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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Fahrenheit FHT 125PRMR Troubleshooting

“The flatiron heats up but the temperature doesn’t change as the dial moves.“

If the temperature does not change, there may be a connectivity error. The turning mechanism may be broken. The turning mechanism is connected to the motherboard. Replace the motherboard following the guide here.

The temperature dial may be installed incorrectly. It should allow users to adjust the temperature from 180 °F to 450 °F. If the dial is installed incorrectly, the user cannot control the temperature in this range. To replace the dial correctly, follow the guide here.

When the temperature control dial does not turn, the temperature on the Fahrenheit cannot be adjusted. A buildup of unwanted material may exist and cause the dial to not turn. Remove dial following the guide here.

“When powered on the device is not operational.”

There is a problem with the outlet. Connect another device and make sure the outlet is working. If not, change outlet.

The wires may have gotten over heated and melted. Change wires. Click on this guide to replace wires.

“The heating plate is moving around during use.”

If the heating plate is moving around it is likely due to improper seating of the plate. Follows the steps on this guide to access and seat the heating plate.

“When powered on the heating plate does not generate any heat.”

The wires inside of the heating plate may have come loose or damaged. To fix this, you will want to visit this guide to replace the wire.

If you have checked that the wires are connected securely to the motherboard and the heating plate then the issue may be with the plate. Go to this guide to replace the heating plate.

On your device check to see if the LED lights are turning on when the device is plugged in and turned on. If the lights are not, the motherboard on the device may be malfunctioning. Go to this guide to replace the motherboard.

“When plugged in the LEDs on the device are not lit.”

The LEDs not being lit indicates either an issue with the motherboard itself, the motherboard being able to receive power, or the LEDs themselves have gone bad. First, check to see if cables that should be connecting to the motherboard are connected by using this guide.

If the other components of the device are plugged in properly and the LEDs are still not lit when turned on, then the motherboard requires replacement. This is because the LEDs are soldered to the motherboard so one cannot troubleshoot one problem without replacing the motherboard. Replace the motherboard using this guide.


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