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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Computer is Overheating ¶ 

When the computer is running multiple programs, it overheats.

Vent is Covered ¶ 

Make sure the vent is not covered. Using the device on your lap or on a blanket/pillow could cover the vent

Dust Accumulation ¶ 

The buildup of dust can cause a device to overheat. To remove the dust, use a compressed air can to blow out dust from the vents.

Faulty Part ¶ 

If the above steps still result in an overheating device, you may have to replace the fan.

Damaged Hinges ¶ 

The hinges on your laptop are breaking or broken.

Forceful Use ¶ 

Picking the device up by its lid, dropping the device, or opening it beyond the angle it is meant to be open can damage the hinges.

Faulty Hinges ¶ 

The hinges of your laptop may be made with a metal that is not very durable, and may break overtime. Replace broken hinges using this guide.

Computer Freezes or Randomly Shuts Down ¶ 

When you are using the device, it freezes or shuts down when you do not power it down.

Device Overheats ¶ 

If the device freezes, and it is overheating, refer back to the troubleshooting page” Computer is Overheating” section.

RAM is faulty ¶ 

If the device does not have enough RAM, it may freeze or shut down. This issue can be avoided by installing more RAM onto the computer.

Hard Drive is faulty ¶ 

When the hard drive fills up, the speed of the device will decrease. If there is clicking or other disk noises, back up the hard drive and replace it using the hard drive repair guide.

Unresponsive Touchpad ¶ 

You attempt to move the mouse with the touch pad, but it will not move on the screen.

Laptop Freezes Up ¶ 

Try restarting the computer and see if the computer reboots with a responsive touch pad.

Touchpad is locked ¶ 

Tap the touchpad 2 times on the upper left had corner, an orange light should turn off in the corner of the touchpad when it is unlocked.

Outdated Driver Software ¶ 

The driver software can become outdated and will render the touchpad unusable

Touchpad needs replacement ¶ 

Reference the guides to learn how to remove and replace the touchpad.

Screen Distortion ¶ 

The screen will be black, blue or have lines across it.

Damaged wires in the hinges ¶ 

There is a flat ribbon cable of wires inside the left hinge that can be cracked or damaged over time with repeated opening and closing of the laptop. This cable will need to be replaced.

Dead or Stuck Pixels ¶ 

If there is a green, blue dot on the screen the pixels may be stuck, there is online software that can help unstick those pixels. If the pixel is black it might be dead and need a screen replacement.

The Blue Screen of Death ¶ 

The screen turns blue with white writing this is caused by unsuspected software errors in the devise drivers. Run the Reimage professional Windows system repair software which will run a scan and can automatically fix the issues.


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