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Canon EOS Rebel T3i Troubleshooting

Released March 2011, can be identified by SKU: 5169B032 .

Camera won't power on. ¶ 

Nothing you try will turn on the camera.

Damaged/dead battery ¶ 

Your battery might be dead or faulty. If the battery is dead you will need to charge it. If that does not work, the battery could be damaged and will need to be replaced. Check out this battery replacement guide for more information.

Battery installed incorrectly ¶ 

The battery could have been inserted upside-down/ backwards. Make sure the battery is connected correctly. The silver connectors should make contact with the springs inside of the battery compartment.

Memory card recognition ¶ 

The camera will not recognize the memory card.

Card installed incorrectly ¶ 

The memory card could have been inserted upside-down/ backwards. Make sure to properly insert the card. The silver connectors should make contact with the inside of the memory card compartment.

Memory card is corrupt ¶ 

The memory card could have been corrupted, and might require replacing.

Memory card not formatted to camera ¶ 

If the memory card is not formatted for the camera, you will need to format the card with your computer before you can use it.

Broken/ cracked screen ¶ 

The screen is broken/cracked.

You dropped your camera ¶ 

You will need to replace the screen. Check out this screen replacement guide for more information.

Autofocus/lens focus ¶ 

The camera will not focus .

The connector prongs for the lens may be dirty. ¶ 

If the prongs that connect the lens to the camera are dirty, the lens will not function. Make sure the prongs are clean and reconnect your camera lens. Remove the external lens from the camera, and wipe off the silver metal ring with a clean dry cloth.

Flash will not work ¶ 

The flash will not go off no matter what you try.

Flash burned out ¶ 

Overuse can cause the flash bulb to burn out. You may need to replace it. Check out this flash replacement guide for more information.

Water damage ¶ 

If the camera has water damage, the flash could fail. You may need to replace your flash. If that does not fix the problem, the motherboard can be replaced. Check out this motherboard replacement guide for more information. If either replacement doesn't help, you will need to replace your camera.

Bad battery ¶ 

If the battery is bad/low/dead, the flash could be effected. Try charging or

replacing the battery. See the 'Damaged/dead battery' section above.

Broken Camera ¶ 

There's a giant, ugly crack in my camera. It still works, but it looks like it's been through a category five hurricane.

Body damage ¶ 

The outer body of the camera can be replaced if it's become cracked or damaged. Check out this body replacement guide for more information.


i can take a pic but view finder doesnt come on

empmdj - Reply


I have a problem with my Canon t3i:

When I turn it on it starts to do the sensor cleaning automatically and it does not finish to do it more, bone that is marked in the cleaning of sensor, and it does not even allow me to turn it off nor to change of modes, I already tried with all the buttons and nothing, I have to Remove the battery to turn it off. The only way I can turn it on without doing this is in video, and then I can use it in all other modes. Does anyone know why this happens or do you know the solution?

abcmultimedios - Reply

The screen shows protect images disable or enable. Cannot view photos because of this . How do I get this off my screen

Judy Watkins - Reply


I took pictures from camera half pictures were good and the ather were blank, completely white I did not changed nothing.

when I chaqued on p.c even the white pictures had numbers ,

please can enyone tell me what was wrong.


Lunero - Reply

My screen on back of camera shows photos up side down. I reset the camera but still the same

Stewart Begg - Reply

Everything works on the camera except when I depress the shutter release nothing happens. The focus points don’t light up, the shutter does not snap. Have I inadvertently turned something off on the camera body?

Thomas Buzzi - Reply

please help, my camera will not take a picture. Only show’s that NO card, even though I have a memory card installed. Yes made sure the card is not locked, nor installed the wrong way.

debbievanhoy - Reply

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