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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

‘’The screen is unresponsive, black, or has no backlight.''

Loose connection of the screen ribbon cables and logic board.

Reconnection of ribbon cables, follow instructions for replacement of the motherboard. Follow through to reconnect ribbon cable.

The backlight may be broken.

Review screen replacement: (link to screen replacement)

Replacement of motherboard may be needed.

Review screen replacement

The tablet does not respond or display any signs of turning on.

Needs to be charged using the 5V DC wall adapter. => (link to how to plug in tablet)

It is possible to that the logic board has to be replaced, please see link. => (link to logic board replacement)

This means there is no connection being made with the logic board and the CPU. Review “Side Lock Button is Not Responding.”

The charging ports pin could be dirty or broken which would required using a light to view the inside of the charging port. Watch and follow along to: Port Cleaning Help

‘’The speakers don’t give off sound.’’

This would require removing the back panel to check if the speaker wires are connected to the logic board.

Also checking to see if the wires have an adequate connection to the physical speaker. Follow instructions for screen replacement, end after the disconnection of the ribbon cables, reconnect after done=>(link to reconnection of speaker)

If the speakers have a buzzing or vibrating sound then it is possible that the small plastic has ripped or torn. If this is the case then the speaker will have to be replaced completely. Follow this guide for instructions on the speaker replacement.

‘’May be a broken screen, dead battery, defective logic board, or broken lock button.’’

Review screen troubleshooting when the screen not responding.

Review dead battery trouble shoot.

Attempt to reconnect motherboard ribbon cable, if the motherboard is still unresponsive, follow this motherboard replacement guide.

Replace lock button if above solutions did not solve the problem. Follow this guide for side lock button replacement.


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