Have a faulty battery with charging problems or just poor battery life? This guide will help you step by step in replacing your battery. Note soldering will be required, please follow this wonderful guide for helpful tips.

Soldering Connectors

  1. Locate the front LCD screen on your device.
    • Locate the front LCD screen on your device.

      • Fitbit logo should appear in the bottom center of the screen.

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  2. Push the screen out through the back of the metal ring enclosure.
    • Push the screen out through the back of the metal ring enclosure.

      • Use a small amount of force on screen to prevent damage. Use other hand to catch screen.

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    • Locate the metal pin behind the wristband located on the edge of metal ring.

    • Insert the pointed end of the metal spudger into the pin hold and push it into the blue rectangle enclosure.

      • Use a small amount of force to avoid damaging the pins.

    • Remove wristband.

    This step is not needed to change the battery . Not sure why it was included.

    Jason Y - Reply

    • Place device screen face down and locate the four screws attaching the back cover.

    • Use a T3 torx head or T3 torx screwdriver to remove the four screws.

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    • Grab the back, lift and open like a book to expose the motherboard. Locate the ribbon connector on the left.

    • Use a plastic spudger tool on the ribbon connected from the heart rate monitor to the motherboard.

    • Insert and lift the plastic opening tool to release the ribbon.

      • Only a small force when lifting the plastic connector is needed to avoid damage.

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    • Separate the back and set aside, locate the three screws attaching the motherboard.

    • Use a PH000 head or a PH000 screwdriver to remove the three screws.

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    • Use a plastic spudger tool on the ribbons connected to the motherboard.

    • Insert the tool under the ribbon and lift to release the connection.

      • Only a small force when lifting the plastic connector is needed to avoid damage.

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    • Lift and push the motherboard to the side to uncover the 167mAh battery.

    • Use a plastic spudger tool to pry out the battery from its adhesive plastic underneath.

    • Lift up and pull downward to remove battery. Switch to the top portion of the battery and push downward to pry out battery.

    Excellent walk through and although tricky, it is manageable. Thanks. I needed to remove a foil sleeve from a 200mah battery of very similar dimensions and it was able to fit safely and be re-assembled to work, with a stranger battery.

    Ian McCluskey - Reply

    • Flip the motherboard backwards and locate the metal pins from the battery soldered to the board.

    • Desolder the connection to remove the battery, desolder the battery connector itself if desired as well.

    • Follow this guide on how to solder and desolder connectors Soldering Guide

      • Excessive heat will damage the components, so do not apply the soldering iron to the component for long amounts of time.

    Where do we get that battery?

    amir ibrahim - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Where can I buy this battery?

Please contact

Frederico Araujo - Reply

no answer for:

Where can I buy this battery?

Pierre Therien - Reply

Looking for this battery as well; mine lasted exactly 1 year. 7 days now down to hours, the surge did the same thing, maybe my last Fitbit watch ever! Disappointed to say the least.

Darrell Way - Reply

I found a battery, 3.7 volt at 165mAh in the same style, should be close enough but I do not have the size of the factory battery, if anyone has taken theirs apart, can you post up the measurements in mm? thanks

Darrell Way - Reply

I can't find the battery anywhere either. Would love some advice. Tried Amazon, AliExpress, eBay and Google in general.

Chris Wilson - Reply

Where can i buy this akku?

Please answer Thanks!

Csongor Gy. - Reply

I'm looking for the replacement battery? Where can I buy a new 1? Please help?

unathi jelashe - Reply

Where can we find a reliable replacement battery which won’t explode?

Warlock - Reply

I have just replaced the battery on my wifes blaze :) :) :) It was extremely difficult and I had to literally squeeze the new one in, it was tight. I replaced the 167mAH with a 200mAH one so its an upgrade and it was the closest I could get. I got it from eBay. Winner! One happy wife.

3.7V 200mAh Lipo Polymer Rechargeable Battery 402030

Richard Langton - Reply

Is replacement battery with 200mAh is suitable & safe? Is there is any over current issue?

Mohd Harris Jamil -

Richard, Is this the one you used?

hopeforahit -

My fitbit is showing signs of a failing battery also.  Richard, can you post a pic of the OLD battery you removed?  Is there any markings on the OLD battery to indicate part number?  I see the Amazon one you used.  It does appear that ALiBaba has a LOT of these type batteries, but one needs to know size or part number :(  and

hopeforahit - Reply

Also looks like might be able to find one at Mouser if you have the size?  One more request Richard…  Can you measure the OLD battery in mm?


hopeforahit - Reply

Here is the Amazon link for the battery that Richard got:

hopeforahit - Reply

On step 5, the yellow part of the connector flips up. You have to look at the 3rd picture closely. I bought a 402030 battery, and it is too thick for the 3 plug-in connectors to go back.

The battery markings on the back read “LSSP321830AE” and measures 3.2mm thick, 18mm wide and 30mm long.

I have not been able to find this battery yet.

stevenjkonsky - Reply


Where can I buy a replacement battery for my Fitbit blaze please

Vic Loba - Reply


Where can I buy a battery for my fitbit blaze

Vic Loba - Reply

I found a battery that will work ++GM382030++ from I pulled the PCB from the blaze battery and used it on the new cell.

The battery fits in the blaze, its a tight fit but it fits. Battery height was 3.8mm.

Jeffrey Culver Jr - Reply

Here’s a link to find that battery, amazon has a good offering for a good price if you have Prime with 4-5 day shipping.

Google Search:

Amazon Link:

Turtl Johnson - Reply

What is battery dimensions please... Or just reply on this..

lachlan cashion - Reply

3.2mm thick, 18mm wide and 30mm long.

The closest you can buy is 3.7V 200mAh Lipo Polymer Rechargeable Battery 402030 , you have to squeeze it in.

Zeppy Zep -

What are the dimensions of the battery that is supplied in a fitbit blaze?

Stewart Flemming - Reply

It's hard to get the right size but if you're willing to do some soldering, the closest battery size you can get and fit it into the blaze is 3.7v 160mAH 302030 Lithium Polymer Battery. Size 3mm X 20mm X 30mm .

40230 is too thick, I tried it.

Zeppy Zep - Reply

I fixed my blaze over the weekend using battery “Ofeely 3.7V 200mAh 402030 Lithium Polymer Li-Po Battery li ion Rechargeable Battery For Mp3 MP4 MP5 GPS” it was a very tight fit. I followed the steps here and it took me 15 to 30 minutes taking my time. The process was straight forward and I appreciate the information here to help. I did have to compress the width of the battery a little bit. The only think I would do differently is attempt to find find a slightly smaller (width) battery.

Link to battery I purchased:

aaron - Reply

I attempted this fix over the weekend and was successful and very pleased with the outcome. The steps listed above was exactly what I needed to get the job done. The battery was a very tight fit, I feared that it may not actually fit. To get the job done, I used a magnetic screw tray to catch and hold the tiny screws and my Velleman adjustable temperature soldering iron to remove and attach the battery. The project was relatively quick, I took it slow since it was my first time soldering in many years, I estimated it took 20 to 30 minutes in total.

Helpful links:

Magnetic tray:

Velleman Soldering Iron:


aaron - Reply

Could any one tell me the dimensions of the battery for the fitbit blaze.. Many Thanks, Paul

Paul Tulip - Reply

3.2* 20* 30. I found one. Then I bought a bunch. 167 mAh. It works great and haven’t had any problems. My wife is happy too!!! I bought some extras. $ 6.25 on Ebay, warriordad14.

Rod sader -

Just look for the postings of Zeppy Zep

VauWeh - Reply

Could any one tell me why my fitbit blaze can’t count the floors?

Gunawan Dewi - Reply

To get they battery you will want to go to They have an untold number of parts for everything. I was able to locate the part but have not ordered it yet.

geekjohn - Reply

I don’t have the skills to replace the battery in my Blaze. It is only around 8 months old! I stopped wearing it for a couple of weeks during my recovery from an injury which limited my exercise program. I didn’t keep it charged; just let it run down. Now it won’t charge again. It doesn’t even come on to show the level of charge when it is plugged in. Does your company do these repairs or does anyone here know anyone who does? Thanks!

drupdegraff - Reply

Fitbit has a 365 day warranty from day of purchase. If your item is within the 365 day warranty period and they determine there is an issue with the battery, they will send you a replacement device. Go to and have a support chat. They will need your fitbit email address as they will check the sync data on your device and they will be able to determine the original sync date which they will use as the start of the warranty period. If you are within the 365 days and there is an issue, you get a replacement device. If it is out of the warranty period they will give you a 25% discount code on the purchase of a new device. There are no repair centers and not sure if anyone wants to run the risk of fixing for you. I know I don’t want the responsibility of having to answer for my workmanship if something goes wrong with the battery replacement and it happens to leak/blowup on your wrist.

OhioBlue -

I replaced the battery on mine over the weekend but there is no difference in longevity. It still lasts less than a day. I’ve tried the 2-button reset and no change. Any ideas? It’s almost like it’s a software issue that won’t allow it to charge anymore

Crazzy110 - Reply

I just had my son in law replace my battery but it’s still not holding a charge for very long! The battery cost $10, and an hour of my son in laws time, but still no luck!

Andrea Krier - Reply

Replaced my battery with an ebay replacement. Snug fit all seems great except it wont charge up all the way and drops the charge within 3 hrs. Can anyone please help?

Jesus Correa - Reply

Same here, replaced battery, still drops charge. Replaced main board with known good, same. Swapped battery with another, same issue. WTF MATES!

Bazil Burns - Reply

I thought I would save everyone else the trouble who is looking on Amazon / Ebay for the battery. Battery Size as follows:

Length: 29.50 mm

Width: 18.25 mm

Height: 3.5 mm

All of these measurements have been rounded to the closest 0.25 mm. Good luck and happy hunting.

Dirk Steyn - Reply

Was able to fix my wife’s watch with this battery and these steps:

GM382030-PCB from

It took some slight modifications like trimming the outside metal sides and replacing with kapton tape to keep sides from opening.

Jack - Reply

The replacement battery for the Fitbit Blaze can be found here:

Fitbit Blaze Battery

It also includes the tools needed (except the soldering iron) for this repair.

michaelf33707 - Reply

Marek Jungbauer did you just solder the battery wires to the fitbit board or did you remove anything from the old battery to solder to the new battery before you installed it.

Don - Reply

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