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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Craig CMP801 Troubleshooting

The device Craig CMP801 is a 8.95" tablet created by Windows.

Have little or no sounds from the device.

Check that the device is not on mute. If the problem is not been resolved, set the device on “safe mode“ so that you know if any apps have muted the sound. Refer to the link below to see how to turn on safe mode. After checking the sound, if it’s still not working, the problem could be on the motherboard. In this case, replace the audio jack.

This link shows how to get into the “safe mode“

Try to restart the device by turning it off then on again. If the sound is still unclear, try to dry the device and clean the jack port; it may have drops of water or dirt grains inside that is distorting the sound.

Your bluetooth is not connecting to your device.

Make sure that the batteries installed are the correct ones for the device. For more information on the batteries required for the device, see the documentation that came with the device. Replace the batteries and make sure that they are placed properly in the device. Even rechargeable batteries may need to be replaced.

Make sure the device is up to date by going to the settings app. Download and install any high-priority updates and custom updates. After updating the software, shut down the device and remove the batteries. Reinstall the batteries while making sure they are positioned correctly. Power back on and try connecting the bluetooth.

You have trouble turning on the device.

Try to turn on the device. If the device is not on, check the battery life on the popped up on the screen. If the battery symbol is red, the battery is not fully charged. Connect the charging wire to the device, and let it charge for about an hour or until the battery life reaches 100%. The battery will be green. Turn on the device.

Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds or until the screen turns on. If it is not on after several attempts, there is a possibility that the hardware is broken and the device needs some maintenance.

Make sure the power button is on. If the device is turned on but the screen is pixelated, it is a sign that the screen might be damaged by water or has absorbed too much heat from another source. If the screen is completely black and you have ensured that the battery life is fully charged, the screen might be broken. Check for any cracks. Both of these situations cause the screen to malfunction and indicate a need for fixing or a screen replacement.

The screen is black even when the power has been activated.

Click and hold on the power button for 5 seconds or until your device has been turned off. Then click and hold the power button to turn it on again.

If your screen is not turning on even though the power has been activated, your brightness could be too low. There should be screen brightness buttons near the top of your keyboard. Click on the one on the right to increase the brightness.

If the problems and solutions highlighted earlier have not resolved your problem, then your LCD may be broken. Check the backboard of your device to see if the yellow LCD cable is connected properly.

Be careful not to cut or detach any other cables.

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Tablet stuck in safe mode with a blank screen.

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