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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

The printer is giving you an error message and there is no printing happening.

Turn off the printer by pressing the power button, then lift the lid covering the ink cartridges. A lever is inside the same area as the ink cartridges towards the back and middle of the printer. Lift this lever to remover the paper path cover. After removal, inspect the paper path for jammed pages. If paper is present, grasp it firmly with both hands and pull it towards you. If the problem is still not resolved, paper may have caught near the input tray. Turn the power off my pressing the power button. Extend the input tray out fully and slowly. Then, gently turn the printer on its side. Examine the gap where the input tray was before. Any paper in the slot should be held securely and pulled towards you. When finished, return to the printer to its proper upright state and push the input tray back to its original position.

It may be best to try and clean your encoder strip which the printer head uses to keep track of where it is. Follow this guide to see how to access the encoder strip.

The printer is capable of printing, but printing from the computer is met by an error message.

Update the driver by going to the manufacturer's website, then downloading and installing the correct driver based upon the printer's model and your computer's operating system (OS). The operating system can be found by going to the start icon on your computer dock (usually at the bottom left or right of your screen) and then by selecting the "about" or "settings" tab. Alternatively, if your computer provides a search bar (it can be found by clicking on the start icon), you can then enter "operating system" into the search bar and looking through the results. If your computer is a PC, generally your OS is a version of Windows (7, 10, 10 pro, vista, XP) and if your computer is a Mac, your OS is generally a version of Mac OS.

The screen is unreadable when viewing.

The screen is not responding to touch or the screen appears to have a slice across the screen. See this guide for screen replacement.

The text/images of the printed page are less resolute than displayed in a print preview

Check the ink levels. If they are low or empty, replace current ones with new HP 62 Black and/or HP 62 Tri-color cartridges. See hp website on how to replace the ink cartridges.

Follow this link to see how to properly access your printer head.

See the attached guide to go about the roller replacement.

The printed page is slanted and/or cutting off part of the text/image.

Starting at the front screen of your printer, press the set-up button. Then, press the tools button and under tools, select align printhead. If the problem persists, consider contacting the manufacturer of your printer for a replacement printhead.

When attempting to print, a series of abrupt, shuttering noises are heard, followed by an error message.

To realign the carriage, start by turning off the power to your printer by pressing the power button. If pressing the power button fails to turn your printer off, disconnect the power cord at the back of the printer. After approximately 1 minute, plug back in the power cord (if needed) and press the power button to turn the printer back on. Then, attempt to print a diagnostic report. This is done by selecting the setup icon, scrolling down to select reports and then selecting print status report. If the printer is able to print this page, you have fixed the issue.


4 X 6 Photo paper will not feed into my HP Envy 7640.

Howard Biddulph - Reply

Carriage works for all functions EXCEPT 4X6 photos!

Howard Biddulph - Reply

printer insists there is no paper in it. There is.

Carolyn and Don Moon - Reply

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