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HP Chromebook 11 G4 Troubleshooting

This guide addresses common problems and provides solutions for the HP Chromebook 11 G4.

Unresponsive Keys ¶ 

Keys are "sticky" or do not respond to physical input

Dirty keys ¶ 

Dirt or grime can get between the keys, making them difficult or impossible to depress. Use this replacement guide to remove the dirty keys. Once they are removed, wipe them gently using a paper towel or cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Refer back to the guide above to snap the keys back in place.

Physically broken keys ¶ 

If one of the plastic keys is broken, chipped, or cracked, purchase a replacement key and use this replacement guide to remove the broken key and snap the new one into place.

Defective keyboard assembly ¶ 

If the keys are clean, free of physical damage, but still unresponsive, the entire keyboard assembly is most likely damaged. Follow this guide to replace this assembly.

Chromebook fails to turn on ¶ 

Chromebook does not turn on when the power button is pressed.

Dead battery ¶ 

Plug the charger into the laptop to charge the battery.

Defective power adapter ¶ 

The power adapter that comes with the laptop may be defective. If there are any physical defects in the adapter like a frayed cord, buy a replacement adapter. If there are no visible defects, test to see if there is a voltage across the adapter using this guide (a multimeter is needed for this test). An electrically defective adapter without a voltage across it must be replaced.

Defective battery ¶ 

If the adapter is working properly, the battery may be the problem. To test this, remove the battery using this guide. Then connect the AC charger to the Chromebook through the power port and power on the device. If device powers on using only AC power, the battery is defective and must be replaced.

Static charge on motherboard ¶ 

Unplug AC adapter from the Chromebook and remove the battery using this guide. Next, press and hold power button for 30 seconds to dissipate the static charge. Next, reconnect the battery, plug in AC adapter, and try turning the device on again.

Chromebook doesn't hold a charge ¶ 

Chromebook is plugged into charger but not charging, or turns off after unplugged.

Defective Battery ¶ 

Remove the battery (using this guide), connect the AC charger, and power on the device. If device power's on, the battery is defective. Replace battery.

Discontinuous AC adapter ¶ 

Check for power cord continuity using this guide. If it fails, replace the power cord.

Display remains black when Chromebook turns on ¶ 

Power LED turns on, fans start running, but the display is still a black screen.

Static charge on motherboard ¶ 

Unplug AC adapter, remove battery and hold power button for 30 seconds. Then insert battery, plug in AC adapter, and try turning it on again.

Broken display ¶ 

To test for a broken display, connect the Chromebook to an external monitor using an HDMI cable. If the external monitor produces an image, then the Chromebook's display needs to be replaced. Replace using [invalid guide link]. If the display is physically broken, replace using [invalid guide link].

Defective motherboard ¶ 

With the power cord connected and the graphics card removed, power on the Chromebook. If the device does not emit any beeping sounds, then the motherboard is corrupted. Replace motherboard using this guide.

Faulty or no Wi-Fi connections ¶ 

Chromebook doesn't connect to Wi-Fi or drops connections periodically

Out of range ¶ 

Make sure Chromebook is within range of Wi-Fi router. Wi-Fi signals can also be interfered with by dense materials such as brick or concrete. Other electronic devices that are in close proximity such as TVs may also emit radio frequencies that can cause a loss of connection or a slowdown in network. To fix this, simply move the router or the Chromebook to a new location closer to the router. Even just a few feet can make a difference.

Defective Wi-Fi card ¶ 

If the Wi-Fi card does not show up in the systems device manager window, replace the Wi-Fi card using this guide.

Fails to Read SD card ¶ 

Chromebook fails to recognize or does not read inserted SD card

Damaged SD card reader ¶ 

If the Chromebook does not recognize or read an inserted SD card, then the SD card reader will need to be replaced using this guide.


I have 2 - first generation chromebook 11’s from 2013/2014. One of them stopped working shortly after buying and the second stopped working shortly after that. The AC adapter is working correctly.

When it is plugged into both, the light starts as orange and transitions to red and remains red. Power button does not trigger any action from it, there are no fans running and no signs of life from either.

I have left it plugged in for many hours to no avail.

I have removed the battery and attempted to power on directly connected with the AC Adapter and still nothing.

Any additional information or resources are appreciated.

Allyson White - Reply

I have an HP Chromebook 11 G4 EE. When the unit is powered on the display remains blank. The battery is fully charged. When the power adapter is plugged in, the charging light is solid white. After holding the power button until the unit turns off, then turning it back on, the power light on the right side is white, and the battery/charging light on the left side by the power port remains solid white. I’ve tried powerwashing commands and also booting from an external USB dive. Nothing works. Also, it will not output to an external display. Any help is appreciated.

David Lavorgna - Reply

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