Use this guide to replace the top casing on your Canon EOS Rebel T3i.

  1. Locate the battery compartment on the bottom of the camera.
    • Locate the battery compartment on the bottom of the camera.

  2. Hook your finger onto the compartment door latch.
    • Hook your finger onto the compartment door latch.

    • Open the battery compartment door.

    • Remove the battery from the compartment.

    • Remove the two 3 mm Phillips #000 screws.

    • Some variations of this camera may have one 3mm and one 6mm screws

    • Remove the three 3 mm Phillips #000 screws.

    • Remove the single 6 mm Phillips #000 screw.

    • Some variation of this camera have two 3mm and two 6mm screws

    • Peel back the grip tape with your fingernail.

    • Depending on the age of the camera, the grip tape will stick back in place with no need for extra glue.

    • Remove the four 5 mm Phillips #000 screws.

    • Some variation of this model may have three 5mm screws and one 6mm

    • Slide off the right side of the camera.

    • Do not completely separate the body yet. There are still wires that must be disconnected. If the body is pulled apart too quickly, it may cause damage.

    • Lift off the USB cover.

    • Do not completely remove the back of the camera. There are still wires that must be disconnected. Removing the back too quickly may cause damage to wires.

    • When lifting the cover, the only thing resisting your tug is the plug cover stopper. Just pull, you'll be fine.

    • When replacing it, having the covers snug on the plate will make it easier to push the whole cover on

    • After separating the back, gently lift off one side of the light blue wire with the spudger until the connector is totally removed.

    • You may feel a slight resistance as you pull the top of the back cover off, it will click but that is fine.

    • With the spudger, remove the orange ribbon cable leading to the circuit board from the back of the camera.

    • Remove the two 6 mm Phillips #000 screws.

    • Remove the single 6 mm and two 3 mm Phillips #000 screws.

    • Use the spudger to lift the plastic under the tripod mount.

    • Lift the front cover off.

    • Remove the single 4 mm Phillips #000 screw located near the strap mount.

    • On the opposite end of the camera, unscrew the screw next to the power switch using the same tool.

    • Remove the two 5 mm Phillips #000 screws.

    • Disconnect this flat cable with a spudger

    • Disconnect this tiny plug. Make sure to only pull on the white plastic.

    • Remove the single 11 mm Phillips #000 screw securing the dioptric adjustment knob.

    • When replacing, make sure you do not tighten the screw too much, as the knob will be locked in position if you do.

    • Before replacing the knob/screw, make sure the grey plastic mount (screw hole area) is aligned with the outer case. If it is not, it means the lens and the knob are not lined up. With a flat screw driver, give the grey plastic a few rotations, and it should fall in place, and realign properly.

    • Use the tweezers to disengage the yellow and red wires from the camera body.

    • Some variations of this camera may not have unplugable wires. Make sure to take note of which cable goes where if you decide to remove the solder.

    • Lift the top casing up and away from the camera.

    • I'm not sure what this is for, but make sure the black plastic bit (not a cable) goes into the white plastic bit, as shown on the picture.

    • Here is a view of the black plastic bit. It is on the underside of the top cover.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thanks for this guide, it was helpful. I edited it to add some details, I hope they help the next person.

My camera is also this model, but I found that there were some differences, and I'm wondering it I got a refurbished device for the price of a new one... For instance the top cable were soldered to the front of the camera, no plug in sight. I found more than 1 screw that had a different thread to the others.

All in all I managed to fix my issue which was with the viewfinder. The 550D guide for the viewfinder will work for this camera (I just used it and the viewfinder parts are exactly the same) Canon EOS Rebel T2i Eyepiece Replacement

dauffret - Reply

Good guide, only comment I have is there is a cover over the viewfinder that you need to remove initially, you just pull up on it and it pops off. If you look closely at the viewfinder on the camera in the pictures you will probably see that it does not have a cover around the viewfinder that your camera does. This needs to be removed before removing the back of the camera.

For me some bolt sizes were also different, i just labeled every bolt location with a piece of tape with a number written on it, and kept track of the bolts.

Robert Story - Reply

This briliant. I don't dare to unscrew my camera yet but if I do this will certainly help. I did do the back cover already but the top cover is serious business. Thanks a lot for the many photo's provided.

Bertho Smit - Reply

Excelent step-by-step! I managed to fix my camera's flash mechanism without buying any part.

By the way, that small plastic that looks a cable but it's not a cable is an optic fiber, that carries a small amount of the flash light to a sensor on the board.

reginaldo.bueno - Reply

A lens in the eyepiece of my 600D was popped out. I used this guide and this one: Canon EOS Rebel T2i Eyepiece Replacement to fix it. Thanks!

Leo Sauermann - Reply

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