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HP Compaq Presario V6000

This is a, 35.70 cm (L) x 25.70 cm (W) x 2.54 cm (min H) / 3.96 cm (max H), notebook PC the unit weighs 6.6 lbs. It was released in 2006 and comes standard with a 80 GB hard drive.

Your computer gets too hot and shut down.

The dust will build up in around all vents. These are located on the sides and bottom of your PC. Be sure your PC is powered of and disconnected from the power source. You will want to use a can of compressed air to clean out all dust and other particles. Use the straw that comes with the can of compressed air to focus the flow of air into all vents. Taking the computer apart to see the inside is also helpful during this process. Any dust or foreign particles inside the device can get into the fan compartment and cause malfunctions.

The fan is located on the bottom of your PC, behind the slotted vents you can clearly see. Before a fan completely goes out it will begin to run louder. You will hear it every time your computer starts up or has to work harder to run a program. If you are able to catch it at this stage, its not too late, refer back to using a compressed can of air to remove dust and foreign particles. If you don't hear a fan running at all there is a major problem. You will have to remove the fan to work on it or replace it all together.

Weak or no WiFi signal

This can be the outcome of multiple symptoms. Most commonly it is due to a build up on dust in and around the vents, which are located on the sides and bottom side of your PC. If you notice a build up of dust, you will want to remove the dust and restart your device. If this doesn't solve he problem there is a good chance your fan has malfunctioned and needs to be replaced.

Even if you have updated these components in the past they may have gone out of date. First you will want to check that the PC's BIOS system is up to date. If you are running an outdated version you can download the latest update via You will want to go through the same process to make sure your WiFi driver is up to date, also available for download at If updating both of these systems does not allow to to connect to a WiFi network you may need to replace the wireless LAN card.

Move your fingers across the track pad and nothing happens.

The TouchPad driver is constantly being updated to help create a more seamless experience. If you are experiencing problems with responsiveness your software may be out of date. To view your TouchPad settings search "mouse" under the START menu. You will see a TouchPad option and this is where you can view the TouchPad overview. If you are running an out of date driver you will want to update it and try again.

This problem can be caused if you are using, or have used, a wireless mouse or similar device. Your computer will automatically download the necessary software to run this device. This can alter the TouchPad settings and create problems when you stop using the other device. This just requires the setting to be returned to what they were at the time of manufacturing. This too can be done by searching "mouse" under START menu.

Full or partial picture?

Damage to the LCD can be accidental or at the fault of the user. The signs of a damaged LCD are as follows. You will see localized black spots on the screen. There will be a central point with discoloration spreading out from this point. You will only be able to view what you are wanting to see on half of the screen. A diagonal line across the screen with vertical and or horizontal lines of discoloration. Localized light spots.

If you are faced with a failed graphics card your LCD display just wont show anything buy your laptop will power on. The most common reason graphics cardo fail is due to high temperature exposure. If the fan area is not kept clean and clear or the fan fails this issue commonly follows. Another common reason graphics cards Vaile is due to poor connection, or poor soddering to the mother board. A failed mother board is a very costly rapair. Signs of a failed mother board is the LCD and the laptop will power on, however there will not be anything on the screen.

When faced with this problems there are a few things that you should test out first. Hold down the power button, if no signs of life are displayed, plug it in and try again. If this fails try to pull out the battery and wait 10 - 30 seconds and then plug it back in, if it turns on up date the BIOS to prevent this from happening again. A BIOS that is not sufficiently updated prevents drivers from corectly communicating with each other so this miscommunication can cause. The notebook from powering on. If this does not work for you there can be a number of other reasons for this failure, it could be due to a failed mother board. This failed mother board could be the result of a failed cooling system.

Hit the power button nothing comes on.

This issue is caused by a misuse or simply age. After so many years of use the charging cable can simply stop working. The way that you can tell if this is your issue is if your computer will still power on for a split second before turning off. If the cord if cut or frayed it can be repaired by professionals, however we recommend simply replacing the item for a new not damaged items. The way that the cord could be frayed and or damaged could be and are not limited to a pet or animal chewing or getting damaged by the common house hold vacuum.

Signs of a dead or depleated battery pack are the LCD not powering on the LED lights not blinking, this also means that the battery is not holding a charge any more. The reason or causes of this issue is commonly age and or misuse of the item. Incorrect charging habits are among the most dangerous things that you can do to a lithium ion battery. The way to remedy this issue is to simply replace the battery from a certified parts dealer.


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