Replace the battery housing when the device will not power on but the battery has been verified to work.

Remove the faceplate by carefully prying around the edge using a plastic opening tool. Loosen the clips on the edge, then pull the faceplate off.
  • Remove the faceplate by carefully prying around the edge using a plastic opening tool. Loosen the clips on the edge, then pull the faceplate off.

  • Use the tweezers to lift the faceplate from the rest of the device.

  • The power button on the front of the GoPro may pop off. Ensure to align it properly during reassembly.

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Using a #00 Phillips head screwdriver, remove the following screws:
  • Using a #00 Phillips head screwdriver, remove the following screws:

    • One 4.6 mm screw

    • Three 8.2 mm screws

    • Two 6.1 mm screws

Any more detailed specs on these screws available? Need to but a replacement set, where to buy? How can I find them, size of the head, and the depth etc! Thanks!!

bredekorsmo - Reply

Please note the 4.6 mm screw goes aver the battery door not next to the screen.

Peter Murphy - Reply

  • Insert a metal spudger between the back plastic housing and the camera board assembly. Working around the edge to be careful of the inner components, carefully remove the camera.

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  • Using tweezers, remove the ribbon strip by pulling on it. This will remove the connection.

  • Push down on the three wires with the metal spudger and the clip will disconnect from the motherboard.

  • During reassembly, remove the black tape on the ribbon cable, turn the camera upside down so you can see the port, and reinsert the cable with tweezers. It's a lot easier!

Removing the tiny gold ribbon strip and the wires from the right hand side as shown in the image is an unnecessary step to change out the lens. In fact it is recommendable to NOT remove these, especially the gold ribbon strip that is shown in the red box. It is very difficult to get this ZIF cable back in place once it has been removed. Simply open the camera carefully so as not to pull on this cable and the wires and proceed with the other steps.

Greg Ryder - Reply

I agree that the 2 cables shown above do NOT need to be removed in order to replace the image sensor. Just keep the internal assembly (circuit boards) close to the black housing and at a 90 degree angle. Don’t put any strain on the cables though! You can still access the 4 screws holding the sensor board in place as well as pull up the connector attaching the sensor to the mainboard. You’ll save a lot of time (and headache) by leaving those cables attached.

Mark Shelton - Reply

If you are having trouble connecting the Ribbon cable in particular, use tape to hold buttons in place, remove battery housing & connect the cables up to the battery housing. Then carefully reinsert the battery housing, lay the motherboard down on the casing slightly overhanging the socket end to get to the screw holes.

Peter Murphy - Reply

  • Using a #00 phillips head screwdriver, remove the two 3.0mm screws

  • The top screw is missing from our device, but it is in the approximate location of the top circle.

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  • Be sure to lift the battery cover before proceeding.

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  • Using plastic opening tool, pry battery housing from the rear frame.

  • When prying the housing off, the record and setting buttons may fall off.

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  • De-solder the shutter button board from the battery enclosure.

  • In case you are new to soldering, here is Ifixit's soldering guide

  • 3rd party sellers have the battery housing with the shutter button board already attached. If you have purchased this, begin reassembly.

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  • Using tweezers, carefully remove the shutter button board the rest of the way from the battery housing.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hi, I have a big problem, I don’t get the ribbon from Step 4 back on, do you got any advice? I’m running out of ideas how to get that in…

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