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University of North Texas, Team S2-G2, Thompson Fall 2017

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Guide Image

Canon PowerShot A200 Camera Lens Replacement

Replace the broken or malfunctioning lens.

Guide Image

Toshiba Satellite U405D-S2902 Display Replacement

The display on your laptop can be damaged due to drops or other physical...

Guide Image

How to Repair a Headphone Jack

The replacement of a Philips SHE6000/28 Headphone jack.

Guide Image

2003 Toyota Solara Tail Light Replacement

Replace a tail light on the 2003 Toyota Solara.

Guide Image

Craig CMP801 Battery Replacement

Use this guide to replace the battery.

Guide Image

Craig CMP801 LCD Screen Replacement

This guide will teach you how to replace the LCD screen for the Craig CMP801...

Guide Image

Craig CMP801 Back Cover Replacement

Use this guide to remove the back cover and replace if needed.

Guide Image

Craig CMP801 Front and Rear Facing Camera Replacement

Use this guide to replace the front and rear facing camera in your Craig CMP801.

Guide Image

Craig CMP801 Volume Controls Replacement

This guide will show how to replace the volume controls in Craig CMP801.