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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Your device will not power on after charging.

If your device is showing that it is charging but is not retaining a charge, then it is most likely a dead battery. Get a replacement.

If the battery is showing a full charge but is not powering the device, then the battery housing may not be working properly. Refer to our Battery Housing and Rear Frame Replacement Guide so you can replace the housing.

Your device will not hold a charge.

If the GoPro HERO4 does not begin to charge, try using a new cord. If the device is showing that it is charging, the charger may need to be replaced.

If the power cord can charge another device but cannot charge the GoPro itself, then the charging port may not be working properly. Because the port is soldered to the motherboard, refer to our Expansion Port and Motherboard Replacement Guide to fix the issue.

The GoPro HERO4 will not connect to the computer via USB cable.

If the program is not giving you the option to load a video or the GoPro will not connect, ensure that the program is downloaded to the computer and that it is an updated version. To perform an update or download the program for the device, follow the GoPro Official wizard by clicking here.

A good way to find out if there is a damaged USB port is to attempt to use a different USB cables. If multiple USB cables fail to connect with the GoPro, then there is a good chance that your USB on the GoPro is defective. Because the ports are soldered to the motherboard, refer to our Expansion Port and Motherboard Replacement Guide.

When attempting to operate the camera, the device freezes.

Go to the GoPro website and ensure that the device program is up to date. To perform an update for the device, follow the GoPro Official wizard by clicking here.

If the device is up to date, then there is a possibility that the motherboard may need to be replaced. Follow our replacement guide here [invalid guide link].

The device is unable to read photos or videos from the SD Card.

=== Dust/Obstructions in SD Port===

Clear the SD port of any and all obstructions. The port can be found on the side of the device. Use an aerosol keyboard cleaner or if necessary plastic tweezers, but do not use anything metal.

=== SD Card Not Fully Inserted===

After reassuring the SD Card port is clear and clean of obstructions, carefully insert the card inside with its gold pins facing the back of the camera.

Check that the SD card is supported for the GoPro you are using. It has been found that some SD cards are not supported in this device. All SD cards need be a minimum of Class 10. GoPro HERO4 cameras support up to 128GB SD cards. Click here to get a list of approved SD cards from GoPro.


My blue light keeps flashing...why?

jdmartinez - Reply

The blue light indicates that the device is connected via bluetooth. When the bluetooth device is not disconnected properly before the Go Pro is switched off the blue light will continue to flash. To fix this problem press and hold the front button for 10 - 13 seconds

Kevaughn Kerr -

My gopro can only record black and green for a few seconds and then recording turns white is this the sensor? Please help

raymond godjali - Reply

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