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Canon FS30 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Canon FS30.

Camcorder will not turn on ¶ 

My camcorder won't turn on when I press the power button

Dead Battery ¶ 

To check whether the battery is charging, plug the camcorder with the battery inserted. The CHG indicator will start flashing red as it charges. The indicator will go out once the charging is complete. Charging will only start when the camcorder is turned off. If the camcorder is connected into the correct power source, let it charge fully. If this problem persists the battery will need to be replaced. Refer to the battery replacement guide.

The battery will only charge in temperatures between 0°C and 40°C (32°F and 104°F). If the battery is outside of this temperature range make sure to warm it up or cool it down before charging the battery.

Bad Battery Contact ¶ 

Check battery contacts for any corrosion or dust. Try dipping a cotton swab in enough rubbing alcohol to make the cotton swab damp. Rub it on the contacts of the camcorder and the contacts of the battery. Repeat until all contacts are visibly clean. Allow it to dry before reinstalling the battery.

Poor image quality ¶ 

The subject I want to record is blurry or hard to see

Lens is out of focus ¶ 

Wait a little to see if camera adjusts itself. Not all subjects work well with auto-focus, manual focus might be necessary. Using the joystick, select FOCUS and press SET. Adjust focus as necessary. If the image does not improve, you might have to replace the lens.

Dirty Lens ¶ 

Clean the lens with a soft lens-cleaning cloth. Never use tissue paper to clean the lense. If there is any dust or dirt particles present a non-aerosol type blower brush may be used to clean.

Cracked/Scratched Lens ¶ 

There is no way to fix a cracked or scratched lens unless it is replaced.

LCD will not turn on ¶ 

My camcorder LCD screen is blank even though my camcorder is charged and on

Camera lens has not retracted ¶ 

Look at the camera lens to make sure the cover has retracted. If it is not retracted, turn the camera off then back on.

Faulty LCD Connection ¶ 

If the camcorder is on and the LCD screen still does not turn on then the LCD screen connection might be faulty. Refer to the LCD screen replacement guide.

Playback Unavailable ¶ 

When I try to play videos on my camcorder it says my memory is full, or that I have no memory inserted

Memory card memory is full ¶ 

The most common problem is that the memory card memory is full. Transfer the contents of the memory card to a computer. To see how to remove the memory card from the camcorder, refer to the memory card replacement guide.

Dirty memory card slot ¶ 

Clean the contacts on the memory card and camcorder memory card slot with a cotton swab.

No audio ¶ 

I can not hear sound coming from my camcorder during playback

Volume might be low ¶ 

Increase the volume on the camcorder by using the joystick. Note there will be no sound during fast playback.

Stereo microphone malfunctioning ¶ 

If there is still no audio after attempting to increase the volume, the stereo microphone may be broken.


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