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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

The laptop will not turn on or will automatically shut down after being unplugged.

The computer is hot to touch and will most likely not turn on

  • If it is clean check if you can hear the fan moving
  • If you did not hear it then the fan needs to be replaced. Use the Fan Replacement Guide

Screen will not show the display

  • Check to make sure the computer portion still works by using a different screen.
  • If the display shows up on the other device, then your screen is damaged and need to be replaced. Use the Screen Replacement Guide
  • Turn off the computer and wait till its completely off
  • Hold the D button while holding the off key as will. That’s going to put your computer in BIST mode
  • There will appear some changes or lines that have been appearing with you if there were any problems, then it’s going to have some multiple colors appearing. On the screen
  • Then the laptop is going to turn off
    • If you had any problems appearing through the test, that’s going to tell you, you will need to replace the screen. Use the Screen Replacement Guide

The computer will not find networks nearby

  • WIFI not connecting
    • Test your internet connection on another device to make sure it is not your internet being down
      • If your internet works on other devices then the problem is your laptop
      • If your internet does not work on other devices
        • The problem is most likely not related to your laptop
  • If these do not work, then your Wireless Card needs to be replaced. Use the Wireless Card Replacement Guide

The mouse will not respond to touch

  • Some other steps you could take is to go to Device Manager, and update any drives you might find under the page.
    • Looking at your mouse/track pad setting is important, to make sure your track pad is still connected with your laptop, if not, run all diagnostics given and if they all fail, you will need to replace the track pad. Use the Track Pad Replacement Guide


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