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Device Not Connecting Via Bluetooth / Audio Jack ¶ 

Cannot get your device to play on the MagicBox II by using Bluetooth or the Audio jack

Device not connecting Via Bluetooth ¶ 

First be sure that the MagicBox II has a full charge. Then make sure that the audio cable is not plugged in. Next, check that the MagicBox II is not connected with any other device. To disconnect the MagicBox II from any device to which it was previously connected press and hold the play/pause button for 5 seconds until blue light starts flashing. This means that the Bluetooth is now ready to pair with a new device. If this does not work, it is possible that the Bluetooth sensor is damaged and may need to be replaced. See our step by step DKnight Magicbox II Motherboard Replacement Guide

Device not connecting via audio jack ¶ 

First try turning the MagicBox II on and off. Next, plug one end of the aux cord into the MagicBox II and the other into your device. If this does not work, you may need to replace the Auxiliary Audio Port see Step-by-step DKnight Magicbox II Motherboard Replacement Guide.

Sound quality is poor ¶ 

The sound coming from the speaker is not playing at 100%, or the sound emitting from the speaker is poor/crackling

Too far from device ¶ 

Be sure the connected device is within 30 feet of the speaker. Objects in the way of the two connected devices like a wall could distort the sound. If you cannot see both the speaker and the connected device then they are too far apart.

Damaged speaker ¶ 

A blown speaker could be the problem and it will need to be checked. This will consist of taking the speaker apart and removing it. Please flow the trouble shooting guide.

(We Found the Speaker is Heavily Glued to Device, it is not possible to easily replace this part without damaging the integrity of the device.)

Device Plugged into Aux Port's volume is turned up too high ¶ 

When using the auxiliary the sound may get distorted if the volume on your device is too loud. Turn down the volume on your device until it becomes clear.

Device not connecting to Apple Products ¶ 

Device is failing to connect to Apple Products such as the iMac or IPhone devices.

You Need to Update the OS on your device ¶ 

If you are trying to connect the speaker to an iMac or other Apple device, upgrade to OS X Mavericks.

Device will not turn on ¶ 

Device won’t power on after flipping the power switch to the "ON" position.

Device not charging ¶ 

Check to make sure device charger is plugged in and has a proper connection. Make sure charging port is free of dirt and debris. Ensure that there is no breakage in the device’s charger wire. If possible try charger on a secondary device to ensure it is functioning properly.

Device not holding a charge ¶ 

If the device works when charger is plugged but won’t turn on when unplugged or dies shortly after being charged for an extended period.

(We Found the Battery is Heavily Glued to Device, it is not possible to easily replace this part without damaging the integrity of the device.)

Power switch broken ¶ 

If both the power cord and battery are intact then the power switch maybe damaged and needs to be replaced see our step-by-step DKnight Magicbox II Motherboard Replacement Guide

Buttons on speaker not responsive ¶ 

Device is not responding when the buttons are being pressed.

Buttons not working ¶ 

Try power cycling the device. (Turn device off, leave off for 15 seconds, restart device). Make sure your device is up to date.

Buttons broken off ¶ 

If the buttons are sticking in the down position, or are visibly broken or missing please see our step-by-step –link DKnight Magicbox II Button Panel Replacement Guide


It keeps cutting on and off

Gerard Coit - Reply

Mine is doing the same thing - won't stay on for more than a few seconds now. Did you ever get the issue resolved?

liggitylaurel -

Mine is doing the same cutting on and off. It will play and then beep off and then back on. Any help?

Jane Fite -

Did you get any help ?

Cheryl -

If the magic box is already paired to a device and you want to pair it another, how can you get the magic box into pairing mode. This would without having to go to the previous device and unpair it. How can you do it from the magic box device?

Jessica Reyes - Reply

I have to manually disconnect from the device it is presently connected to it or hold the play/pause button for 5 seconds until blue light starts flashing.

Craig Ferguson -

Mine does not turns on, when I move the switch, the blue light blinks slightly for a fraction of second and goes of, battery charges fine and charge port works as well

Samuel - Reply

Mine does the same thing :(

rachelharris0528 -

Did you get any help for that?

Lucas Prando -

How to stop bip sound from speaker continuously 24 hours.

Anindabikash Sen - Reply

I have the same problem. Every few minutes it beeps.

B C -

Mine shows I'm connected but no audio and when it's charging it shows red like it's charging but a few sec go by and nothing I think Mines staring to crap out it sucks I've only had mine 6 month if that

Michael cummings - Reply

literally just got mine yesterday and I charged it all night and the red light turned off so I turned it on and the blue light didnt turn on, i tried to connect it with bluetooth and it didnt work... tried the aux cord and it didnt work... Very dissapointed. I was very excited to get it and now im kinda disappointed...

Macy Harbour - Reply

Isn't anybody else trying to contact DKnight with this problem of turning on and off. They won't help me!!!

Peter Tavella - Reply

I got mine last year and was hoping that it would work and it is turning on & off with blue tooth. So we plugged it into the laptop manually turned off blue tooth and it still was doing the on off thing. Emailing them right now!

volsson - Reply

The charging port doesn't connect securely with the charging wire. I tries two different wires, but the connection doesn't stay on

c.soteropulos - Reply

Same prob. Won't hold a charge. Any suggestions?

Kevin Steele - Reply

Works as expected apart from no noise whatsoever. Any ideas to get a sound?

smartmart13 - Reply

No sound. It connects, the buttons control the phone but no sound whatsoever. Anyone ant ideas on how to fix it?

smartmart13 - Reply

lots of questions here… but very few answers. :<(

Good Food - Reply

My PlayStation wants a pass key?

haveanicelife2018 - Reply

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