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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Blue screen of death ¶ 

Your computer experiences a fatal system crash and can no longer operate safely.

Determine if you changed anything recently ¶ 

The most common cause of the Blue Screen is a recent change in your computer’s settings or hardware. This is often related to new drivers getting installed or updated. Drivers are software that allow your hardware to communicate with Windows. If you have a restore point, try to load it and see if it helps, it may or may not.

Check your computer’s internal hardware ¶ 

Sometimes, a poor connection inside the computer can cause a Blue Screen. Open your case and check to make sure that all the cables are firmly connected and that any cards are seated firmly in their sockets. Easy parts to check are the RAM and Hard Drive. You can find guides for those here and here respectively.

Check your computer’s temperature ¶ 

Overheating can lead to your hardware malfunctioning. The most likely culprit is the CPU Overheating. This can be done via BIOS menu or a software.

Battery failing to charge ¶ 

Your battery is dead and you cannot recharge it.

Your operating system could be causing a fake warning ¶ 

During the past there have been a lot of OS errors related to the battery is not working, and OS coming up with hotfixes later than its release. Try to install a different OS on your laptop and check whether the problem persists (Installing them on Virtual Machine works as well)

Check your battery drivers ¶ 

Check whether your battery drivers are up to date and if they are, try to reinstall them.

Check whether your AC cord is properly connected ¶ 

Check whether there is a problem with the power socket that you are using, check whether the cord is plugged into the adapter properly and check whether the jack is plugged in your computer properly.

Replacing your battery ¶ 

If the solutions above are not working, you will most likely need to replace your battery. You can find a guide here

Dead pixels ¶ 

You see black dots on your display.

Solution ¶ 

Check where the dead pixels are. Turn off your computer. After your computer is off, get a piece of cloth that will not scratch your display and gently apply pressure to it.

Replacing your screen ¶ 

If the solution above is not working, the only solution to fix your display is to replace your screen. You can find a guide here

Broken keys ¶ 

Your computer does not recognize your keystrokes.

Reinstall the retaining clip ¶ 

Take out the key, and take out the metal part afterwards. Clean everything around the membrane and install the metal part and the key. It is recommended that you replace the keyboard and you can can find a guide for that here

Repairing a Stuck or Nonfunctional Key ¶ 

Take out the key then take out the metal part. After that take out the plastic that surrounds the membrane and take out the membrane. Clean the socket and around the socket. After that install the membrane, plastic that surrounds it, the metal part and the key.

Fixing a loose key ¶ 

Take out the key then take out the metal part. Replace the plastic holders and put back the metal part and the key.

Freezing or locked screen ¶ 

Your computer does not react to anything you do.

Solution ¶ 

Check whether the freeze is only on one program, if so shut it down immediately using task manager. If your entire computer is frozen, then you need to do a hard reset. The way to do a hard reset is to hold the power button till your computer shuts down, after that turn it on again.


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