damaged. See our repair guide here.

The laptop feels warm and is running slow.

Sometimes you can work a laptop to hard by running to many programs at once. You should try restarting your computer.

The laptop is taking long times to do simple tasks.

You may have to restart your computer since you have to many programs running. Also having your laptop on for long periods of time can cause this to occur as well.

You may have to do a system restore, which will completely wipe your entire computer and will help it run faster. *WARNING* (Doing this will get rid of everything on your computer be sure to back up important documents and files). You can this by searching for system restore and selecting it.

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My Hp 15 f272wm has the following issues :

Files and folders on screen and in the disk blink frequently, cursor blinks and one is unable to access the files or even Highlight them.

Any solution to the above problems?

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