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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Dremel Mini Mite Cordless won’t turn on ¶ 

Your Dremel won’t turn on, no matter what

The battery might not be correctly installed ¶ 

The battery pack fits one way into the device, but it needs to lock in place in order to have good contact. Please refer to our replacement guide on the battery .

The battery may not be charged ¶ 

The Mini Mite Cordless requires 3 hours of charging time to reach its full capacity. In constant use, it only lasts about 10 minutes. Try to recharge the battery pack by leaving it on the charger for several hours, and try again. Please refer to our replacement guide on the battery.

The charger may have burned out from being left plugged in too long. It has a green light that glows when charging. If it does not glow when a battery pack is plugged in, it may have stopped working. New chargers can be bought separately from stores and Amazon.

The device might not make good contact with the battery ¶ 

In order to operate there has to be a good connection between the battery pack and the device. If there is dirt, dust or something blocking the connection, clean or remove the obstruction and try to turn the Dremel on again. Please see our replacement guide on the battery.

The motor might be burnt out ¶ 

If the device still won’t work, the motor may be damaged. Please refer to our guide on how to replace the motor shaft assembly.

Failure to charge ¶ 

I put the pack on the charger, but it isn’t charging

The battery pack may not be fully connected to the charger ¶ 

If the battery pack hasn’t latched into the charger, which a small click sound, it may not be making a good connection with the charger. Remove the battery pack and try to insert it in the charger again. Please refer to our replacement guide on the battery .

The battery pack may be broken ¶ 

The battery pack may need replacing, if it can no longer hold a charge.

My bit is stuck in the Dremel 7300 ¶ 

You tried to unscrew the collet nut and remove the bit, but it is still stuck

Bit will not budge ¶ 

Sometimes if you leave a bit in the device for a long time, it will be a little harder to get out. You may need other tools to break the bit free. Please refer to our guide on replacing the collet.

Collet or collet nut may be worn out ¶ 

The collet is the collar around the tip of the device that holds a bit to the Dremel, and the collet nut is the sleeve that contains and grips the bit and the collet.

The threads of the collet nut get worn out from general use. Also the collet inside the assembly may become damaged from corrosion or use. This prevents the tip from opening to accept bits. Please refer to our guide on replacing the collet.

Neither button (the power or the blue one) works ¶ 

You've tried, but you still can't turn the device on, or change the bit.

The power switch might be broken ¶ 

The switch may have been damaged from being dropped or just from general use. This will require you to replace the motor shaft assembly because it all comes in one piece.

The shaft lock button might be broken ¶ 

If the shaft lock button (the button right below the bit) is no longer locking, so that you can loosen the collet nut to switch bits, it may be that the spring for the shaft lock button has become dislodged.

If the button no longer returns after you press the button. It is most likely the spring has been dislodged or damaged. This occurs most often when the device is dropped. Please refer to our replacement guide on the shaft lock assembly.

The Dremel is making a strange noise ¶ 

The device is making a weird noise when it is turned on, running at unusual speeds or does not turn at all.

It is running at inconsistent speeds or doesn’t spin at all ¶ 

If the device is running at unexpected speeds, or turning on but not spinning, it may be that the carbon brushes in the electric motor are worn out and you may need to replace the motor shaft assembly.

Still not working? ¶ 

If you are creating a lot of dust when using the device, some of that dust will eventually build up inside of it. This will lead to a decline in performance and eventually ruin the electric motor. Please refer to our guide to replace the motor shaft assemblyor to replace the collet.


If you read Amazon comments, they note that the charger can burn out from being left plugged in always. This may be the reason why the battery pack won’t charge. Fixing a burned out charger would be a good ifixit project.

Stephen Hart - Reply

I sent nack my dremel 7000 because the high position would not work. Got a replacement new dremel 7000 today installed batteries the high position isnt working on the new dremel. Help

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