This guide will take you through the removal of the of the sole plate and the air muscle assembly. The final goal of this guide is to remove and replace the air muscle assembly.

    • Lay the vacuum on its side to allow for easy access to the bottom of the cleaner head.

    • Unlock the sole plate by using a quarter or other flat tool to turn the three plastic bolts counter-clockwise, as indicated on the sole plate.

    • The plastic fasteners can be damaged when using a metal tool to turn them.

  1. Gently pull off the sole plate
    • Gently pull off the sole plate

    • Remove the dust collector using the red button located at the top of the bin

    • Flip the vacuum over to allow for easy access to bottom.

    • Identify the 6 screws.

    • Remove the six 9mm screws using T15 Torx Screwdriver.

    • Gently remove the drive cover.

    • Remove the drive assembly.

    • Grab the hose by hard plastic base.

    • Pull firmly to remove it from the holder.

    • If you pull too hard the plastic can be ripped.

    • Firmly grab top section of the hose and remove from the holder.

    • If you pull too hard the plastic can be ripped.

    • Remove section of the hose from the vacuum.

    • Go to the wheel on the right side of the vacuum.

    • Remove the cap of wheel by sliding in a small metal spudger or flat head screwdriver and gently prying up.

    • Use the pointed end of a metal spudger to pull off the e-clip.

    • The e-clip is hard to remove and may require some effort to remove.

    • Pull the wheel off of the axel.

    • Remove the axel piston from axel.

    • Be careful not to lose the washer on the end of the axel piston.

    • Use the wire cutters to cut the zip tie holding the tube on.

    • Be careful not to cut the plastic hose.

    • Gently pry and pull the tube off of the nub.

    • Use a flat head screwdriver or metal spudger to push the plastic out of the way and remove the air muscle.

    • Be careful not to break the plastic. Bend it just enough to remove the part.

    • Remove the air muscle from the rest of the vacuum.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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