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Dyson DC28 Animal Troubleshooting

The vacuum brush roller will not spin when turned on or will not pick up debris

Unplug the vacuum and gently lay it down on its side. Look underneath the vacuum and see if there is hair, string, or any other material wrapped around the Brush Roller. If there is, then grab a pair of scissors and begin to carefully cut away the debris making sure not to cut the actual brush. Once debris is removed the Brush Roller should rotate when the vacuum is turned on.

The vacuum is not turning on or shutting off on its own

Make sure that the vacuum is properly plugged into a wall outlet. It should now power on once you turn the vacuum into the “On” position. If it does not power on you may have to try several other wall outlets as those may be non-functional.

Make sure the vacuum is in the “On” position. After doing so, trace the wire back to the wall outlet. It may have been disconnected while you were operating the vacuum. Plug the machine back into the wall outlet and it should turn back on. To prevent future shutoffs, make sure there is enough slack in the wire to prevent accidentally unplugging the vacuum.

The vacuum is dropping debris from the base when vacuuming

If the vacuum is not able to stand upright on its own, the base may be dropping debris during vacuuming. Follow the “My vacuum will not stand upright” troubleshooting topic down below.

Tilt the vacuum back into the vacuuming position. Keeping it in this position, lay the vacuum on its side. Make sure the vacuum is not in “bare floor” mode, and then turn the vacuum on. If the brushbar is not spinning, follow the “ Brush Roller not working properly” troubleshooting topic above.

Turn off and unplug the vacuum. Check the bottom of the vacuum to see if the soleplate is damaged. If the soleplate is damaged, replace it with this guide.

The vacuum is not able to stand up or recline normally

Turn off and unplug the machine. Continue by leaning vacuum on its side, with the turbine perpendicular to the ground. Locate the u-bend cover, press the yellow release button, and look for any possible blockages. These blockages may be preventing the machine from locking in its upright position as well as reclining when already locked. See below link for visual guides.

Another method to try would be to firmly plant both feet on the base while gripping the vacuum’s handle with two hands. After you obtain a strong grip gently attempt to rock the body of the vacuum side to side in order to reset locking mechanism of recliner. It helps to stand in front of the vacuum with both feet on marked areas of base while pushing the handle back.

It is possible that the vacuum is broken and will need to have parts replaced/fixed and basic troubleshooting will not work. Here is a link to the full breakdown of the vacuum from an alternative specialist.

The vacuum shuts off while cleaning and the red power button begins to flash.

This may be caused by the brush bar being set at a level too low for the carpet that you are cleaning. To fix this, select a higher level carpet setting on the selector pad so the carpet does not get sucked into the brush bar and block the suction.

Click the carpet to bare floor adjustment back and forth about 5 times. Make sure to end on the carpet selection. Tilt the vacuum back from the upright position to its flat position on the floor and turn it onto it's side. The carpet indicator should be below the word carpet. If this does not work refer to the brush roller troubleshooting section.

With the brush roller, there are two other components that may need replacing. The first is the belt. It is important to replace the belt every three months because over time the belt stretches out and can start to slip while vacuuming. If the problem still does not subside, there may be a problem with the PCB, or Printed Circuit Board. Detailed videos outlining how to replace both parts can be found below.

Belt Replacement Video

PCB Replacement Video

Make sure you are pressing the correct buttons on the top of the vacuum and that you are setting it to the correct height. If you are unable to adjust your brush roller height you might have a bad air muscle. See replacement guide here.


will brushbar turn when on (run) filter are out?

carrollterry70 - Reply

My vaccum has no adjustment to the brush bar. It always adjusted itself. Now it has taken to going to a default position as totally sucking to whatever it is vacuuming. It is hard to push on hardwood without the beater bar in the on position.

ears2here - Reply

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