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HP Compaq C700 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page seeks to identify common issues affecting HP Compaq C700 laptop.

The laptop is warm. It may be shutting down mid-use or crashing.

The cooling fan can get clogged with dust, like most other surfaces or objects that are not cleaned regularly. To learn how to check if there is dust clogging the fan, you will need to get to the fan inside the laptop, which can be done using these instructions.

If the dust is not clogging the fan and it does not turn, it may be broken! To replace the fan, check out this guide.

If the computer is warm to the touch and has been running for a long time, it may be the cause for overheating. To test this as a cause, turn off the device and let it sit. To prevent possible overheating, ensure that the laptop is off or closed when not in use.

The screen has a blue display. It does not respond when buttons are pressed/mouse moved. Computer may continue crashing when turned on.

If your computer is experiencing blue screen of death, it may be due to a software issue. To fix this, you can try to restart the computer. If this continues to happen, try reinstalling Windows.

If you see the blue screen and your device is warm, then your laptop has likely overheated. To resolve this issue, refer to the “Computer is Overheating” section of this page.

Another cause of the blue screen of death is due to faulty RAM. To rectify this issue, you must replace the faulty RAM modules. To remove and replace faulty RAM modules, refer to the this guide.

Computer battery percent does not increase. The connection from the plug is not charging the computer.

The outlet where the plug is plugged in is not functioning. To test this, try plugging the computer into another outlet.

If the cord has any piece broken or exposed, it may cause the cord to be unable to transfer a steady charge to the computer. To find out if it could be the wire causing the computer to not charge, inspect the cord to see if it is frayed, broken, malfunctioning, or if in general the wire is exposed. It is recommended to immediately replace any broken/frayed wires.

The cord connected to the computer might not be a good fit. After use, the DC connector might not function as well anymore. If the connection to the computer from the cord is loose, or wiggles around instead of fitting snugly, then it may be the cause of the computer being unable to charge. To resolve this issue, try replacing with a new charging cable.

If the computer has been in use for a long period of time, and is warm when touched, it may be unable to hold a charge. To test if this is the cause, turn the computer off and then plug it in. If this does not charge the computer, the battery may need to be replaced which can be done following this guide.

If the above scenarios does not lead to a solution for the charging of the computer, then the battery needs replacing. If the battery is dead, you can replace it following this guide.

When the key is pressed down, it stays there and does not return to its regular resting state or after the key is pressed, no text or response appears on the screen.

If the key is stuck, there could be residue or debris stuck underneath the keys. To test or clean the keys, you can remove individual keys following these instructions.

If the key is stuck or there is no response when it is pressed, it is likely that the individual key has broken. To remove and replace a damaged key, follow this guide.

When using the touchpad, the cursor does not respond on the screen.

If the cursor does not responding when trackpad is used, try turning computer off and then back on. If the issue is not resolved, try reinstalling Windows.

A shortcut command may have been accidentally entered to disable the touchpad. To re-enable your touchpad, you will need to plug in a mouse and follow these steps:

Start → Control Panel → Mouse → Device Settings → Touchpad On/Off.

The touchpad may be broken or no longer functioning. To resolve this, follow the instructions provided in this guide.


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