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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Fitbit Not Connecting To Mobile Device ¶ 

Smartwatch is not connecting to Bluetooth device, in this case most likely your smartphone. Blaze is attempting to connect to mobile device but results in a failed connection.

Bluetooth Disabled/Damaged On Smartphone ¶ 

Before connecting your smartwatch to your smartphone double check that Bluetooth setting is "ON". Go to phone settings, Bluetooth menu, enable/scan for devices. Select Blaze from available devices to connect.

Note: Some smartphones disable their Bluetooth in order to save battery life or after a shutdown. Enable Bluetooth at all times to prevent disconnection from Blaze. If it fails to connect then perform a connection test with a different device to test phone's Bluetooth functionality.

Bluetooth Disabled On Blaze ¶ 

Make sure that the initial configuration and setup of the smartwatch has been completed. Go to settings and double check that the Bluetooth setting is set "ON".

Faulty Bluetooth Adapter ¶ 

Before taking further action perform a restart on your smartwatch. Find the Back and Select buttons on your Fitbit Blaze (left and bottom right). Press and hold the Back and Select buttons for about 10 seconds, until you see the Fitbit logo appear. Release the buttons.

Note: If Bluetooth connectivity issues continue, please refer to our motherboard replacement guide here Motherboard Replacement

Random Vibrations ¶ 

Vibrations occurring randomly without notifications of a call, text and other functions.

Tracker Not Syncing ¶ 

Restart your smartwatch. Find the Back and Select buttons on your Fitbit Blaze (left and bottom right). Press and hold the Back and Select buttons for about 10 seconds, until you see the Fitbit logo appear. Release the buttons.

Note : Resetting the tracker may fix the following problems:

  • Tracker is not responding to button presses, taps, or swipes.
  • Tracker is charged but doesn't turn on.
  • Tracker isn't tracking your steps or other stats.

Vibration Motor ¶ 

The vibration motor is damaged and needs replacement. Please follow our replacement guide here Vibration Motor Replacement

Screen Unresponsive ¶ 

Experiencing unresponsive screen symptoms, these can include lag between swipes, screen not responding to button functions, screen frozen on logo startup.

Defective Boot-up ¶ 

The software may have a startup issue in which a system restart may fix the unresponsive screen. Perform a restart on your smartwatch. Find the Back and Select buttons on your Fitbit Blaze (left and bottom right). Press and hold the Back and Select buttons for about 10 seconds, until you see the Fitbit logo appear. Release the buttons.

System Update ¶ 

Your tracker may be using outdated firmware, perform a system update to get the latest issue-free system version from Fitbit. In order to update your firmware from the Fitbit app, verify if the latest firmware version is currently installed on your device. Make sure your device is fully charged to prevent issues during installation. Tap or click Select Account. Then tap or click the Update Tracker button. This option will only be available if Fitbit has released a new update. Follow the on-screen prompts and keep your tracker close to your smartphone during the update to prevent disconnection. Note: If update is slow, do not disconnect your tracker from your account. Tracker will restart when the latest firmware is installed after update.

Damaged Screen ¶ 

If a system restart did not fix the unresponsive screen, the screen may need to be replaced.

Poor Battery Life ¶ 

Device will not charge properly or battery is suddenly draining quickly.

Cleaning contacts ¶ 

Check the contacts on the tracker where the charger plugs in. Over time, dirt can collect on the contacts and prevent a proper charge. Use a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol to lightly dab the contacts clean.

Note: The clean contacts should appear gold in color.

Using a different USB port ¶ 

Try plugging your charger into a different USB port, or a new outlet altogether. One of those may be defective and is preventing your device from charging.

Disabling features ¶ 

Disabling some unused features on your device will help conserve battery life. These settings can be switched on and off in the settings menu on your device.

  • Heart Rate data collection
  • Lower brightness
  • All-Day sync
  • Quick View
  • Notifications

Bad Battery ¶ 

If these methods do not improve your battery life, your battery may need to be replaced. Please follow our replacement guide here Battery Replacement

Heart Beat Monitor Not Working ¶ 

There are two different ways your heart beat monitor will fail. The first way is that the heart beat monitor stops giving a reading and the second is that the lights in the back of the smartwatch stop working.

Heart Beat Monitor Stopped Giving a Reading ¶ 

If the heart beat monitor is not tracking your heart beats, Go to the settings option and go to Heart Rate Tracking. Turn the setting on to AUTO, Make sure the band is tight around wrist. If it is not tight enough the heart rate monitor can not read your heart rate. Try moving the band around your hand with higher or lower variations in the arm. If it is still not working try switching the setting to ON. This will enable the green light on the back of the tracker even when you're not wearing it. Note: If it is still not working, restart your tracker using our How Do I Restart My Tracker above.

Green Lights Not Working ¶ 

If the lights are not working, check your profile settings to make sure if heart rate setting is set to auto or on.

Faulty Heart Rate Monitor ¶ 

If none of the above fixes the issue then you have a faulty heart rate monitor. Contact Fitbit customer support in order to request a replacement.


having seizures

dawn.donovan - Reply

this afternoon I looked down at my fitbit and it was blinking back and forth rapidly. Just shut it down in between the blinks now seems to be ok...... what happened?

Has this been an issue for others?

dawn.donovan - Reply

Yes, My fitbit started acting in similar manner since yesterday. Dunno what to do.

Vishal Rao -

My fitbit blaze doesn't show correct time after recharging.

marija.derikuca1 - Reply

Why is my blaze showing the wrong time? I’ve unsynced and resynced but it is still half an hour off.

tari.johnson71 -

What is the solution to the wrong time display? And short battery life on the blaze?

tari.johnson71 -

Notifications- call button turns to off on its own. And Fitbit won't sync

Jazro Jazro - Reply

Fitbit won't sync. And call button turns out for notifications.

Jazro Jazro - Reply

My Fitbit Blaze Smart bought through LLC gets hotter and hotter while charging. There was also no display on the screen. We tried to bring it to Hong Kong repair center located at 16 Fui Yiu Kok St. for troubleshooting and repair but it was rejected because the unit was not purchased in Hong Kong. Please advise what is wrong and where to repair the unit. Thanks

tanpiakhua - Reply

My Blaze has been losing time after charging

Karen Graham - Reply

Fitbit blaze

Having issue with my main screen not coming up that shows me the time,. Hit the left button and it does nothing. Screen stuck on recap of steps, heart rate, calories, etc.

Victoria Phillips - Reply

Fitbit blaze

I cannot get my main screen up that shows time. It is like the left button on the side is not watching however when I press the left and lower right it reboots. This tells me the left button is working? Suggestions

Victoria Phillips - Reply

My fitbit is only showing a warningsign ⚠ like this one? how do I clear this and get it working again ??

Lozzy - Reply

My fitbit is only showing a warning sign like this one ⚠how do I clear this and get itworking again ?

Lozzy - Reply

My Fitbit Blaze is adding additional steps when I’m not in motion. I woke up this morning, after it charged all night, and there was 50,000 steps on it. I tried resetting it and that isn’t working. Any thoughts???

stsajn - Reply

green ligths on back blink when is off my waist. Is this normal?

wayne gartrell - Reply

I can’t tell time because it is locked on activities so I do a restart, which I’ve done since I received watch, to get a firmware; the battery only holds a charge for maybe 1 1/2 to two days so I’m to clean the contacts & use different different ports as well as eliminate features; plus reports that have me on a bike when I was in a different country riding in a bus. Really???? Can you say lemon??? I’m frustrated & I want to know what time it is. Do I actually expect to get help on this? Not really. Hasn’t worked since I rec’vd as a Christmas gift. I should have a new one……

Diana Maharry - Reply

My fitbit Blaze won't display my text messages. It only reads “new message”, even after I tap it to display full message. How do I get it to display the message?

Murriel Hays - Reply

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